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  1. I bought an iPad mini today, this is the main number for Apple Care. They answered my basic troubleshooting issues on signing into the App Store for the first time and updating the tablet to the newest OS as well as syncing my computer stored media library and a few major things I wasn’t familiar with as a user totally new to the Apple ecosystem. No need to pay for anything, no payment method was required or even discussed. The rep was super patient, knowledgeable, and friendly.

  2. I called to get assistance with my ipad as well,they walked me through a few steps and while waiting for the sincing process they said they would call back in about an hour. They never called back and my problem was not resolved. So the moral of the story is I have not had time to call them back and so my ipad sits, I am unable to use something I paid mega bucks for. I am craped, your support stinks apple!

  3. I need to speak with Josh from the support system I am having a very hard time with this company. They are giving me a very hard time.

  4. I had a very unpleasant experience calling Apple. I pushed a button last night that said it added things on my I-pad and improved it. I then lost my internet and cannot get it back on. I called and talked to a young lady who INSISTED that I buy a warranty, I told her I just wanted to back my computer up to beyond their improvements. She hung up on me !! She was very rude and pushy and talked with an accent. for what I am paying for my Apple equipment I think I deserve better treatment.

  5. Apple ipad 4

    1/21/13: Problems with passcode after downloading latest (ios7)soft/firmware. My four digit password was not accepted. After a few fruitless attempts my ipad was disabled. I tried to solve the problem myself but was unsuccessful. I finally called Apple Customer Servics and explained the problem and was immediately and courteously assisted. The attending rep. walked me through the solving of my problem and until me ipad was up and running to my satisfaction. Kudos for Apple Customer Service.

    What I detected though was, perhaps, a glitch in the passcode window/page (on my ipad 4). According to the rep. there should’ve been an option to accept, or not accept, the passcode; but I did not see an option. The rep. had me hold on and went back (somewhere) to verify that there is in fact an option and then returned and told me that there is.

    I hope that that situation be given some attention since it perhaps could be the cause of further calls to them (Cust. Svce). I also did not think that I forgot my four digit passcode in the first place which caused me the problem. Weeeeeell, it’s possible.

    Thanks again ACS

  6. i have had my apple i pad stolen,do they have anyway of tracting one,heard they may have a tracting system on them just wondering

  7. I have purchased three I Pads and the second one will not open. So, I called apple support and after paying $99’95 they.could

    Not get it operating. . I was told to take it to an Apple store of whitch it is 3 hour drive to the one in Atlanta.

    Please help me, I am. Carl, Georgia

    Thanks, Carl

  8. I changed my passcode. I can not get into my ipad.

    Please help me. I have photos of my decease father.

    And family members. Please help me.

    My apple Ipad was given to me as a christmas gift from my children

    My apple Id is

  9. Lousy technical assistant. Rude, rude, rude. Short tempered w/no patience. Didn’t really help be to the point of resolution of my problem. As it turns out, the problem wasn’t that complicated. She was just a witch. I did get through to Customer Service quickly. But, given that she was grouchy and didn’t help getting through quickly wasn’t that great!

  10. My ipad 3 will not turn on

    I have been using it since September and not had any issues with it

    I was charging it and it was on when i went back to it it was off and now i cant turn it on

    Thanks trysting you can help


  11. I was so thankful I was still under the free support . I waitied a long time and did not get an answer for my new iPad 3. Finally, after more than half an hour the rep transferred my call to a supervisor. The supervisor was rude and did no show any interest in helping me out. He said the question I was asking was confidential and that it will most likely not be released. He told me to call back in a week. The question I had was “how many gauss does the magnetic boarder of the iPad have”. I asked this question because my 12 year old son is wearing a medical device, an insulin pump, and a gauss of 5 or more can damage his insulin pump. I was trying to be precautions and need to know the info so that we are extra careful when my son uses the iPad 3. apple support was rude and did not care about my concern. They told me to return the ipad3 or to wait a week for the answer and that the answer was most likely “sorry this info is confidential”

  12. 1-6-12: my first call to the support center and thankfully, it was free! I received an answer quickly and hopefully, it is the correct answer- time will see. But I greatly appreciate this help! Thanks!

  13. I called apple customer support and was told by the technician that I had to buy a support plan for my apple iPad after paying $249.00 I have never received a receipt or thank you for the product and would only accept my bank routing number and account number how do I stop this scam?

  14. I purchased an ipad 2 for my grandson who is confined to a wheelchair in Dec 2013. Over the last couple of months it will lose internet connection for no reason. Yesterday I called the tech support and they wanted to charge me over a hundred dollars for them to fix it. I paid over $400.00 for this ipad and it is only 7 months old and already having problems. Tech support for items this expensive should be free! I also had an Apple Ipod that did the same thing. I will never purchase another Apple product due to these issues. In the meantime I would like for someone to step up and take responsible actions to fix my current problem.

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