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AOL is the pioneer of interactive services, internet technologies and e-commerce services.

AOL was one of the first services to get the world online. They popularized the phrase; “You Have Mail.”. Aol remains a large internet player and they just purchased the Huffington Post.

AOL USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-652-6400
Fax Number: n/a
Email Address:
Espanol: 1-866-885-5117
TYY: 1-800-759-3323
AOL new account: 1-800-827-6364
AOL Access Phone Numbers: 1-888-265-8005

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Mon-Fri: 8am-12am ET; Sat: 8am-10pm ET

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  1. Why do i have to look at hillary when i log in and at every turn i dont want to look at her

    lying crooked face and if it presists i’ll have to change my service after 21 years and

    neither am i excited about all the failure notices after all these years you would think

    they would get it right annoyed

  2. I have been a customer for over 30 years but the last year has been a headache. The company never recognizes me, I keep having to call customer service they have me get off and get on again and it may work for a few weeks, and then it is off and will not recognize my name or password and I have to close it and start over again. It is too much nonsense to bother with over and over.

  3. I have been aol customer for long time, so sick and tired of aol promoting Clinton, you guys are so biased, if you were as tough on Clinton as you are trump, she would be in jail.

  4. More often than not, I am disconnected from my web pages. I have to keep clicking ‘recover webpage’ on a daily basis. I think I need to disconnect for good. Not happy with AOL.

  5. constantly have speed of less than 1mb download don’t even bother sending emails the worst service i ever had and try to get someone to fix it you must be joking.

    Cant even speak to someone in the UK think it would be easier to relocate to the moon than have a half decent broadband service from talk talk

  6. I did not when you change my aol that I would loss all my contacts PLEASE return all my contacts because I cannot find them I NEED them to communicate with my friends PLEASE return them

    A craped of customer

  7. Why does AOL insist every time that when I go to email asking me to join “Hillary”? I understand that you get paid to advertise but does it have to be all the time? I get a little tired of the same old thing. Not every one is for “Hillary”. Why can’t you ask who is NOT for “Hillary” as well – that might be informative to see the for and against?

  8. I just held for the 15 min the recording said I would need to hold, the phone rang and a recording comes on and says I will need to holdn another 25 minutes. Poor customer service. I am calling because of the extreme prejudice on the “Top Stories” toward Clinton and against Trump. Most stories on Clinton makes her out to be an angel and most stories on Trump make him out to be a devil. What happened to “Fair and balanced news reporting”? While holding I read some of the other complaints. Please include me for the majority of complaints. I have been with AoL for over 20 years and it is getting harder and harder to stay wit you. My neighbors can’t email me. The screen keeps jumping around. Every 3 months I have to have help getting it back on track. What has happened to AOL?

  9. I have tried for days to reset /recover my email login password.I had no problem until I was told by all that I now had to use TalkTalk to sign in.Having tried to sign in no luck.All Mail is now out of service.Why Cannot the company make thing easy for customers?I was also given a customer support telephone no which does not appear to exist.What a mess.

  10. AOL as been billing me for a service I don’t use. Their customer service/support number is a joke. It is an automated number that does not let you default to a representative. I will be sending a letter of complaint as well as having a stop payment placed. THIS crap POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  11. AOL is a total failure as an internet provider. They constantly interupt my computer work with a “LOAD

    FAILURE.” Getting them by phone or on line is a waste of time.

    Ive just got to bite the bullet and move to another carrier.

  12. I have to agree AOL sucks I have not used in a while like yrs I purchased an Xbox tried to go online aol is the email address that Microsoft wants to send a security code to .I use a email for everything why is it telling me that aol is the only email they can send it too.i log into aol and it tells me to change password but it won’t let me access it is saying security question is my favorite restaurant and that is not even on the list of choices for questions so I can not access my online Microsoft account because they can’t verify my status even though I gave new email aol is still blocking me I am getting ready to take back the Xbox for a ps4 way less hassles then dealing with Microsoft and Aol really its a video game console I don’t need all this security to play games totally ridiculous.


  13. Yes aol is a joke … Taking billions of dollars in USA man how wrong and can never get anything done ***** and they put u on hold to disscarige people so u just give up so aol come come on put ur self in check!!

  14. I want all accounts with my name and information cancelled. ASAP Please. I am in a situation where as I am moving out of a house and relationship. He knows all my information and I would like it taken out and I will get back started with aol as soon as I get back on my feet. Here is a phone number that you can reach me at:

    Thank you very much for your time and cooperation,


  15. Not sure why aol customer service has such a low rating. My experience was totally different. My tech support person, Gelsley, was professional, knowledgeable, courteous and patient. I now have my email up and running again on my laptop, my ipad and my iphone.

  16. I also have been a member of aol for 10 many years, Ive had been told the seruity that often and tried to go into manage my account and it ask the security question which its said pet name I ANWERED JADA NOW IM LOCKED OUT FOR 24 HOURS SEROIUSLY !!!! aol 9.6 is awful I think i know whwere I was cant call anyone and get a stright answer all tech support wants is to charge you to help fix problem, a problem THIS AOL MUST B CRAP THAT D… DEACTIVE on mine !!! – See more at:

  17. I can not delete my email, Iv’e tried for says, I called tech support a person not fluent in english said I mei name hiis hallan kan mei halp you, I topd him the problem,he said don’t worry you are a vip customer, been with them for ten years,he was wrong I’m still waiting . I am thinking of filing a class action suite. Good idea. what do you think?

  18. You are such a biased liberal bunch of unpatriotic liars that you all should be ousted from the once great country called America. I bet none of you have ever fought in a war or been weaned from your mothers milk! What a disgrace to America you are!

  19. all took the liberty to increase my monthly payment to 26.99 a month without my permission. after asking them why they couldn’t give me an answer. did this happen to anyone else? they suck. I’ve had issues like this before with them also.

  20. I have been an aol customer for over 15 years now and AOL just gets more screwed up by the day there Securty is at the botton of tolet I’m writing this while I’m listening to the STUPID recording now going on 20 minutes my AOL had been Hacked and this is the third time I’ve had to TRY to Contact AOL to try and fix the Issue I had to do a remote session again the tech screwed around for over an hour and got my password reset and and talked me into buying the safe central program witch is BS I cant even access my own email.

    I’m a 100% disabled Vietnam Vet. and I’ve had the same email address for years and all my friends have my email address it’s my main source of staying in touch with my friends and family because of my Disabilties from Vietnam Oh by the way I’m still listening to that BS Recording I think now to tell AOL to STUFF IT and get a Relibile e mail Provider and hopefully my next email service Techs can speak and understand English !!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. AOL is significantly implicated in fraud and intent to deceive. Following months and weeks and days of having my addresses going off line and disappearing of ever getting human being on the telephone, I tried chat. On the 15 May after a three hour session with the AOL chat I requested a case number so that we could continue the following day. On the 16 May I got the AOL chat and gave them the case number. Then the chat person requested permission the share computer. He then informed me that i had been hacked and that my computer was seriously compromised. This is why the AOL would not work. He presented on the screen a transcript of the long chat of the day before and then he presented evidence of the hacking on the screen. He then said that for $250 I could have all the trojans and malware removed by a company that was part of AOL called Tech Logic Solutions at 855 284 0500. This man said that he was a direct employee of AOL and that the company was part of the AOL business empire. This man gave me a phone address in Framingham, Massachusetts. He had trouble spelling and pronouncing both words.

    I called Apple and they came aboard. The Apple technician showed me that the AOL employee had typed in the data that he called evidence of hacking. It was obvious because he had misspelled my email address and had made the spelling errors. The Apple technician explained that my router and my computer had fire walls in place and that there was no evidence of hacking. That the AOL employee had put up on the screen the complete transcript of the previous day’s chat proved that this man was, indeed, an AOL employee, because only AOL employees have access to chat transcripts.

    I verified that the company affiliated with AOL was only a telephone number.

    I got AOL chat back and reported this crime to the chat technician and he was completely indifferent. He hung up on me as did subsequent AOL chat people. I begged them to help me get my AOL addresses back on line. They simply hung up.

    Then they took all my AOL addresses off line.

    So it is clear that AOL is not simply incompetent and indifferent. AOL does not simply treat their customers with contempt. Most of the companies out there do that.

    AOL has taken a step further. They are in the business of defrauding customers.

    This appears to be a crime. Is there anyone, any government agency who cares about this kind of corporate fraud? To whom can we report?

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