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  1. can i ask your contact number actually i have request for quotation regarding mac computers and laptops and if have a branch near in my location gateway Cubao Quezon City.

  2. Just want to asked if how can i activate my IPHONE 3GS, because i accidentally upgrade into IOS 6?give me some advice regarding this matter?


  3. I bought a MacBook Pro 13 late afternoon Sept. 16 from the iStore at SM, Cebu City. Three days later I returned it to your iStore technicians because the cursor froze, unresponsive to the trackpad. I wanted it changed to another Macbook or upgrade to a Macbook 15 or the Retina. I still got no for an answer because the SOP was to run a diagnostics test. I agreed. My macbook was returned to Sept 21 in the evening. Again on the 25th the globe tattoo stick I was using was no longer recognised by the laptop. I brought the globe stick to globe at SM. It was completely functional. I proceeded to your iStore and they tested it and it work with all the macbook pro and air models. The retina was the only one where it didn’t show. I have been at the iStore everyday except Sunday and they could not find out why it won’t show with the globe stick yet work with a smart broadband stick. Now they want to reformat. After they ran the diagnostics for the frozen cursor they said the unit was checked no trouble found. But to my consternation the purchase date was July 15, 2012. How did that error happen? Same serial number as mine. But now it has raised doubts. I am so sorry about this whole fiasco. I just want to go home to Masbate but I have had to postpone my trip three times. In fairness two technicians helped me thoroughly the best way they could. Courteous and patient. John Narido and Charles Ponce have to be commended for their help. And the reason why I am asking for help here is because I cannot get through your helpline. I am exhausted and stressed. I just want an Apple computer that works!

  4. I just received a notification regarding an update to ios 6 for my iPad 3, if I opt to update what will happen? Will my ipad3 be restored or reformatted? Will it affect my existing files? Thank you

  5. When i was still in Singapore I called the service center to check if my ipad3 could be used internationally already. The lady confirmed that i could use it here in the philippines. when i got back home i’ve tried sending messages thru i-messenger but it fails. .In SG i could send messages even if it doesn’t have any simcard at all and just by using wifi, but here i couldn’t.what could i do? And also i was trying to look for the local customer service number but i only found this site. Thank you

  6. I got an iphone 4S through plan from Smart Com. in SM Baguio City last May 2012. One week after use of the phone, the Wi-fi became defective. I returned the unit immediately to Smart Com. and they tried to reformat it. Unfortunately, the wi-fi still did not function and they told me that the unit will be replaced by Apple Company. 3 months passed but up to now I have yet to receive the replacement. How many months more will I wait before my phone will be replaced? Smart Com. personnel told me that they have units of iphone 4s but they can’t give it as replacement because the unit should come from Apple Company. Please email me for your response.

  7. my iphone 3gs cannot activated after updating to ios 5.1. how can i fix it. please email me on how to solve my problem.. thank you very much.

  8. I just want to inquire if you have available ipod nano and that lunatik tiktok watchband?because I want to purchase one online. If you have, do you ship here in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur. And lastly can I purchase using mastercard in Abu Dhabi. Thank you!

  9. My iphone4s is just 4mos old and now. Bought it from apple store shipped going to los angeles but niw im here in the philippines. There is no sounds in any application including text sounds. But my fon rings when somebody called. I turned it on/ off already. And when i listen to youtube there is no volume settings.. Its not on mute.. The and – is not functioning. I dnt knw what to anymore. I dnt know where to call. Pls help

  10. my broken iphone 3gs was replaced with a brand new one few weeks ago. some areas of the screen (of the replacement) were initially not sensitive to touch. after storing it in the box for possible shipping to manila for repair/replacement, i discovered last night that the whole screen is already functional. at first, the bottom part was hypersensitive but later on, and until now (going 24hours), it’s working just fine. why is this so? i need an explanation to my friend who’s planning to buy it.TY

  11. Good day. The company issued CP which is iphone 4S will last only about a year and already malfunctioning. The problem are the ff. in and off and can no longer power on. What are your recommendations? We chosed and trust this Iphone because we believed it is durable ,branded and not easily malfunction but is a reverse od what we are expecting.

    note: The problems also occured with my colleages in holcim.

    Hope you can recommend some remedys.

    Thanks and regards.


  12. I forgot my iCloud password and everything. I need to delete/sign out the account without factory resting it! help! Major! I really need your help

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