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AOL is the pioneer of interactive services, internet technologies and e-commerce services.

AOL was one of the first services to get the world online. They popularized the phrase; “You Have Mail.”. Aol remains a large internet player and they just purchased the Huffington Post.

AOL USA Corporate Office Headquarters HQ Address
770 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-652-6400
Fax Number: n/a
Email Address:
Espanol: 1-866-885-5117
TYY: 1-800-759-3323
AOL new account: 1-800-827-6364
AOL Access Phone Numbers: 1-888-265-8005

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Mon-Fri: 8am-12am ET; Sat: 8am-10pm ET

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  2. I have been unable to connect for about 2 weeks, they keep saying my password is wrong BUT—— when I try to go on an change it I CAN’T EVEN GET ON? WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON? I am seriously thinking of changing since you are not the only game in town anymore.

  3. I have had aol email for at least 10 years. Last night, Sat. 8/3/13 looked like format changed. Now I can no longer send or open email, cannot reach help to find out what I can do, there is nothing for me to click on to see if I can remedy the problem. I NEED HELP!

    You will not be able to email me because I can’t retrieve it, you can call me, but I doubt I’ll hear from you. Your phone number (800) 827-6364 has no prompts that can be clicked on for a live voice – I’m afraid your service needs some serious help!

  4. You have cut me off This is the worst. I’ve been aol for 15 years and can’t get my e-mails. What can i do i see many many, horrible comments saying how bad you are. Correct my aol service now.

  5. I just purchased an android tables made by Skytek and found that I was unable to access my AOL account through my Skypad tablet made by Skytek. I was informed by the Cust. Rep that the only way to access AOL through my Skytek was to allow them to UPGRADE ME to a SECURE server. My son, a computer technician, said it was impossible for them to know which server I was accessing and it sounded like a rip-off to him. So the AOL Tech told me that in order to be able to access my AOL MAIL I would have to UPGRADE TO A SECURE SERVER and then he recommended that I add Microsoft SECURITY SOFTWARE for a ONE TIME FEE OF ONLY $50, which I opted to do since I didn’t know better. NOW, LESS THAN A WEEK AFTER THE $150 charge for a SECURE CHARGER AND THE $50 SYSTEM SECURITY , I find that my computer email has been hacked AGAIN, which he promised would NOT happen again. ALSO, WHEN WE FIRST BEGAN OUR CONVERSATION ABOUT THE SECURE SERVER – HE TOLD ME THAT MY EMAIL HAD BEEN HACKED OVER A WEEK AGAIN AND THAT THE HACKER HAD CHANGED MY PASSWORD. Yet, when I asked him that if my email was hacked over a week ago, then how have I been able to sign in using my ORIGINAL PASSWORD. For this, he had NO answer. What in the world do I do now. I had seen NO evidence of my email being hacked and I had been signing in with my original password, very easily for the past couple of weeks. I was totally confused – he became beligerent with me UNTIL I told him I would buy the SECURE SERVER ACCESS AS WELL AS THE MICROSOFT SECURITY PROTECTION. WHAT IN THE WORLD DO I DO NOW????

  6. Gary, 3 weeks ago aol cut my service off, and when I talked to someone on the phone about it they told me I would have to write a letter to find out why. I have written two letters, and have yet to find out from them why they did it. I have been on aol for many years, and have saved a lot of information, and pictures from family members that I can’t get now because of this. I have contacted Congressman Eric Cantor of Va., and made his office aware of what happened, they advised me to also file a complaint with the Virginia Commission of Consumer Affairs which I did. I will continue to try to get the saved information, and after that I hope I never hear of aol again. If I have any luck, and believe me I will try everything, including a lawyer to see what I can do about what has happened to me, and if I have any luck I’ll let you know. Good Luck, don’t give up, keep letting as many people know about aol as you can, I sure will !!

  7. Re I pad app. Respectfully suggest that you go Back to the original format seen when one opens AOL on the PC . The app is a poor “upgrade”. I hope that this is constructive. Thank you

  8. I have BEEN TRYING TO PAY AOL for the last 6 months…TRYING TO PAY!..Lost my credit card ..changed billing info online 3 times…Via the phone 3-4 more times…They have CXL’d my account..i am unable to contact a live customer service person now and i am now unable to access PRICELESS…IRREPLACABLE communication/pics information from a deceased loved one! Somebody please help me?

  9. Aol has the worst security system! My email information has been changed after 10 years and they did not catch and can not help me so all my information is lost! and I canr get a hold of a live preson and the automatic system is no help!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I have been a member of AOL for over 10 years but the time is running short. No.1, Having subscribed for the so called “perfect Speed Program”,my computer speed has gon to turtle- and finally to snais pace. Nr2 My sending email letters has been restricted by Aol to email addresses only listed in my AOL phone book. The message “member address not recognized by AOL, email was not delivered”. What a crock of it. No.3, I am stuck on the AOL ISP Brouser Program of 9.0. They won’t permit me to upgrade to a much more recent issue.No.4, It took me 30 Mintes to write this, every few minutes AOL knocked me off online and it took just about that long to get online again. I wonder if they have no more value for their customers.

  11. I fed up with my password….I don’t remember my favorite child book….please e-mail to get my password ….so I can open my e-mail

  12. My wife had aol service until this week and I changed her provider to yahoo as I have yahoo and am very happy with it. We have time warner service and aol is free. I have been charges $21.95 for over 2 years now and should not be charged anything as aol is free by time warner. My request is that you cancel this charge immediately. I have no idea why I am being charged? Everyone I talk to said it is a free service. The only thing I can think of is that my wife signed up for something a couple years ago that she should not have. I excpect this charge dto be eliminated and an E-mail sent to me at: confirming that I will not be charged for a free service. Thank you, Loren Stroup,

  13. All CEO of AOL should be sentenced to DEATH by stone and baseball bat’s. To be done by the customers. three months trying to close my account. criminal using to send spam to other people. G mail is the best. going to have to pay a hacker to close it out for me.

  14. I sent a letter directly to the corporate headquarters the other day because I am fed up with their service. I have been unable to get them by phone with the customer service number. I tried customer service several times but kept getting the message “the wait time is long, we suggest you go on-line to resolve your customer service issues”. So I went on-line and I tried to talk to someone and aol shut down on my computer. they have been taking money out of my account that has nothing to do with my monthly account fee, and gave no explanation. I tried to send an email (3 times)with no response. So thus, letter to headquarters. FED Up and AOL sucks. I suggest all of you write a letter to the corporate headquarters. Inundate their corporate headquarters with mail to complain that their service sucks. here is the address and phone number. they need to be less top heavy in staff and have more customer service reps.

    AOL Corporate Office | Headquarters

    770 Broadway New York, NY 10003


  15. Yes. It certainly appears to be.

    I found that somehow they were charging my credit card a small monthly amount. I have no idea how they got the number. You might look for a unexplained charge on your card as well.

  16. This i not a reply to this statement, however, it is the first place I’ve been able to find to make a statement to customer service. I enjoy unbiased news reporting but AOL seems to be the Donald Trump Support Center. I am highly offended by all the in your face crap I have to look at constantly about Mr. Trump. By the way – I’m not a big Hilary fan in case your wondering but as a woman I can always tell when your slamming her because you use the ugliest picture you have in your files.

    Gmail here I come.

  17. Customer service is WORTHLESS. I have been trying to access my account for THREE WEEKS. I have called 5 times and each time, I am told that the SECURITY people will call me back…and I have received NO SINGLE call and each time I call I have to start over explaining my issue…

  18. after many years with AOL 1982/83 ?? I have finally had enough with incessant add barage and popup coments ENOUGH! and am finally looking to change my provider Peace at last

  19. Every time I get billed the bill has increased. Seems they add new services without me telling them to.. I have to call every other month.. Then sit and wait on hold to which is ridiculous.

    Then it turns out I get someone fron another country other than the United States??????

    united States??/

  20. I am tired of AOL’s sloooow service , their constant calls to sign in to facebook , and the worst service I have ever ebcountered . AOL SUXXXXXXX

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