Android is Google’s Mobile and Smart Phone Operating System. The Android system is integrated with Google’s dominating internet search engine.

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  1. I am so sick of trying to deal with Android! I was given an Android tablet for Xmas. There was no contact and/or warranty information in the box. The tablet worked fine for the first few months. Now, it won’t hold a charge longer than one hour. What use is it to me now? Can’t find a single person that will help me….wait on hold for far too long…get a person that transfers me……never any help at all. If I don’t get help soon, this will be my last Android device and, I will be tossing this one.

  2. why is that i cant reach anybody wit the number that are up here and they just gave me twp more number to call which are out of order and thats not far to the customer at all i have been trying to reset me tablet for about a week now and have not been able to reset it… this is not far and its bullcrap…. if i dnt get somebody to reset my tablet i will send it back and i want a full refund…..

  3. You don’t have anything that reprecents your company except BOOST, your phone numbers don’t work, What kind of a company are you running?Please keep up and get with the program please.

  4. i can’t access my gmail and it keeps saying there could be a temporary problem on my phone or my phone is not provision for data service which is preventing me from downloading apps like what’s up and the rest the email is please help this time am suffering and am not the only one with this kind of problem and this is not the first time this question is being asked

  5. Nomorerack is a big scam!, They are a rip off ! I purchased and Android tablet from them it didnt work and because the 30 day return policy expired they cant do anything. when i asked for the android co head quarters number they wouldn’t give it to me. When I spoke with James a company manager for nomorerack ID# 127705 he would not provide me with his supervisors name or number.. It’s so not worth it. There are plenty of other companies out there that actually care. My next step is to get in touch with the better business bureau.

  6. i got a new phone for my birth-day and i was going to show my aunt a picture and the phone just froze. It worn work PLEASE help me fix it!!

  7. I tried the number listed because I need help to load my text messages to my computer but Android just says “Thank you, And Good Bye” Thanks for Nothing!

  8. tried the number given, and the new number given. neither one worked!!!!!! said the number was for htc and had changed again!!!!! i just need some help with my android phone. transfered music from my computer to my phone, but it isn’t there!!!!!!!

  9. I just brought Android EZ tablet with a 32gigabite SD card. I am having trouble downloading apps. I am getting a memory full message. How do I resolve the issue?

  10. hello android i was having a problem that a few other of your customers were having and i was wondering if u have found out a way to fix it yet ….. anyways my problem is, is that my mom got an android LG and she was in the middle of a call with her boss and the phone dropped the call and ever since than she cant make or receive calls when she tries to call someone it goes to the call screen and than hangs up it wont even ring or anything and its been like this for the past week and a half and we have tried everything including trying to reset it but when we get into the setting and everything and find the reset choice it isn’t available and it keeps telling us “Factory reset is disabled by server policy” and if i knew what that meant i would fix it but i sadly have no idea what that means… i was just wondering and hoping that u would try and help me out if u want i can also give u my Facebook name considering i don’t have an active email yet and my mom doesn’t know the passwords to hers and i’m always on Facebook (im putting in my moms last email but im warning u right now she most likely wont get it)

  11. I guess once you get an Android Tablet The Android Co. does not want to help anyone foune 6 numbers for them

    no help i gess android does not care after it gets thir money

  12. I need help with my granddaughters android tablet I got her for Christmas it just won’t download Game she wants to play I need some feedback and would appreciate an answer

  13. My son won a Zeepad Jelly Bean 9″ Android 4.1 at a Halloween party for Disabled Adult & Children’s party and it won’t turn on ! There is NO PHONE NUMBER in the Manual and he is very upset that his Tablet won’t work. So we need to know about you all sending us a new one. !!!!!!!! Very UPSET! 🙁

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