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  1. my Asics tennis shoes stitches came lose on both shoes after 2 months. It has been 4 months since I mailed shoes back and ask for the replacement. They agreed to replace, but I am yet to receive my replacements. Is the mail that slow? Asics has a problem!

  2. worst dishwasher I have ever owned! I have tried to file defects with Asko and all they have is excuses. My dishes are never clean. It is the most expensive drying rack I have ever owned. All I do is hand wash my dishes and let it dry in the dishwasher…

  3. Shoes have hurt my feet ever since I bought them .I bought 2 pair on the same day,and the width in the back of the shoe is to narrow and cause pain.I called customer service and they gave me the complete run a round. I will never buy asics again.As uch as the shoes cost it seems like they would back their product.

  4. my goodness, I just experienced the same issue with my 10 year old and came to this site to get a phone # or email address for customer service as I ‘ve taken pictures and would like some kind of refund..I’ve been a mom for 16 years and never have I seen anything like this happen.

  5. I purchased a pair of shoes for my son, paid a lot of money for them, he wore them 8 times, still look brand new, except he can no longer wear them. The inside of the shoe, on the heel broke open and a piece of hard plastic stabs him. I took them back to shoe dept express where I purchased them, and they refused to exchange them, saying it was normal wear and tear. He had them less then two weeks, and now they are in the original box just sitting there. I am not happy, as having 3 kids, I need shoes that last longer then 8 times of wearing them.

  6. Spoke to asics customer service and they said Sports Authority would replace or give back money. I found another pair of asics around the same price and switched them out for the price difference of like $1.07. Very satisfied with how I was treated by both asics and sports authority. The earlier comment was mine as well.

  7. Same situation with my gel 1170’s, I haven’t contacted asics yet. I can see my socks through the tear making them impossible to wear anymore. They are great conformable shoes, but not as well put together I suppose. Did you get the shoes replaced?

  8. I would like to say that I love Asics shoes….haven’t worn anything else in a very long time. I recently joined the military and have racked up quite a few miles on my shoes. I went through 10 grueling weeks of basic training in my Kinsei 3. Loved them and didn’t have a problem. Needless to say I needed a new pair, I went with the newer Kinsei 4’s. I gave them a couple of tries and my toes have fallen asleep each time. Never had this problem. I want to return them, knowing they are worn, I do not want to drive to the nearest Sporting goods place I purchased them at, 70 miles away, for them to say “hey these are used, we can’t return them for you.” Is there anything you can do? I can’t find the Kinsei 3 online in the color I had in my size I wear. I really love Asics shoes and will continue to wear them even if I have to go with a color I don’t care for.

  9. I purchased the women,s running shoe, Gel-Kayano 16. The stitching is coming out up by the toe where the mesh meets the “leather”. These shoes were pricey and have not been worn that often. I took them back to Finish Line and they offered to give me a fraction of the purchase price toward another pair or was advised to contact you. I’ve worn Asics for years and never had this problem. I would like to get this resolved and would appreciate your response.

  10. 9/16/2012 I bought a pair of Asics on Feb 1, 2012 and the stitching in the top front of one shoe is coming apart. I previously have only used New Balance and they have lasted well over a year in perfect condition. I have pictures I can send you but need an e-mail address that will accept attachments. Please let me know if there is anyway to get replacement shoes. Cost – $139.99

  11. I bought a pair of gel 1170 less than 6 months ago. The mesh at the top is already torn, which is a disappointment because I had a pair of Asics before which lasted a much longer time and was worn a lot more. After contacting the manufacturer I was informed to pay for shipping(which was not going to be reimbursed) and then they would look into replacing the shoes. The shoes cost over $100 and then to pay for shipping for a defective product is not acceptable customer service. I believe the manufacturer should take on the cost of all shipping(sending and receiving). That is what’s considered GOOD customer service.

  12. I love your shoes and have worn them since I was a teenager playing sports. My problem is, since I am now older and have had children, my feet have changed and I no longer wear the size I used to wear. That doesn’t sound like a problem. Here it is, a women’s 10 is too small for me and an 11 is too large. I really need a 10.5. This is a problem. The size I need is not sold in stores. My feet are hurting. I do not want to wear men’s shoes because they are too wide for my feet! Please help me! I’m desperate for shoes that fit my feet! I work in an office of 20 people and I am not the only female with this problem. Thank you in advance for any way you may be able to help.


  14. I am a huge advocate of ASCICS Running Shoes… I’ve run in ASCICS for my entire military career and needless to say, I’ve logged in some miles. I recently purchased a pair of GEL-KAYANO and within 1 month the interior heel cup has worn out completely on both shoes …. very disappointed, especially when you consider the cost. I havent shopped around for alternate shoes in years, but may have to make that move.

    — AnDrew

  15. I purchased a pair of Asics Gel Nimbus 13’s about 6 weeks ago. The shoe is very comfortable. I’m an avid runner, and I’m sad to report that the stitching on the left side of the left shoe is unraveling. I’m so disappointed that a shoe of this caliber and at a price of $130 would start to fall apart so soon. Please contact me with what I can do to replace these shoes with a manufacture defect.

  16. My wife purchased a pair of Asics Gel-Nimbus 12 shoes in August/2011. She works at a hospital and is on her feet all day. We purchased this particular brand because it has always been rated very highly and respected for quality. Just two months into wearing them the material in the heel started to wear and eventually come apart. This then caused her to have discomfort in her heel. I was very disappointed because she never wore them to work out and they are not a low cost shoe. A response would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  17. I would like to complain about a pair of Asics Evolution 6 I bought a few days ago. I wore them twice. The first time I felt discomfort in the right heel but I thought, alright the shoes are new, maybe they need to adjust some. The second time I used them I got a blister on my foot. This is a really a bad experience as I never had this problem before, not even with cheap running shoes.

    I don’t know exactly how you manage quality control in your factory, but this is not what you are publicsizing in your sales announcements. The innovations, the medical studies test, and quality test must have not been present when assembling my pair of shoes.

  18. I purchased an (expensive) Asics duffel bag last August and just began using it in January 2012 when the streets got snow packed and I had to hit the treadmill. The bag is a great size and the compartments are perfect, however the lining that separates each compartment is ripping. This defeats the whole purpose of the bag (keeping nasty sweaty clothes in one compartment, small items in another). I plan to contact ASICs right away but was wondering if anyone else had similar problems?


  19. I bought the Women’s Running Shoe GT-2160 and the laces are six inches too short. They come untied constantly! Please send me some laces that match the shoe that are the correct size.

  20. I just bought my son a size 8.5 ominiflex attack wrestling shoes and looking at them they look different then the models we are seeing all over the internet for sale , the shoes are missing the yellow rope that the shoe laces connect too . I can see we’re the yellow rope was cut right off . I paid a real lot of money for these shoes . Does anyone know anything about this matter ?

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