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AT&T Customer Service Contact Phone Number for Support and Help

AT&T is a communications giant that is the largest provider of mobile phone service and home phone service. AT&T’s brands include Uverse, AT&T Wireless, Pre-Paid Calling Cards and GoPhone Mobile.

AT&T has consistently provided innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care for more than a century. At&t’s mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. They are fulfilling this vision by creating new solutions for consumers and businesses and by driving innovation in the communications and entertainment industry.

AT&T Customer Service Contact Information

The contact phone numbers are listed for the various departments within AT&T.

AT&T Help Line: 1-800-2747
AT&T Wireless Support: 1-800-331-0500
Uverse Support: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T and Directv: 1-800-288-1145
AT&T and Dish: 1-866-722-7500
AT&T Internet: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T Landline: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T EspaƱol 1-800-559-0050
TTY: 1-888-341-2355
Shareholders: 1-800-351-7221
Pre-Paid Cards: 1-800-288-2020
Military: 1-800-288-2020
AT&T Small Business: 1-877-253-0009
AT&T Large Business: 1-877-253-0009
Collect or Calling Card Calls: 1-800-225-5288

AT&T Hours

24/7 – 24 Hours 7 Days a Week for most services

AT&T Address Information

AT&T Inc. is located in Dallas, Texas. For Bill payment addresses or other locations, please check your statement.

AT&T Inc.
208 South Akard Street
Dallas, Texas 75202 USA

AT&T’s Official Websites

AT&T’s’s official website is AT&T.com To get specific information for your account, log-in to ATT.com.


AT&T does not publish email addresses for various departments. However, they do offer contact us pages, after you login to your account.

Social Media

AT&T is a very progressive company and they maintain several social media accounts. AT&T updates these accounts very frequently. They use social media to , offer promotions, show commercials, offer contests to highlight their brand. Also, they will handle difficult customer service issues using social media. Links to AT&T’s social media accounts are listed below.

AT&T on Facebook
AT&T on Twitter
AT&T on Pintrest
AT&T on Youtube


To reach a live person at AT&T user support, dial from your at&t mobile phone, confirm your phone number then press #1, then press 2, then press 0

Customer Reviews

AT&T’s customer service is some of the best that we have experienced. They offer customer service through a their stores, phone numbers, email and social media. They show all of their contact information on their website. However, they are hard to find.

AT&T is not perfect and they do make mistakes, along with their successes. Please review and rate your customer service experience with AT&T below.

AT&T Customer Service
AT&T Customer Service Number

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340 Replies to “AT&T Customer Service”

  1. I am writing because I need help getting out of at&t u-verse. I did not call at&t and ask for this. I was contacted by phone on 12613 from at&t service center to tell me they were contacting all of there customers to let them know they are changing to u-verse and it is no charge to me. The person I was talking to was Rachel. She did not say do you want this product, it was, changes are being made and no charges to you. So, after everything was set up, equipment arriving date was 121113. Installation at 8:00pm or later on that date which I did. Then I get this bill in the mail for $164.37. I called customer service and told them the same thing. I was told I will get a reward card in about 4 weeks that will pay for $100.00 (for the modem) Now I have 2 bills for internet service with at&t. If there is a way for me to go back to what I had, I will do that, or look for other internet services.

  2. I was an AT & T customer for 40 years and always paid my bills on time. A few months ago, I defaulted to Pioneer. I wanted to move my service back, but AT&T says my records are “no longer accessible” and I have to either give them my Social Security number for a credit check (that’s a non-starter) or give them a security deposit (not gonna happen). I deeply resent being treated like a stranger; these companies keep telling me we have a “relationship.” I would rather pay a few bucks a month more at Pioneer where I am treated well than give AT&T another penny.

  3. left Comcast because of awful customer service, rea;;u bad !! came to at&t for at least a “good” customer service rating, well so far it is good. my only problem is getting someone to tell me why I suddenly got that terrible Fusion channel, how about trading that for say, the hallmark channel. would’nt that be a great trade for the customers?

  4. Unfortunately, a simple disconnect of service for a landline phone turned into a frenzy. There were 4 calls to 3 different numbers, having to punch in the correct number(s)for the right dept. then put on hold for 15 or more minutes each time without any explanation of how long of a wait it would be and listening to the dreadful music, was able to connect with a customer service person. Edward was pleasant enough, however still am not sure if the order was placed even though a confirmation # was given. While giving information (for security reasons), there was loud laughter in the background as Edward was trying to do his job. This was very unprofessional. Hopefully, the order will go through smoothly and the frustration of trying to get something done through AT & T is over.

  5. Just had a young lady and a gentleman inquiring about some line work. Wanted to speak to the homeowner and they were told “No, she does not want to talk with you right now. Thank you and have a nice day.” The young lady had a smart Alec comment like…”Well, somebody else will be back.”

    Please teach your field personnel to keep it moving when customers do not have time for surveys and such!

  6. There should be a No star selection for this aggravating process of trying to get service on a problem. I also have been trying for over two weeks just to get help delivering emails to my “smart phone”. Their store solved the problem by blaming my HTC phone and promptly sold me a Samsung. Nice phone but the emails still disappear. No one at ATT seems to want to help any existing customer and are only interested in selling more stuff to the customer. Their website is the worst I’ve ever gotten tangled up with. You spend hours fumbling from screen to screen with responses from them that don’t seem to have anything to do with trouble only more sales. The sites require field filled in completely and there is always a drop down selection that you cannot select so you cannot submit your complaint. Must have a genius over there creating this chaos. I’ve read hundreds of comments from other “Sufferers” of this madness and now I get to voice my hatred of this neglect. I fired the other “Too Big Company” and now its AT&T’s turn. Yes, companies can get too big to even fix themselves no less a customer problem.

  7. At&t is so lost with customer service after being a loyal customer for 4 years I apparently have no ground to ask for an extension of time to pay my bill I had a medical emergency and it placed me behind now they want my past due balanceand next months bill up rent that is after they gave me no options and no understanding so my 4 years of paying their increasing and Shorty service I will end my contract shout to anyone that will listen and warn everyone how out of touch with people AT&T is

  8. keep getting bill from at&t I do not owe. been on the phone with them for two hours. they have horrible customer service. accepted a collect call from my son in California via 1 800 call at&t. have charter services so received bill from at&t for 12.08 sent money order. another bill came they said thank you for your payment balance due 5.50 for two hours went from one department to another. guess cause they are too stupid to figure they would disconnect me. sick of calling back and getting same ole run around. did they just hire people off the street with no education or very little. never will I have any dealings with such a company. sum this up with one comment. at&t is ripping you off and has their customer service cluded in to disconnect call so they do

    not have to refund your money, FRAUD!!!!! SCAM!!!!!! do not use them!!!!!!!

  9. I thought I wanted this provider instead of ours, but going through their phone system just trying to get customer service, I really don’t want this company to deal with on a regular bases! Number one..the props didn’t even give me a choice to get new service. Number two..girl was chewing gum or something and couldn’t get my address right after telling her 3 times! Number three..after requesting a supervisor and giving me someone lying stating she was the supervisor, she said she would have to give our request for service in our area to a supervisor! And the line was so distorted I couldn’t hardly hear these lying customer service girls…I say girls because they did not act like ladies or mature enough to be women!

  10. The worse customer service in the word,they charge me for a service i dind used

    I’m done whit AT&T

  11. I have just opened new business and I’d ordered 2 telephone business line.

    On aug 05,2013 I’d ordered 1 business line and week after I’d add other line for fax. Total 2 line.

    I’d just do not understand why is my 2 business line is $245.88 and $277.41 and what is USBI for $89.63? and why at&t long distance service is separat charge ($63.17)?

    There’s no one possibley can read this bill at&t sent to me.

    I’d have called at&t costomer service too many times already and I have been exhausted.

    what kind of crazy people gave this at&t company five star?

    I will never ever choice at&t agian and also have at&t wireless for myself and my sponsor.

    I’m waiting for contrack to be end so I can stop useing at&t company for my Cell phone.

    At&t needs to correct my bill as quicky as possible.

    Thanks for reading my long letter and have wonderful day. from lawrenceville GA

  12. I would rather have a root canal than to deal with AT&T. All I wanted was to do was see about upgrading my current DSL speed. I have been advised on every possible scenario but that. I can see why several people have advised me to go to a cable company. This kind of customer service is why I dropped my home phone service. Someone at AT&T had better wake up before the damage is irreversible! I would not recommend them to anyone.

  13. Absolutley terrible service. When. Our contract is up we will

    Be going with soomeone else. Personell cannot follow thru on request, Very Very poor.

  14. Absolutley terrible service. When. Our contract is up we will

    Be going with soomeone else. Personell cannot follow thru on request, Very Very poor.


  16. Att is another of the too big to fail any worse than the combined bad cust service major companies with over compensated executives when will americans stop supporting big bad companies for at least 6 months and hit them where it hurts worst at the bottom line and bonuses…

    very poor customer service they are fast and efficient at disconection and full of barriers for reconnection after billing disconection we all make mistakes and i pay fees for that but no credits for calling then waiting hours for restoration… should be quid pro quo.

    Dorthea in Charleston, SC was helpfull but IT not showing why landline service is not operating

    Bob L Florida

  17. I agree with you Dennis, they do lie, to often and I am sorry to hear of your troubles, however did you write Customer Care with your complaint? If not I would, because that’s exactly what my intentions are. ATT claim that they record your conversation with them, so in saying that, they should have a copy of your taped conversation, if so it helps you to prove that whomever said what or whatever lie was told, can be resolve. Although your advice was good when you let others know about another/other providers, I would not allow a representative from any Company rail road me, that’s perhaps a rep. who doesn’t do their job correctly and the Company should be informed. You might be surprise how many other people are out here that can help to back you and your allegation up sir.

  18. hi, its first day of fall 2013. if you think att customer service is bad, you should try working there. we have had employee suicides in the passt fee months & att, treats it as a gain in there wallet, well one less pay check. ** DO NOT SHOP AT ATT ** there are much better options out in the market place. VERIZON WIRELESS & COX CABLES… are the ones i use. i work there, BUT i do not shop there.

  19. Went to the AT&T store in Yukon Ok Sat Sept 21, 213 at 9:45. Jessica helped me transfer numbers from one phone to another. She was helpful, professional and gave quick and accurate service. She should be commeneded.

  20. At the present , I am trying to get my phone fix. And all I get is a pain in the neck with this service. I needed to get my phone fix now. IIIIIIIII don’t like your phone service. Ethelen Day

  21. How much profit does this company make, and they can’t kick down some for customer care. Shameful, but that’s the way of industry. If it doesn’t put money in the pockets of the uber rich shareholders and CEO’s it doesn’t fly. Come on AT&T hire some real people to talk to customers on the line.


  22. I called and cancelled my internet AT&T service Aug. 12th. The customer rep told me to not pay the bill that was sent out on the 10th because my account will be rebated due to a partial month of usage. About 15 days went by and no bill. I called customer service and the lady told me, they would send it out the next billing cycle; the charge is going to be about $12.00. The next thing I receive, on Sept. 18th, is a late notice and then another bill for the full amount. I called and they informed me I was in collections for $31.00. This is less than 30 days and I am furious. I went ahead and sent the $31.00, but I am not finished with them. I am not going to mess up my credit over $19. This is nothing but personal now. I will never, and I repeat NEVER, have any connection with AT&T again. I am writing a letter to the corporate office next. I have witnesses and customer service ID’s. Wish me luck!!!

  23. Replace all the people with machines and all the field tech with robots. The employees are not human in the first place. You can not fire anybody at this company – like the school board.

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