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Andersen Corporation Annually manufactures more than six million wood windows and doors, with sales worldwide.

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  1. we just had Anderson windows installed about 4 weeks ago. when they sold them to us they said just use water and a clean cloth to wash and they would be streak free. That was a lie I have washed our big picture window and it streaks worst then our old window. what do you suggest I do about this?

  2. “Are Anderson windows the same than( Andersen ) windows?.

    If not, please tell me the difference.

    Also let me know about Anderson windows.”

  3. I have contacted Anderson several times and get the standard runaround. They refer me to a local who deals with them and they did send a rep, which found nothing wrong. This skylight(2 of them) contract and expand with a loud “crack” that even makes my 11 year of dog jump. They say it’s the house contracting. I’ve had construction contractor tell me it’s the window flexing from the temp. change vs. inside temp. They deal with problems like this all the time. It’s been almost 3 months and 3 phone calls to Keim Lumber and they assure me they will check into it. I think customer service with anyone dealing with Anderson Window should take heed before they no longer have a product. People will only take so much. I evened offered to pay for an entire new one so as not to “tax” Anderson and still nothing. Window World, here I come!

  4. I rated them one star only because Negative Stars are not an options.

    Worst experience with a vendor in my entire experience with commercial and residential construction.

    Their entire business process is dysfunctional, from screwed up measurements, inaccurately relayed orders, to customer service, to the so-called Initial Quality team to the shipping department.

    Jay Lund needs to undergo a thorough process re-engineering and quality upgrade because what he is running now is a total mess.

    Unfortunately, I am still stuck with these guys in the middle of trying to fix their mess.

    Months into this mess, I have no idea how long the clean up will take.

    And I have no idea who at Anderson knows.

    I do know nobody at Anderson seems to care.

  5. Had an excellent experience yesterday with Radesha, Katie, and Dakota. Within one hour and 30 min. they had satisfactorily resolved a problem I was having with a 14 year old door and had a new one ordered for me. They were all on the ball, easy to communicate with and HELPFUL. The door should arrive in about 7-10 days.

  6. Pleasantly surprised after reading several negative comments. Called about a door that I bought 14 years ago. Only on hold for about 8 min. Lovely representative named Radesha was most helpful. E-mailing form to complete. Hoping for a satisfactory resolution after filling it out.

  7. Ordered seven windows from HD. One came out of box with broken glass, HD ordered replacement. Replacement arrived at house, clear damage to box by the shipper (Andersen) with damaged sash. Requested 2nd replacement from HD. Upon arrival tool marks (by Andersen)had punctured sash on both sides. Awaiting 3rd replacement, no wonder the cost for their windows is so high. Requested to speak with Andersen rep 4x via email to Andersen, 2x via email to HD, still waiting after two weeks. Very poor coating on lock assembly, all locks had to be replaced. Two screens delivered with damage.

  8. We built a new home in 2008-2009 and purchased Anderson windows. We had a few windows that were leaking. We had the windows inspected and it was determined it was a manufactur issue. Anderson sent a local service rep to replace the strip fixing the leak in all but one window. Currently we are still dealing with one leaking window which Anderson customer service has been less than adequate in dealing with our leaky window in a timely fashion. Based on my interactions with Anderson customer service, I would rate Anderson customer service poor!

  9. Unacceptable customer service. Waiting 20 minutes while someone announces we are having unusual call volumes on a Tuesday morning at 11:00 am is unacceptable.

  10. Unacceptable customer service. Waiting 20 minutes while someone announces we are having unusual call volumes on a Tuesday morning at 11:00 am is unacceptable.

  11. I think I may have termite infestation in the track of a tilt in window

    How can I remove the window completely from the track ?

  12. My new Anderson sliding doors and windows have aluminum clad exterior and primed pine wood on the interior. It appears that the manufacturing process lacked effective quality control. For example, the cut (sawed) sections of aluminum cladding were rough and not properly deburred or filed. Consequently, the bare aluminum was visible at the joints and not properly painted. While preparing the interior wood for painting, I discovered many protruding nails on the inside mouldings around the glass. It was difficult to recess the nails without indenting the soft wood. Additionally, areas of the primed wood appeared to have some kind of glaze or oil that resulted in inconsistent paint adhesion. After sanding and repainting three times the finish is still unsatisfactory.

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