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  1. I grew up with at&t …Im presently 58 years of age…I have been using Nokia Lumia 520 pay as you go phone through my debit card account while in the USA…Im now living in Antipolo City ,Philippines…for a month and 1 1/2 months with out my phone service..The neighborhood at&t phone center in the USA said thay I could use my phone here in this country with a simple open and unlock procedure IME number and reguest unlock code..I have tried this procedure to the letter and received a denied request to help open / unlock my phone for service here in this country ( Philippines)..Was I told a lie or given misleading information…can there be a resolve to this …can I use this phone here in Philippines ??? or should I buy another phone here in The Philippines and spend the small amount of $60 a month x 12 months here in the Philippines with another carrier / service provider.?…Need amiable resolve ASAP.. Dale Ward

  2. My service from the US based phone failed to receive inbound calls after purchasing an international 80 minute package. I spent about 30 minutes trying to get it working!

    I have used ATT or it’s forerunner services Ameritech and Bell South since 1986.

    How about it. Get your act together or my 9 line business account will go to Verizon FOREVER!!!

    Colin Campbell

    A prompt response is imperative – WITHOUT FAIL!!!

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