Ann Taylor Stores Corp.


Ann Taylor, through 346 store locations, competes in the “better” priced category, and caters to the successful, relatively affluent career woman, who needs appropriate, fashion conscious attire for her professional life, and prefers stylish, coordinated looks for her leisure activities.

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  1. I HAVE BEEN READING OTHER COMPLAINTS ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE. HORRIBLE! I had problems ordering, they kept telling me that the system was down due to up grading. Now I was trying to set up an account on line to pay my bill. It would not accept my bank info. Customer service number isn’t even on the statement. I had to get it on line and go through all the automated talk before getting some one. i don’t have time to spend trying to pay my bill,therefor, I will not use their card again.

  2. I have called customer service numerous times since 12/28/13 in order to receive a credit to my account. The merchandise that I ordered on 12/8 was not delivered to my address. I have cancelled the order. I keep being told by “customer service” that it will be credited within 3-5 business days AFTER they fill out a request form. It is now 1/27/2014. I called, once again, only to find out that my “request for refund” has been placed in an “inactive” status…..they must fill out the “request form” again, and it will take 3-5 business days AFTER completing the form, in order to have my account credited. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Not only did they incorrectly process the order, they are reluctant to credit my account. Will never shop here again……

  3. Ann Taylor Pentagon City Mall

    Worst Customer Service Ever – Name of Associate: ULZI

    She needs training about customer service. I feel bad for Ann Taylor to have hired this ULZI. I am a people person and works in hospitality service. I know how it feels when not being treated right. I returned an item and I could not understand how she was explaining it to me and she’s making me feel I am stupid that I could not understand her. And when I told her that she’s not giving me the right treatment as a valued customer. She answered back and said “What did I do, I’m just explaining it to you”, That made me so angry when she answered me back like that……. She needs a training or she should be in the back of the house.

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