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  1. I purchased a beautiful Anne Klein Ceramic white watch with a diamond back ground face(really sparkly). I had it less than 6 months when a piece of the ceramic bracket broke while I was fastening it. Then I was Christmas shopping and got to my car and realized the crystal face had fallen off!!! I was so disappointed!! I got out my box that came with my watch and was going to return it to macy’s. But I realized it had a year warranty and could be mailed in. So I mailed it to Shaver and Time World in Redford MI. With the understanding that I was to put $10 check in with it then it was to be repaired and shipped back to me. Needless to say I have called them repeatedly and no response and months later I have NO watch!! I have the tracking confirmation from the post office, because I sent it certified mail. They did receive it. I am very disappointed and will file a complaint with the better business. I want my watch back or my $120.00 How can you help me?

  2. I have always liked and bought AK Shoes. The problem I usually encounter is that the inner sole of the

    shoe becomes unattached from the shoe. I do not have this problem with other brands….still bought

    the shoes, but maybe a solution could help.

  3. My name is shirley jenkins, I ordered 2 pairs of Ann Klein sneakers, Navy blue and gray. I recieved the navy blue but not the gray ones. Waited for the back order to come in for about 3weeks, now it’s about a month and a half total. Haven’t heard if it’s on it’s way or you’re out of them againI think the price was 22.99 o 29.99. Under 30.00. Peas let me know whats happening. Thank you . email

  4. This does not even deserve 1 star!!! All I ever got were 5 different phone numbers….NONE of which would even try to help me, but always gave me another number that also could or would not help.I will never purchase another Anne Klein product because of this shoddy service over what should be an everyday problem and very easy to solve!

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