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  1. There is no option to delete my is this done..soybella 1971 if you can do it for … I would like that..thank u

  2. Alot of men on Ashley Madison are fakes. They are not who they say they are. All the married ones talk a good game but don’t deliver.

  3. Please delete the account with needsomelovinchaotic1. I did not open this account and only recently found out about it thru someone else. Been trying to get in touch with customer service the past few days with no luck. Thank you

  4. I want to change my e-mail to an alternative. How do I do this. Can you give me a detail breakdown of how to achieve this from your web site. Thanks

  5. buenas tardes……….. me llego un aviso de cobro de hombre prioritario !! yo no solicite ese servicio, y ni siquiera me interesa……. ésto es muy privado !! lo que menos quiero es publicidad…..rogaria por favor se me retire de ese estatus y el cargo yo no lo reconozco….

    de igual forma no logro poder introducir mi contraseña…………. no se´que sucede, pero no puedo abrir la cta.

    espero su pronta respuesta


  6. Immediately upon uploading a picture, and not completing my profile. I was kicked off. When I tried to log back on, it said “account temporarily suspended”. If my account and picture cannot be used for my purpose, please delete my profile immediately.

  7. I have been temporarily suspended from two accounts now and do not know why. Could someone please let me know what this is in regards to? It has been almost a week now on the one account. Also no one has gotten back to me within 24 hours, so I’d like to have some sort of explanation.

  8. Can I use a prepaid visa card bought from 7-11 ?? Your. Billing page has no box for a name. Of which will be a nickname.

  9. If you’re a woman they say it’s 100% free. I was on not even two days and I’m still temporarily suspended and it’s been a week. All i did was the profile info, pics, and then look at some profiles. I never messaged anyone. The website is a scam now. Since the scandal normal people don’t use it. I signed up just to prove this point to my friend.

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