Avast is Free Antivirus software with anti-spyware technology or paid Avast provides Internet Security with a firewall for full desktop protection.

Free Avast Users Call: 1-877-877-9362
Paid Avast Users Call: 1-877-314-5079

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59 Replies to “Avast”

  1. AVAST is the worst company EVER! My dad had it on his computer, and passed away in Jan. 2018. He had auto renewal, but the credit card that he used for the original purchase had been cancelled. (family was unaware that it was auto renewal) Avast managed to charge his card anyway, and I pitched a fit and finally got an email, stating that they would refund account. TODAY, my mom gets a call from someone you barely spoke english, told her that she would be charged for the service. OF COURSE, like the rest of the complaints above, no working phone number! I would love to sue the heck out of this danged company. The computer that the antivirus is supposedly protecting, doesn’t exsist!!!!

  2. Avast – Absolutely frustrating that there is no number to contact. I have sent requests for a refund but have had no response except the automatic reply that someone will contact you. But nothing yet and it has been almost a month.

  3. Trying to reach you concerning internet security. Concerned that numbers listed on site are “not allocated”.Hope this is not a scam. Will provide contact information. Please contact me. Need internet security badly and soon.

  4. I ordered a 2 year was charged on debt. card did not Get a license no.Card was charged by someone working for you for an airbus had to cancel card to keep them from using it again.

    Mr R.C.Delzer I See You Cashed again the To know avail for the 23rd the card was canceled by my bank. BECAUSE OF TWO BAD CHARGES AVAST.

  5. I recieved an email notifying me that there will be an automatic renewal of Avast. I cancelled months ago. Looked official but when I called Digital River in Europe. they started asking personal information. Corporate Avast should know about this bs. You cannot canel the renewal automatic. took one hour to figure this out. I will never do business with Avast and have turned the letter over to the Attorney Generals office.

  6. Hi I had to delete avast ,it was causing my Computer to much trouble . I was taking far to long to open anything . Avast was much to stressful

  7. Absolutely NO customer service or support! I would advise anyone interested to run from Avast, they will take your money and not only give you nothing but break your computer in the meantime. Totally unsatisfactory “service”.


  8. I would like to know a week before my Avast is out so I can sign up for the next year. That way I hope my computer will not catch a virus. Now my computer will come on but it will go off in a minute or so. I was told that it has a virus. I have tried to call but the number 1-877-877-9362 will not go through. I think my virus protection is out, so I am trying to get in touch with someone to help me with this. I will try to call back this evening and see what will happen. I have the Avast Free Protection Virus on my Computer. I am giving you my work e-mail so maybe someone can help me. I hope to here from someone very soon.

  9. They are definitely scam artists. They charged me over $40 more for protection than I agreed to, and now they will not refund the difference. There is no such thing as a person to discuss this with on the phone, it is only through emails with a foreign person who cannot speak English!

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