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  1. The Aspen Dental office in Marion. Ohio needs some attention. They either book too many patients or don’t have enough help. My husband got a new set of dentures, which are pretty good, but, the wait for each office call was at least an hour from our allotted time. Then I had to have a filling replaced and was there 2 1/2 hours before they told me I couldn’t get it done that day when that is why I came in in the first place. Had to come back the next day and it was almost 2 hours that day. Not a happy camper. Have talked to others since then and their story was quite similar. I like to think my time is as important as theirs. They have seen the last of me.

  2. I would like to have the ph# for the office on River Ave in North Charleston SC. I was there last year for a cleaning and need to schedule one before I get home in May. My acct # with you is . I am unable to bring this info up on your web page. Thank you Elizabeth (Betty) Liddle

  3. I just went to Steubenville for a filling and it was the worst experience I’ve ever had the guy that did my filling wa VERY ruff

    He jabbed both lips several times with his dental tools and his assistant was the worst he would have to to her several times what he needed


    I will never go back to Aspen Dental


  4. Aspen dental on Clairton Blvd. Pittsburgh pa went for appt Aug 12 or thereabouts for a tooth problem. Was told everything I needed could be done in a month and a half as I was going on a trip Sept 13. Well they milked me for a lot of money and the one thing I went for didn’t get done. I told them I had enough and discontinued their service. I slept get a small refund back but I gave them $ 1200.00 approx. And I have dental insurance. I was told I would get $400. Refund. I think this is very bad. Your company did not live up to the ads. I had a set amount and after they got started they said more work needed done. I had 3 different dentists and not one knew what the other was doing. In fact the last dentist forgot she filled my tooth and was getting set to do it again until I told her that she did it. I hope you will get back to me on this. I would not ever tell a phone about Allen, except not to go.

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