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3 Replies to “AutoWeek”

  1. Received august 4, 2014 issue. Issue was torn and wrinkled as it look like it was caught in something. This issue is unacceptable. Please send another issue. Robert Panciera

  2. I received in the mail an offer to renew my husbands subscription to Autoweek. We NOW

    HAVE RECEIVED DOUBLE MAGAZINES 7 ISSUES! I am sending this because I will not renew a

    subscription with you again. I did notice one is in Diana VanHouten and the other is

    Terry VanHouten, but the SAME ADDRESS! He will have to read other car magazines!

  3. I called the number, but did not have an account number, as I, too, had not yet received any issues (I also had not paid for any issues yet). I got through to a live operator in about a minute, and was advised that my first issue was to be mailed, along with the invoice, the following week. Thanks for your help.

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