AT&T Wireless Warranty Dept.


AT&T offers warranty service for wireless devices sold though AT&T. The phone number to contact them is listed on this page.

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10 Replies to “AT&T Wireless Warranty Dept.”

  1. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 and it has been a nightmare! Screen constantly turns black and i lose calls. I sent it back and the phone took almost a month (!) to get to the warranty center in Texas. Today the phone came back in the mail saying it had a crack on it an i had to pay 419.00! Needless to say i went ballistic. AT&T has made counless thousands of dollars off of my over the years and i feel like i’m being treated like garbage. These “smart phones” are not even worth it.

  2. This is crazy! I’ve had my phone for six months and the screen has went out. The phone is still under warranty but they refuse to replace it. I was told to send the phone plus one hundred and sixty dollars and they will repair it lmao. The phone is in the same condition as when I got the phone I hardly ever take it out the case unless I’m changing cases. I strongly believe in hands free! They are telling me I can not get it replaced because of water damage but they have never looked at the phone. I’m changing phone companies AT&T will have you buying ten phones in a one year period!!

  3. I am on my second Samsung Strive in less than 2 years. The first one worked great for about 3 months, then suddenly the screen went black and I couldn’t send/receive texts/calls. I returned to my local AT&T store and since it was out of warranty, I could either A) go through my insurance and wait for a replacement or B.) upgrade another line on my plan (my line wasn’t eligible) and get another Strive right then. I opted for B.)…6 months down the road again, my phone starts wigging out, dropping calls, emergency calls only, etc…and so I called AT&T from my husbands phone and was told that my phone connection was reset and it’s all better. BULLCRAP..45 min later, I called again everytime someone answered, I dropped the call. So, I went online with a rep and for over an hour, we tested my phone, SIM card, etc…and I was told once again to go through insurance and I would be credited the $50.00 deductible to get ANOTHER Strive. I don’t want another strive if in 6 months the same BS is gonna happen over again. I started a business recently and I’m not getting any calls through and thankfully, the people serious about hiring me, leave a message and I grab someone else’s phone and call them back. It’s a pain in butt and AT&T’s customer service sucks.

  4. after talking with a tech about my daughters pre paid cell phone and having a factory reset done for the second time in a couple months she recomended that I talk to warranty operator no water damage found or damage any other way she wanted me to drive 50 plus miles to a department so they canlook at a phonethat has normal wear of a teenager use .What happened to customer service where the customer counts and at&t stood behind there products.There are some people that are honest .There was a time when your company stood for real customer care and would recommend others I have been A loyal custmoer through changes from cingular days now I question DO YOU REALLY CARE FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS?????????

  5. I agree with all of you. Anything AT&T to keep from replacing the faulty products they sell. I reported a problem within the 1 year warranty time frame and 5 months later the same problem occurs and they refuse to replace it. If the master clear does not work, I have to go to the insurance dept and pay for a new phone. What a CROCK!!!!!

  6. I also have had problems with warrenty dept. I bought Htc Vivid 1/2012 phone had problems in march called and was transfered to warrenty after being cut off and haveing to call back. They sent replacement phone it also would not even power on. The tech asked me what is said on screen I said what it is black it has now power. I swear he asked me 2 or 3 times what phone was doing now. They then said was battery although i had extra battery and put it in phone and it would not work either,but they insisted it was battery . Received battery phone still did not work. called again advised send replacement phone i received it did not work either. I am sorry to say I am retired att employee not of wireless,but when this contract is up I also am jumping ship this is crazy. I think everybody should just not have cell phone for about a month and see what happens til all companies bring prices down and stop with the 2 year contracts. Att needs to get warrenty dept that speaks english. This won’t be the only service I drop either of theirs.

  7. This is my 7th replacement phone! I am actually on hold right now waiting for someone to “assist me.” Yeah right! Motorola should be ashamed of the BackFlip. I can practically do my own trouble shooting, I’ve been through it approximately 20-30 times with reps. from customer service, warranty, and the tech center located in my city. I wrote a letter to the CEO and received (just what I thought)no response! This is a bunch of bull crap. They always want you to UPGRADE your phone. My question is when will AT&T stop compromising the customer and their loyalty? Why should I purchase a new phone when I’ve had 7 that don’t work. Now they want to say, “Ma’am, it maybe your battery.” Are you SERIOUS! AT&T is a JOKE…looking to Verizon & T-Mobile…i’m glad they didn’t buy either of them out.

  8. What a nightmare! Felt like I was dealing with our inept banking system attempting to obtain a loan modification. Even my 14-yr-old daughter asked me, “Mom, are they stupid? I guess you don’t need a college education to work for this company.”

  9. I have had problems with ATT Smartn phones, constantly changing phones that always drop my calls which is very frustrating. I constantly have to charge the battery until I have to carty the charger with me (for an new phone). I have changed the phone at least 5 times and none of them work. I had to buy a $10.00 phone for back up and it works perfect. I am now using the $10 phone and am still getting shifed around about the ATT phone which I don’t know what I am going to do with it. I don’t want another ATT phone. This situation has taken up so much of my time. One rep refused to exchange the phone again. I am paying for something that does nit work.

  10. I took out insurance in my phone now I dropped it on A carpet and the phone shattered so thinking they will replave it no , they need dostuffent after dostuffrnt to get a phone replaced . I hope they read this cause at & t sucks now. And I wil soon be going to a new company after 10 years which if everyone gets that kind of robot service like Us west phone co, that is why they went under At & t also

    Will,Get rid of the robotic people, bring in real people.

    I have told everyone on fb not to use your service. And _*

    I will keep telling everyone not to use you.

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