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With Apple TV you can rent movies and TV shows, stream Netflix movies, watch YouTube, and enjoy your photos, music, from your HDTV.

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  1. “I am discouraged by the preceding 2 negative comments. Apple should copy Amazon and others who offer excellent over the phone help without asking for money!!!

    Last night, my husband accidentally touched a wrong button on remote and lost the movie we had just rented ( 22 Bullets) He tried and tried to get it back and all we could get was “” this movie already rented, go to………””, except the go site did not work either. After nearly an hour of trial and error he got it going and it just STOPPED very briefly into the beginning and NEVER began again. So, we have a paid rental and cannot view the movie. We are very frustrated with this product

  2. Angelique was very knowledgeable, efficient and patient in helping me set up an Apple id. She is definitely an asset to your company.

  3. I have the same comment as J. I am not willing to pay someone $20 to answer a question about their product. That is the most crazy thing I have ever heard. Apple is the greatest thing ever? I don’t think so.

  4. Totally not helpful at all. I was asked to pay $19.99 before I would be transferred to anyone who could help me. That’s the worst customer service I have ever had or heard of. I’m thinking about getting rid of all my apple products especially my apple tv just because I am disgusted with the way this was handled over the phone.

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