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Asus eStore: 1-510-791-3705
ASUS TAICHI VIP Support: 1-866-455-2787
USA English Support: 1-888-678-3688?
Retail (Best Buy USA, OfficeMax, Staples USA, Costco Wholesale, Microsoft, Office Depot, Walmart, Future Shop ): 1-877-339-2787
Component Product Support: 1-812-282-2787
French Speaking: 1-888-616-2787?
Business Accounts: 1-888-606-2787?

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10 Replies to “Asus”

  1. “Brand new PC, loaded with the worst Browser “”Sanp-on”” which allows a lot of Pop ups. Uninstalled Snap-on and set Yahoo as main browser. Other software that comes with he ASUS PC was Mypcbackup, webmediapro, tidy netwok and a host of useless other software which enveded it’s self with the Snap on browser. Mcafee, the 30 day trial,

    could not keep up or was useless for pops. I am still unable to register my PC because of pop up hang ups. Please give us a CLEAN PC. I may have to return My Brand NEW PC. “

  2. Asus customer service and repair department stinks. I sent my nexus in for repairs twice and still not working properly and they refused a replacement. I only had it for a month when it started acting up. Stay clear of Asus products!!!!

  3. It’ been two weeks since my charging cable was rec’d at the repair centre in North Bay Ontario Canada and now they are saying they are waiting for it to arrive there. I have my tracking # from the courier and it indicates the cable was rec’d on Nov.7th by a person at that location. It is less than a year that I purchased the eee pad and now they are saying there is no warranty on the charging cable. could someone look into this for me. My RMA # is the tracking # for purolator courier is

    Thank you

  4. My Asus phone battery pick up not stuffing for 2 hour also.i called to custor srvice also they not suppoting, pls help me what to do………… i want to replace battery or i want buy new mobile……..

  5. The tech support sucks!!!!

    The tech kept asking me WHEN I had purchase my product several time and I told him 2 days ago. At the end he tells me that the settings are scewed and he will need to get a specialized tech to fix it and there will be a charge for it.

    Never mind that I kept telling him that it was under warranty and I should not be paying to get a brand new product to work property if it is faulty. Then he tries to tell me that the problem is with my internet settings!!!

    I told him that he could not pull this B… S… with me since I am a software engineer and I do this kind of work all day long…

    I told him that ASUS is already paying them for their support services ( and now they are trying to charge me as well?!!

    This is ridiculous and should be stopped.

  6. Horrible experience. I need the recovery media for my ASUS laptop, which had to be restored after the 2nd crash in 6 weeks. Even though the laptop is no longer under warrenty, ASUS insists that they do the restore at a price of $79 with the potential for other charges. Still hoping a supervisor has authority to make an exception to this bad policy.

  7. Worst customer support phone line actually a tie with Dell.

    I can’t understand how much profit these companies want to make. By opening customer support offices in the carrabean or Asia. Why cant we have actual people that understand how we in North America work and deal with problems related to CUSTOMERS. I own a company in Toronto Canada that does Fire Protection. Our main goal is keeping the customer happy by excellent customer service. These guys couldn’t care less.

    I cant emphasize how nice it is when you actually get a customer service rep and they know what the weather is like where we are calling from, and not by watching the weather channel. I had this problem 5 years ago with Dell and their customer service reps being in India. I never bought another product from Dell. If this issue isn’t solved in the next 24 hours I will never buy another Asus product.

    I think more people should stand up for themselves and the great country we live in (Canada) and our brothers to the south (USA) and begin boycotting companies that want to sell us their problems in our country but we cant fix them here because they can pay someone in another country with a call center minmum wage causing us, the customer headaches and grief so they can make a bigger profit.

    Thank You

    Big Show

  8. If I could give them a negative rating, I deffinately would. My asus brand new computer stopped being able to take its boot up commands. The connection between the harddrive and the graphics card and some other internal connections broke entirely. I have a warrenty so i sent it in. Now, 1 month later, I am STILL waiting for even an UPDATE on how my computer is doing. No updates, nothing. ASUS customer support IS BAD. REALLY BAD. REALLY REALLY BAD. If you wanna avoid headaches, steer clear.

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