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Arai is a leading producer of motorcycle helmets around the world. Arai Helmets are used in racing and everyday riding.

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  1. I purchased an ARAI Vector 2 in Med, less than a year ago. Purchase was made through a local ARAI certified distributor.

    Recently the Helmet slid off the bike and only later noticed that the rear exhaust deflector was cracked a bit and that a thin piece of the deflector assembly was missing. Unfortuneately I could have re welded the piece back in with PLASTEEK product had I known to look for the missing piece at the time.

    The question is will ARAI furnish me a new exhause deflector in the solid silver color if I pay for the part as well as shipping. I dont mind the cost, since this was totally due to my handling negligence. I just dont know whom to contact to see if this is even an option.

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