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  1. My account has been suspended for no apparent reason or any explanation. I was trying to have a few conversations and attempted to reply when I couldn’t get in. I’ve done nothing wrong. I’m not a robot. And I’m not an escort. My profile doesn’t even have any innappropriate pics, even barely have any on there yet. I just started this and I’m already suspended? I’d appreciate at least an explanation as to why. Not happy!

  2. I’m trying to set up an account and log in but my account is temporarily suspended OR I get the message that my session timed out.

    Don’t you want women to join the site???

  3. My account got temporarily suspended no clue why??? And I’m now seeking how I can delete my account… could I possibly do it by email

  4. I was in the middle of a conversation with a couple of men and I was logged off. When I tried to log back in it said my account was temporarily suspended. When will I be able to log back in?

  5. My account has been suspended and I hace no idea why, can I please have an explanation. If it cannot be activated can you please delete my account, thank you!

  6. I tried logging in and apparently my account was temporarily suspended. I’m no escort at all. So l’m scratching my head as to why it was temporarily suspended. l guess I’ll be looking for a different site

  7. My account got suspended and I’ve done nothing wrong that I can think of. I want it back up to use!

  8. woear hookup site ever and customer service phone number is not valid, joined never got a reply from any woman i contacted, really a rip-off do not be foolish enough to send her money, horrible web site, billiam 3477 want to cancel and make sure my credit card is not charged again, and no way to get in touch with them so will have to dispute with my credit card company and leave a rip-off report.

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