Audi is Volkswagen’s upscale line of automobiles. Originally formed as a part of a group, Auto Union. Auto Union was a union of 4 small german auto makers. Eventually the name Audi won out and the 4 rings symbolize the 4 companies.

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  1. I bought a 2009 audi a4 in march 2012 while serving in afghanistan, and yes its a used car,i didn’t drive the car until jan 2013 because of deployed. i had my sister and her son-in-law check the car out at that point car ran good, so i bought it. six months later it started using oil real bad,just spent $5500 on new cylinder head, drove it 300 miles,engine oil light comes on, why is the car burning so much oil? did research, a lot of audi a4 owners are having the same problem.this is a issue that has to be stand up and do the right thing,please give us so kind of advice, this a very serious problem.

  2. Pat the General manager at DCH Oxnard Audi in California was extremely helpful. Pat went to great lengths to make us verry happy. We would definitely use pat to purchase another car:)

  3. I have a 2004 Audi A6 TDI automatic break, with gearbox problems. It has been with the Audi garage in Bordeax, france since the beginning of January 2013. It is very nearly June 2013 and still no car. I have just read , on line , that this is a recognised problem with this type of gearbox. Why then haven’t they fixed or replaced it. This is my first and last Audi. It has been so long that I have had to buy another car, as I live in a fairly isolated part of France and really need transport (no public transport). I am beginning to think that the A6 is just a figment of my imagination .

  4. I have a audi TT Quantro and my radio ask me fore a cde which y don’t have.

    There is a way your cia can help me with that code if I send you the Vin #.

  5. i am a lebanese citizen, i was driving a Lexus jeep RX330 for the past 5 years, until i decided to change it for an Audi Q5.

    i went to the main dealer in Lebanon, Kettaneh group and i paid a down payment on March 29, 2012, with a promiss that the car will be delivered within 15 days.

    Today, 3 months later, 27 June 2012, i still have no answer whatsoever from Kettaneh, when i called to discuss the matter with the head of sales, his answers were mediocre, not usefull and uncomprehensible, bottom line, he didn’t have any valid answer, and he still didn’t answer or call.

    of course, because the attitude they have is that if i don’t buy, 100 other will do, so why bother and run after the client’s satisfaction.

    i heard so much about how bad the service is at Kettaneh, but i never wanted to believe, because i said that people like to tell rubish stories, but frankly, working with the Coreans is by far more professional.

    tomorrow i will ask to withdraw my down payment and i will keep you posted.

    now i think that it is better to move to a less known brand, at least i can guarantee that i will not be a number but a real customer who is paying to be served the way he deserved to be.


  6. I am proposing to buy a 2007 Audi TT Coupe from our local Audi garage..

    I needc to find out firstly if the vehicle is fitted with a cambelt, as in the good old days this was always a massive expense in a certain service. The next service due on the vehicle is at 42000, but after asking the salesman if the belt had already been changed, he said they would do it before I bought the car. I don’t even know if they have cambelts or a chain (like BMW’s) and is the salesman taking the mick?. Can you please help. You may have details on the vehicle, it’s reg is CU57OUO. Your earliest reply would be appreciated.

  7. After driving two 5 Series BMWs in a timeframe of 10 years, I decided to look for other alternatives… The reason is not a secret, Autogermana (BMW) customer service was a nightmare.

    When assessing options, my husband told me about the Audi, and definitively I was in agreement. The sales representatives were very attentive and the facilities at the Kennedy Avenue, San Juan P.R. are impressive. We made a lot of research on the reliability of the car as well as customer service, as one of my major concerns with the BMW was not the reliability of the car, but the customer service experience.

    Finally, I felt in love with a 2010 A6, the design, interiors and performance were key for my decision; in addition to the excellent reputation on customer service that the Audi possesses. For the past two years, I complied with the scheduled maintenance program and was impressed on the customer service and attention received when taking my car to the regular service check-ups.

    For two years I had fun with my car when all of a sudden, a check engine alarm showed in the display. I immediately call the Audi Service and Luana provided me an appointment on the same day. I was not surprised as the customer services of Audi are top of the line. I took my car to service and Audi kindly provided me transportation back home while we wait for the diagnostics on the car. During the afternoon, I received a call from the Customer Service Representative stating that a loaner will be provided as the car has to stay at the Audi. The reason;…”Further evaluation was required to determine what is causing the check engine alarm of the car”… At that point, I was not surprised, as based on my professional background, I understand that for a alarms that potentially suggest that a critical issue may be happening, a complex evaluation and troubleshooting is required to determine the root cause and appropriate mitigation actions to address the issue..

    What really disappointed me was the flow of information on the progress of the car’s evaluation. For several days I called the Audi to receive an update on the progress of the assessment and I received the same statement as a response.. ..The diagnostics are still in progress..…. No additional information on details was provided at the point that it was required for me to send my husband personally to the Audi to obtain detailed in formation on what the actual issue on the car. After my husband visited Audi, he kindly received information from the Customer Service Manager but not prognosis or target date for assessment of repair completion.

    After one week, today my husband visited the Audi dealer to obtain an additional update as no further communication was received from the Audi Service Department. The result, my car is still at the Audi, As the issue seems very complex, we have not received clear expectations on the target due date for repair completion. As indicated by Customer Service, the car will be ready potentially Thursday.5th or Tuesday April 10th.

    I would like to recommend the Audi implement actions to avoid this to happen to other customers.

    I would recommend having a communication plan incorporated as part of the customer service program. This will allow the client to have visibility on the progress of the evaluation and repair activities as well as to certainly have the sense that the Audi cares about their customers beyond the completion of the initial sale.

    Now, I look forward to have my car back and be able to “trust” its performance while making myself the question……Can I have car reliability and good customer service at the same time….

    At this time I do not know what my future will be with the Audi..

  8. Dear audi cs team,

    I ‘ve lost my audi concert radio code, need ur help to provide the code for below unit:


    Meanwhile identity on radio plat:


    U can send me the code to

  9. My mane is Enrique Queirolo.

    I own a tt convertible and my problem is that the rear window fell down, and none of yours dealers in Virginia want to put it back, saying that they don’t have the tools to do it, also once I had a low battery and my radio doesn’t work “cause needs a code, unfortunally I don’t have it, they (dealers in VA ) want to charge $250.00 to do it.

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