Aqua provides water and wastewater services to approximately 3 million people in 14 states and continues to grow its operations through acquisitions.

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  1. I have waited a month to get my water on and they still havent done it i fax everything in to them 5 times and they keep giving me the run aroud and i got 2 little kids and they have to stay at my moms until aqua decides to turn my water on

  2. I called AQUA today to transfer the utility in my name.The service is already on and according to the representative ,the meter was read on Dec 11.Its Dec 20th and they are charging a $33.00 activation/installation fee.So in actuallity ,it was a $33.00 phone call.First impressions of this company are they are a monopoly and out to charge for services even if they are not rendered.No one came out to cut any service on or activate anything.He read the meter but there was no charge for coming out to see how much they re going to bill for usage.Taxation without representation is alive and well in 2012.In this economy,and at this time of the year, its either do without water service or pay 33.00 for a 1-877 phone call.

  3. Terrible Customer Service, I wish I could move . Low pressure,always off for hours, I hate this company and all it stands for, they should be ashamed.

  4. Trying to get a person on the phone is pure hell transfer over and it ahngs up on you or disconnected what a joke mit is to talk to a person here.

  5. This company is terrible to deal with. After receiving a confirmation of payment my water was cut off. After dealing with their incompetent customer service I paid over $200 to have water turned back on. It took over 24 hours for this to happen, and I have 2 small children.

  6. We moved from our home in Indiana in 2012. Disconeected our home water account and our lawn sprinkler account. Today, in May 2014, we get a “welcome letter”, for our sprinkle account. An account has been opened at our former residence in our name, although WE CLOSED THE ACCOUNT IN 2012.

    Service from this company is lacking.

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