AO Smith


A. O. Smith Corporation Headquarters HQ:

P. O. Box 245008

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53224


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  1. I had a water well drilled at my home July of 2009. An AO Smith pressure tank was installed in my basement in conjunction with this project. Now, Three years and ten months after installation a two inch long split blew out of the side, near the base. The well guy took the tank back to point of purchase, and was informed it was a model “06” with a five year warranty which had expired in 2011. How can a warranty begin running three years before the tank was installed.I purchase AO Smith hot water heaters for about $300.00 or so,and get a six year warranty with it, the timing of which begins upon installation. Could someone please explain to me what’s happening here? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  2. I bought a water heater and tried to register online.That was a joke it would not accept my address.I trie calling their listed phone on their site 888-527-1963, another joke.

  3. I purchased an A.O.Smith water heater and it keeps tearing up and they don’t want to honor their warranty on it they said I Would be responsible for a technician to come out.I can prove that it is still under warranty .They don’t make good on defective parts .They are running an unjust business operation. latiese 12/15/12

  4. Your electric hot water heater just went, and guess what; the warranty expired 4 months ago. Ironic! The last hot water heater I owned (not A.O. Smith) lasted 4 years past its warranty. Purchased A.O. Smith because highly recommended. Very disappointed. Am replacing with different brand.

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