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  1. 5/21/2012 I have bought roast (turkey/chicken)and swiss sandwich for years,and they were always made with the same thick,soft wheat bread.the last 3 sandwiches I got came with burnt toasted thin bread.I questioned the bread and she said its always toasted and I said NO, I have bought these for years.Now i have to ask for untoasted bread,,WHY? Why does arbys allow this to happen? I saw a comercial today,and it shows the thick soft UNtoasted bread.

  2. I went to the Arbys in Athens, Ky the manager there was so rude she was yelling at the employees in front of customers and my order was wrong had some special sauce on it and I only wanted mayo I took it back in and she the manager yelled again in the back and told the cook to just switch the bun after 15 mins of waiting I just wanted a complete refund. I told her that i didnt want the sandwhich she said ok and kept working after a few minutes i ask is she going to refund me her reply NO im not. The manager then said she doesn’t do refunds she can only remake the sandwich never heard of this. not to mention the curly fries were in the container with my returned sandwich she couldn’t even throw fresh fries in the bag for me. Overall she was very unprofessional and couldn’t of handle the situation better.

  3. We stopped at Arby’s in Troy Illinois, 820 Edwardsville rd. I had bought a chocolate turnover. Horrible. It was dried up and stale. The outside was hard in spots and disintegrated in other areas. The chocolate filling was also dried up and hard. The top could be raised up, showing the hard brown lump inside. I spoke to the manager, she tried to tell me that’s the way they are supposed to be. I know better. I’ve had them from other locations, they were fresh, flakey with a nice creamy filling. The manager in Troy Illinois should be trained on what quality food is supposed to be.

  4. I submitted a letter to you about my free meal not being sent to me. Please forgive me I found the coupon for a free meal. Thank you.

  5. 1-21-12 I believe in Arbys even though we do not patronize fast food restaurants very much any more. We are seniors and perhaps look for more in quality, not quantity. Last week we went to our local Holladay, Utah Arbys with our mind set on a really “good food” fish fillet as your great northwest ad in TV describes. As the ad stated, “freshly cooked” so we went into the building and ordered freshly cooked fish fillet sandwiches. Charming, clean cut young people were there cooking etc. and we chatted about how good the fillet was, according to the girl who took our order stating it would take a few minutes. That it did, more than a few but that was O.K. Freshly cooked! great! Curley fries and sandwiches ready, we hurried home, dove into the meal and found totally soggy buns,a pinch of lettuce, 1/2 tsp. tarter sauce that slid off the bun. Oh yes, the fish. Perfectly tasteless and looked and tasted reconstituted.We did eat half of it with a fork and our tarter sauce.The fries were excellent but the fish sand is overrated 100%

  6. Resolution! For sure. I absolutely love Arby’s. This particular love is all thanks to the turkey, bacon & ranch deli style sandwich. It’s so good, I make a special trip out to Arbys at least once a week to get this $8.00 sandwich. However, my past three visits to arby’s have been pretty upsetting. I swear I wouldn’t lie, but three weeks ago I ordered the turkey, bacon & ranch sandwich and there was no turkey or bacon on the sandwich. Just lettuce, tomatoe, onions, ranch & the bread. That is pretty disgusting, if your not a vegetarian. This especially was terrible, but I was on a 15 food run from work. I work at a bar, which sells food so I know how truly rough the food business can be at time. I almost called to complain, but couldn’t bring myself to be ”one of those people” so I just shook off the wasted, hard earned $8 and went on with my day. About, one week later I found myself drawn, once again, by the elusive turkey, bacon & ranch sandwich. This time, everything was probably on the sandwich; I just couldnt see it due to WAY to much ranch put on the sandwich. That was pretty brutal. I was completely starving this night when I splurged and spent the $8 for the sandwich, but I was in no way hungry like I am tonight. ”Shame on me twice”…how does that quote go? Tonight I chose to eat Arbys. Spent the $8 for one combo & am ultimately disappointed. I clearly ordered & heard her when she repeated my order for the turkey, bacon & ranch sandwich. At the window, the girl, who is always there late at night when I get there was super sweet, as always. I was in a rush so I didnt even think to double check the sandwich before I returned home. Now, sitting at home I have a sandwich with swiss instead cheddar, mayo & some kind of horse-radish-y, honey mustard dijon sauce and to make matters worse – no bacon. Is this even another sandwich that is made & actually on the menu or is it just a completely screwed up sandwich/ total mistake? Eight bucks, spent on three different occasions is $24 lost. This is the first time I have ever complained (un?)officially about any restaurant or business due to an unsatisfactory experience. Don’t fall out on me Arbys, a good sandwich in 5 minutes is a dying breed. Classy sandwich, with ranch bacon.

    Love you Richmond Rd Arbys Lexington, KY.

    Megan Nicole


    P.S. The no meat sandwich screw up was pretty hilarious. I had a bar full of drunks laughing, at the sandwich, at me. It was incredibly funny. Kinda embarrassing though.

  7. Beef and cheddar two for five, no onion rolls for a week. It happens every time they run the two for five special. You would think the manager would order extra onion rolls. went two days ago, no onion rolls until tomorrow. went today, no onion rolls till tomorrow. I drove off for the last time today…

  8. Just received one of your coupon ads in my email. It stated at the top “Now you can get a free drink without ordering a fake water”. What an insult. Are your advertising people serious or you just don’t have any common sense? Accusing people of stealing to sell your product. You’re morons. I have never ordered a fake water and you can take your ad and stuff it.

  9. My husband and I went to our local Arbys several days ago intending to use a coupon for market fresh sandwiches. The coupon was for 2 sandwiches for $6.00.We ordered 1 reuben and 1 turkey bacon ranch.we were told we couldnt use the coupon on the reuben because they had gotten an e mail saying that the reuben was no longer considered a market fresh sandwich. Are you kidding me? Ridiculous! We left and went elsewhere and probably wont go back to Arbys .It just seems like another way to put it to the customer.

  10. Not Happy with the Service received at the Jersey Shore PA Arby’s tonight approximately 7:15 PM tonight!!!! Big Time Rip Off…….bought the large sandwich and NO FREE MEDIUM MILKSHAKE AS PROMISED WITH THE COUPON, GOOD UNTIL 11/31/15……. They offered no substitution….. excuse the milkshake machine was being cleaned…. Why wouldn’t they wait until closer to close the at that time of the night

  11. About a week ago, I bought 3 of your new, so-called brisket sandwiches. All 3 people said they were the worst sandwiches they had ever tasted. I usually love Arby’s food, but these were so dried out and tasteless that we ended up throwing all 3 in the garbage. This experience has certainly changed my feelings about their food. Really don’t expect to eat there again for a very long time.

  12. Received the wrong order, did not add the cheese to my number3 max, but did not forget to charge me for it!!!! After calling the manager ,her attitude was about as good as the (-cheese,) her reply was, our computer does not record the cheddar cheese on the number three, give me your name and phone number, next time get a free burger????she made me feel like I bothered her when calling about this?

  13. I will no longer dine at Arby’s until I read about the firing of Kevin Davenport for refusing to serve Sgt. Jennifer Martin of the Pembroke Pines police dept. I find this whole thing very upsetting. the fact that the very same people that risk their lives to protect Arby’s as well as Mr. Davenports life are treated in this manner. respectfully

  14. MY wife and I went to the Arby’s in mount vernon,il yesterday at 1:30 pm. We ordered the 2 fish for $5.00 deal., but were told they were out of fish. There were other people in there trying to order the same thing. Most of us just walked out. Why would a manager or other person ordering the food supply not account for the sale? Isn’t it better to have more in supply than to lose customers? There are plenty of other fast food places to eat at, which we did.

  15. My friend and I live in Trinidad, CO and went to Pueblo, CO yesterday & had lunch at an Arby’s on Pueblo Blvd – we both ordered roast beef sandwiches and the meat was very salty – it was so salty that we could not even finish our sandwiches – we both live on a limited income being senior citizens and those lunches are not cheap when getting a combo meal. The amount of salt on the meat, that is a health issue – should not be serving that to customers in the first place.

  16. I have to tell you how offended I am by your commercial. How dare you put up an Italian sandwich and end the add with ” What part of Arby’s don’t you understand Guiseppi !!!” If it was a KFC commercial do you honestly think you would end it with ” What part of KFC don’t you understand Shenequa !!! How quick do you think you would be sued then ?? I want it down this is not right even if I am white, WE HAVE RIGHTS TOO

  17. In glen ellyn illinois there was a manager named Janet. When I was sitting and eating like everybody else is she Janet was talking to customers in very bad language like when I was sitting and eating a couple asked for fresh French fries but Janet said to the couple that the one French fries that she had were not even cooked and she won’t give the customers fresh French fries and she gave the couple the fries she started to shout. Now get out of here. Please who ever is reading this please also report Janet if y.

  18. My husband and I went to our local Arbys several days ago intending to use a coupon for market fresh sandwiches. The coupon was for 2 sandwiches for $6.00.We ordered 1 reuben and 1 turkey bacon ranch.we were told we couldnt use the coupon on the reuben because they had gotten an e mail saying that the reuben was no longer considered a market fresh sandwich. Are you kidding me? Ridiculous! We left and went elsewhere and probably wont go back to Arbys .It just seems like another way to put it to the customer.

  19. In glen ellyn il I was sitting and eating like every one else is but when I saw these two couples wanting to get get some fries l. They did get there fries but the employee that gave them the fries she said now get the hell out. I was shocked not only I got shocked but the whole Intire restaurant was in shock I just don’t get it how employee now treat us like were a pile of crap. Please don’t go to that restaurant ever in your life

  20. I just wanted to say how truly sick and disgusted I am with your company’s attitude towards vegetarians in your commercials. You are already serving the product of torture and murder, and on top of that you feel the need to make fun of compassionate people who wish to abstain from those products? I will never step foot into an Arby’s restaurant again, and I will urge everyone I know to do the same.

  21. I’m appalled that a police officer was denied service at Arby’s because of her uniform and occupation. I will no longer dine at Arby’s until I am assured that Davenport has been fired and that Arby’s will take appropriate steps to make sure this will never happen again.

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