Auvio Audio products are sold exclusively at RadioShack stores in the USA.

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  1. This set of headphones are not very good, as to the unit, itself. The ear piece connects with the overhead band, is broken, and the wires are exposed.

    I have tried repeatedly to get any information to send these back or what? The way the swivels on the ear pieces are the weakest point, and that is what is broken, which caused the wired to be laid bare.

  2. I do not know what has happened to our country . I am watching all aspects of customer service fade away? When you call most companies you get a dead end recorded loop that will not let you speak to a live person, they may have one or two customer service agents but 100 questions . companies are to worried about stock holder pockets and need to focus on customer service and taking care of their employees. They all cry the blues as they watch their companies fade away and spend a fortune on specialist to try and save themselves. Bankrupt is where they end up…… SO WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON WITH ME IS MY AUVIO PORTABLE SPEAKER DOESN”T WORK AND I WILL NOT PAY SOMEONE TO TELL ME IT CANNOT BE FIXED . OH WELL 40 BUCKS DOWN THE DRAIN. NOW I CAN JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH RADIO SHACK FAIL JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY thanks for listening Brent discusted…

    1. You nailed that one. Radio Shack closed right after I purchased this Auvio and I can’t find out why it is hotwired to pick up sounds in my house instead of projecting the sound on my PC. It’s working like a microphone no matter which setting i use. Weird huh?

  3. AUVIO blue tooth headset Catalog # 33:283. Foam ear pads are deteriorating and flaking off the smooth black covering. I am looking for replacement pads.


    Where can they be purchased:

    1. I also have the deteriorating & flaking ear pads. Can I buy new ones or do I have to buy the whole set again. If they are not repairable, waht do you suggest I buy as an upgrade with better sound.

  4. The number is not a working number. I have two Blue Tooth Stereo Speakers. The first one ($60) lasted about 3 months, the second one ($120) lasted about 3 months. I would like to get a different brand. Totally disgusted with AUVIO. Any suggestions?

  5. I bought 1 pair of these and they went out not even a month later(good thing I got a warranty) so i got those and not 2 weeks later did they go out.So now i have the ones that radio shack replaced and they just went out AGAIN 5 days later… I HATE THESE HEAD PHONES

  6. my mhl adapter to hdmi cable to the tv and selected the right hdmi input.but it still is not working do I have to set my phone on something??please help

  7. I’m having a similar problem. Devices connected directly by HDMI cable work fine. Put the Selector Switch in between and I get nothing. Customer service line says high call volume (wonder why?) – leave info & they will call back either today or next business day.

    I noticed in the online troubleshooting (no video or audio) instructions (not in my purchased paper copy)that a possible problem is “HDCP compliance in the signal-chain”……no hint on what it is or what to do about it. Online googling says something about preventing illegal copying of material – not what I wanted to do at all.

    So here I am – waiting for the call that may or may not come with an answer that makes any sense.

  8. We purchased an Auvio wireless headset on March 11, 2013 for $75.00. My husband is the only one who uses them and he is careful. While he was removing them, the piece holding the earpiece snapped. I tried to return them to the store and was told they could do nothing. I just feel like a product that price should hold up longer than 5 months.

  9. These switches are total crap, bought one it fried my 600 dollar projector and the switch, radioshack you are dead to me.

  10. I bought an Auvio hand held 3.5 inch TV a year ago at Radio Shack and now i can’t find a plug and adapter of 5 volts 1 amp.

    They say that they don’t carry it any more. i am disappointed.

  11. Bought 7″ Portable TV 16 months ago, used it twice, worked fine, now it won’t take a charge, no customer service, Radio Shack said tough luck, $128 down the drain but won’t get near Radio Shack or Auvio again.

  12. I bought an 15.4″ Auvio LCD HDTV ,Model No.15911 two ywqars ago from Radio Shack. It worked well until we had a thunderstorm and my cable went off. The cable box came bacl but when I turned the tv on, it showed a blue screen and the box “no signal.” Is there a way to adjust the tv for the picture to come back on or is this a problem for the cable company.

  13. I purchased an Auvio TV from Radio Shack 1 year and 4 months ago at Radio Shack

    I have been happy with it until today. I have audio but no video, I think it should

    have lasted longer than a year and 1/2.

  14. i recently purchased a 4 in/1 out HDMI selector switch to use with my Sony Bravia 1080 lcd tv we purchased in 1995. We only have one HDMI slot which is the reason we purchased your product. I connected it per the instructions (fairly simple) and turned the tv on and then tried the xbox 360. both pictures came in awesome, but, no audio. i disconected the selector switch and put it the way we’ve always had it and the sound came back. I then shut off the tv and xbox and reconnected once again. same problem, no sound. I returned it to radio shack who reluctantly exchanged it as they were surprised your product wasn’t working (good recommendation). I came home and did it again. Same problem. could you please email me some other troubleshooting instructions as I am at work and not at home during your 8 am to 5 pm product support calling times. It seems like a good product, but no audio is no good.

  15. I am having the very same problem. How difficult can it be for you to provide a source of these small clear plastic ear hooks? I would suggest that several of these clear plastic earpieces be included in the packaging as extra items when you sell your Auvio bluetooth ear speakers. The fact that they break so easily, and are impossible to find a replacement, does not bode well for the reputation of your company. Nor does the fact that your toll free telephone number is impossible to get a response from.

  16. I a am trying to purchase another battery for my Auvio 7″ inch TV battery 7.4volt-2000mAh,the store don’t carry it can’t find on line,how can I get a battery for my TV,the old one busted.

  17. I a am trying to purchase another battery for my Auvio 7″ inch TV battery 7.4volt-2000mAh,the store don’t carry it can’t find on line,how can I get a battery for my TV,the old one busted.

  18. Auvio mhl adapter that connects to your hdmi and im completely mad that it worked for the first month then it just quits working and flicks on and off and this is my second one I want my money back definitely need to talk to a rep. Asap

  19. I bought auvio wireless headphones 1 yr 3mo ago. both earphones broke off and I glued them. the charger will not charge unless i put a weight in the earphones to weigh them down. Now the phones do not work at all. Many calls to co and the internet does not get me any results as to how to fix. sound was good but not worth $80. for short time Iused them.

    george acaley

  20. Very surprised to see all the negitive comments. I have a pair of Ear buds that I use daily. I work on a golf course and run a lot of equipment. I have had several pair have one side quit but I have that with almost any brand I buy. Radio Shack has always made it good. This last pair has been through the washer and dryer twice and still kick. I place my iPhone upside down in my phone case so it does not crimp the wire at the jack. Auvio, you do have one person herre that recomends your ear buds all the time to friend.

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