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  1. I went to Arby’s in las vegas and the table was dirty, they took too long for my order.

    It took them 15 minutes to make 1 damn sandwich. They said they were waiting for fresh fries, but that is a lie because I saw them giving fries to the 4 people that ordered after me!

  2. I getting sick of asking for hot french fries, I have gotten cold french fries to may times.. And I should not have to ask for napkins…

  3. I ordered the stacked Reuben at your Possum Park Mall location in Newark Delaware. I asked for a cup for water. The server tried to charge me$1.00 for it. When I questioned this, as it was the first time in 15 years, she said that her manager had told her to do it. She then offered a senior discount, which meant that I would still be paying for an empty cup. I got my badly made sandwich, which was made with the smaller, end pieces of the loaf, not fully sliced, and, thus, designed to fall apart. I think I deserve an apology. I had had the same sandwich at your Claymont location, so I know what it is like when made right. I feel like letting AARP know that the location is not senior friendly and will do so if I do not hear something.

  4. I was visiting baybrook mall in Webster tx and when I went to use the restroom I noticed an arby’s employee wearing her apron in the stall and she did not wash her hands when she left the restroom. I dont think I will be visiting that arbys ever again. Disgusting habits they practice and they are rude. Also I tried getting a customer service number by calling them and they hung up on me.

  5. The Arby’s at Sanford,NC Total not clean people working there. 12-27-2012 girl behind counter cleaning the sleepy out of her eye then serving out the take out window with washing hands. Can we say bodily fluids. Been eating lunch here once a week but no more ,where is the training. Johnny

  6. Arbys Customer Complaint 2012/2013

    We visited the Arbys on 82nd St. Lubbock, TX on Oct. 31, 2012 at approximately 8:45 pm. We went through the drive thru and didn’t get our food until 9:27pm. we would’ve left but there wasn’t an out from the drive-thru lane and people were behind us so I couldn’t back up. And they were out of Arby sauce and there was a sign that the fountain drinks were out of order. This sounds like poor management- both locally and from corporate. The kids working did their best and apologized for the delay. They said they were short handed.

  7. Arby’s Customer Complaints They Never Respond

    And has anyone noticed how Arby’s NEVER contacts you regarding your customer service complaints? I think I will start blogging about this irresponsible and unprofessional company. I’d like to encourage everyone to post on FB, Twitter and social sites about your experiences with Arby’s.

  8. Arbys Vs. Subway 2012/2013

    Hey Arbys:

    concerning your ‘slicing’ commercial, subway is a million times better than what you have. I do like your roast beef sandwitches, but your turkey is way too expensive & tasteless. As a standard, you should make all your restaurants as good as the one in Petersburg VA. It’s a 5 star fast food place. Great food, selection, and service.

    Hope you’ll try to get better. OH, buy the way, your tea is lousy. Subway Has Great Tea, of course, everything there is good! Maybe you should stop insulting other restaurants and try to improve your image. You sound like a political commercial. Best of luck in the future!

  9. Arby’s Customer Service Review by an Employee of Arby’s

    Hello I am an Arby’s employee from Iowa. I am honestly disgusted with thus corporation. The managers in my store are lazy and cut corners. I’ve had to work with managers that make sexually explicit comments and jokes towards their female co-workers. I’ve worked with the laziest employees. I go into work and am never happy because every tine I walk in I have a million things to clean up from the day shift people. Yes you guys are busy but not so busy that you can’t make time to clean up your messes as opposes to leaving all of your messes for the night crew such as myself to clean. The language I’ve heard employees and managers use in front of customers sickens me. I’ve seen customers get out of their cars at the drive thru and come inside to yell at employees because the employees were rudely arguing with them. What the heck happened to the customer is always right.. seriously. I’ve also been reading the comments above me abd I am now officially disgusted with arbys as a whole. While you sit there and get rich….your employees and customers are miserable. And you don’t care. Its sick!!! I will be looking for a new job now. You will be losing both a valued employee and a customer! I hope you guys are shown the error of your ways before you get shut down as a corporation.

  10. I visited Arbys #76 at 4205 N. Sterling in Peoria, Illinois on 3 different occasions. I got Mary each time. The first time my bill was $17.50. I gave her $20.50. She gave me $2. back. I said you owe me $3. She said “are you sure”? It took the mgr. to do the simple math. The next Time I got 3 sandwiches & 3 fries. I asked for the fries to be in a separte bag. I asked 3 times & she said “oh I didn’t hear you. Come on. The last time there was no one to wait on me. A minute or so later Mary comes in from outside (smoke ?)she is blowing her red nose & without washing her hands goes up to the front & starts filling the bags of fries. She is probably about 19 years old with her dirty blond hair in her face. She should have pinned it back. I do love the Arbys sandwiches but I will think twice about revisiting this location.

  11. I and a few friends went to the Arb’s on US 6 in Hobart,In to get the advertised Rubin sanwich. the location waS OUT OF THE SPECIAL BREAD,NOT ENOUGHT SOURCROTE.not cut in half, as nationaly and store advertised!

  12. Your Arby’s store in Lincoln, Nebraska…located at the mall food court is great!! Their service is top notch!! The staff are always so..helpful. I have never tasted a bad sandwich!! It’s always fresh!! Used this store for 4 years!!!! Never a bad experience!!

  13. went in to get a bit to eat and order my food then stood there and wacth people get there food befor me and where in line after me thats just not right i had to ask for my money back stood there waiting why she went and got same food the ones behind me order and push it at me and i ask again for my money back telling her i was in line way befor all those people and thats not right i want my money back so i had to ask 3 times for my money back and wait again for someone else that know how to give the money back just a waste of time ARBYS

  14. I went through the drive thru on my lunch hour 2848 Salem Ave. 351/0016 store. 11/20/2012. I asked for the turkey and swiss on wheat bun. he repeated it back to me and I said no to the market fresh, I told him what I wanted again. the spealer is so loud..I could barely understand him. Well I get back to work with a regular white bun with a tiny little bit of turkey and that was it !!! I was so upset, I called the store and told the women who answered….well all she wanted to do was argue with me on how many sandwiches they have. I hung up the phone on her . because this is also not the first time they have got my order wrong. So in all of this being said I CAN PROMISE YOU THEY WILL NEVER GET BY BUSINESS EVER AGAIN !

  15. It’s halloween night and i decided to hit up some fast food for me and my son since every other place was busy so i decided to go to Arby’s. I showed up and only had 1 car infront of me but when i got the chance to order the Arby’s person said hold on one moment so i said ok and waited and waited and waited then asked can i get my order…. no reply so i waited some more and asked again……no answer so i left. When i came all the way around the building the car behind me got there order taken. Talk about great service. I sat at the order screen for 10-15mins waiting on a reply as cars pilled up behind me.If i was in a line waiting on my chance to order not a big deal but i was at the order screen. I thought about going back threw but i didnt want someone to spit in my food if i said something. Hopefully you can fix this. Thanks. @Copperas Cove,tx

  16. i went to the arbys in defiance OH i order 3 roast beef without cheese all 3 of them did have cheese on them i took them back into the restaurant they wouldn’t change them i don’t rember who i talk to and i don’t have my recipt anymore can you please send me some free coupons please sandy criswell 578 plaza del sol north fort myers FL 33917

  17. i went to the arbys in VanWert Ohio i order 5 roast beef with cheese all 5 of them didn’t have cheese on them i took them back into the restaurant they wouldn’t change them i don’t rember who i talk to and i dont have my recipt anymore can you please send me some free coupons please

  18. Hello. I just went through the drive thru at the Arby’s in Tulsa, ok in the Tulsa hills shopping center. There was no line, so I thought it would be a fast and easy thing. Boy was I wrong. I was on my thirty minute break at work. I ordered a classic roast beef combo. I paid and she asks me to pull around front because they have no fresh fries! NO FRESH FRIES AT 4:45 ON A FRIDAY NIGHT! So I kindly pull around. This happens everytime I come in, mind you. So then she brings me my food 10 minutes later. I have now wasted 20 minutes of my break at Arby’s where there were no customers in the line or inside. I get back to work and I’m scrabbling to eat and I find that my sandwhich was wrong and she had just dumped the fries in the bag. I mean the container was literally upside down. On top of that, The fries were cold. And I mean like they’ve been sitting for a couple hours. Disgusting. Thank you Arby’s for wasting my break and giving me the wrong order with cold fries. I’ll never eat here again. I’ll go out of my way to eat cheaper at Chick fil a.

  19. My sister and I stopped at Arby’s in Weatherford,OK last night. As we walked in, we stuck to the floor. I thought, Oh, somebody spilled something. No, everywhere you placed your foot it stuck. Then, after we got our order, I went to get condiments. The napkin holder had thick mold GROWING ON IT. I could barely eat it was so bad. The last couple of times it wasn’t as clean as it should be, but I don’t think anything had been cleaned in a long time. I didn’t even try the bathrooms because the front was in such nasty shape. Somebody needs the health department to step in.

  20. I usually love Arbys. I tried the Philly sandwich & it is horrible.

    I ended up throwing the sandwich away after a first few bites. I was very dissappointed.

    Nashville Tn.

  21. My husband and I were in Worthington, Ohio yesterday, September 4, 2012. We were on High Street and saw an Arby’s and decided to stop. I always carry Antibacterial wipes with me to wipe off the table. I do this everywhere we go. I could not believe how filthy the table was. I don’t think the edge of the table had ever been cleaned. The dirt was caked on the edge of the table. We used four Antibacterial wipes to clean the crud off the table edge. The employees had to see us cleaning the table. They didn’t pay any attention. The wipes were black when we stopped using them. As we looked around we could see all of the tables were the same filthy mess. We go to Arby’s on Maple Avenue in Zanesville frequently and their tables have never been this filthy. I wipe the tables off because that is what I do everywhere I go to prevent spreading germs. After we tried to clean the filth off the edge of the table, my husband thought about taking the wipes up to the counter and showing them, but we decided not to. Maybe we should have. It was very clear that no one who worked in that place cared about cleaning. My husband happened to notice that Bob Evans and Target were both across the street. We left and went to Target. We sat down at one of tables and it wasn’t filthy. I still wiped the table off to prevent any illness due to germs. We will never to to Arby’s on High St. in Worthington again. It is still hard to believe that everyone in that Arby’s is too lazy to clean the tables. Are we the only people who notice filth? Things like this is what make people sick. Something needs to be done to make those people aware that they need to start cleaning.

  22. Welcome to the real world! Your son will have a very hard time finding a good job because of his gauges in his ears. I hope you like taking care of him.

    Oh and he was crying? Honestly, we are raising a generation of complete losers.

  23. i have a friend that works at arby’s in coshocton. she told me that they were hiring so i sent my son to apply. he has a weekend job but he hardly makes any money so he wants to work more. well,come to find out that the other manager,brian, tells my friend to throw his application away when he comes back to return it because he wears gauges in his ears. really? thats an equal opportunity employer? i see kids working in fast food places all the time with piercings, tattoos, tri colored hair,etc. he would gladly remove the gauges if needed for employment. he works with people on the weekends with his gauges in and has no problem. this is the second time this has happened with the same brian guy. im looking into my options for a civil rights complaint with your coshocton arby’s.

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