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  1. “I have gone to this Arby’s about once a week when the weather is warmer and sometimes twice a week in past have had great experiences.

    1305 Airport Road Allentown, Pa #7358. Tonight I worked late went thru drive thru order chicken sandwiches 2 for five dollars with coupon. Chicken Cordon Blue and Chicken Swiss Bacon, Placed order about 7:56pm no one in line got to the window they took the money and then I waited. Eight minutes then they come to the window let me know that they had to make fresh chicken sandwiches. While I waited they continue to jump around and clown around sitting on the counters talking and joking. One person wiped down the fries bin with paper towels while talking. Well I figured they would be hot. 15 minutes later got my order made a smart remark at window that they would be hearing about this wonderful experience. Place was not ever clean they could have been cleaning while talking but they where not. Pulled over in lot to see if sandwiches where hot they where warm at best, they were so busy jumping round joking around did not have time to pick the sandwiches up and give them to me I guess. The young lady that was working the inside register had two shirts on pulled up one showing her stomach hanging over pants then pulled other shirt over shirt down I am still at the window, think she could have gone in the back where the customer could not have seen her adjust her clothing. I guess I should say they got the order correct and it would have been great but after taking a bite sting of something coming out of sandwich, the best part was it was not a hair; just the skin on the ham was not removed. I used to enjoy going there but don’t think I’ll be going there anymore. They did not care that it took 15 minutes and I did not see any manager in the store. I think they should be able to have a good time during working but work come first and great customer service should be what they are doing

  2. If Arby’s caves too the liking liberal media and fake gun control issue. My family will never eat at your establishments ever again. Do not cave to the lieing media. Be wise you will actually fairmuch better. Believe me. I’m totally right. Keep your sponsorship with fox many are watching

  3. I tried the new brisket sandwich and it was horrible!!!! The meat was overcooked and dry and brittle. The meat, cheese and onion ring was 1/16 inch thick. Even the dog would not eat it. There was one glob of sauce on the meat also. The price was high for this little overprice sandwich but the bun was big (dry) but big. Worst sandwich I ever had, bet the garbage man even laughed.

  4. The Arby’s Resturant in Bath, New York is alot to be Desired ! To Long of a Wait for a Simple Order and It was Inaccurate once I opened the Bag of Cold Food after a Two Mile Drive Home.

  5. After going inside the store in Maricopa, AZ so they could make my chicken sandwich the way I wanted, I drove home only to find that it wasn’t made the way I requested. I tried to eat it anyway, that was a mistake. Was intended to be a crispy chicken sandwich, but the breading was soggy, and chicken not fully cooked, disgusting. I have always enjoyed arbys unfilled this experience. The crispy chicken sandwich has always been my favorite, please fix it.

  6. Was at mesquOte tx arbys drive thru when my Order was tOtally screwed up i called 25 min later and spoke with erica and was assured she would fix any prOblem arroived at store and was pleasantly suprised on her attention to detail .this emoloyEe made my day custOmer for life made a bad situation perfect

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