Avast is Free Antivirus software with anti-spyware technology or paid Avast provides Internet Security with a firewall for full desktop protection.

Free Avast Users Call: 1-877-877-9362
Paid Avast Users Call: 1-877-314-5079

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59 Replies to “Avast”

  1. I paid for one year and only received the temporary protection, the numbers dont work

    I want my money back.I was on the phone about a hour accomplished nothing.they took money

    out of my account,without getting my one year service DO I NEED TO RETAIN A ATTORNEY OR REPORT TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BURIAL. RE

  2. I called the number you have listed for paid Avast users 1- 877-314-5079 and got a recording that number is no longer in service.

  3. If you need a custmer service agent …good luck..avast has given me nothing but problems. I would just like to cancel and get my money back, but the on going numbers you have to call and call makes it very fustrating

  4. yesterday I purchased avast Pro antivirus..I got my license.But i have not got my Activation key …how to get it.please help me….

  5. im not sure where to ask for this help at, so i will start here. I got done what i thought was renewing my advast for another year. The gentleman I spoke withsaid he could fix all my viruses ect. When I went to log into the pc I needed a password which I no longer have the computer belonged to someelse. So that being a huge problem since its a business, the even bigger problem is I dont know if I was scammed

  6. I received a unsolicited charge on my credit card. I do not use your service. CANCEL this charge of $96.74.

    Billed on Dec 25 and posted to my credit card on Dec 27, 2016. Line item on my bill was DRI*AVAST software 952-9084089. I have not used your service in 2016 and do not want it in 2017. (I’m 83 years old and don’t use computer)

  7. Have run into the same problem. It has been >3 weeks and no refunds have been sent to the account which I used to pay for it. Like others, I also had initial problems installing this program on my computer and called for help. Dingbat on the line

    suggested” I had a virus but avast could fix my computer for $400..There are legitimate problems with the ethics of avast and will never recommend it to anyone. Avast is corrupt and customer service is a joke.

  8. I charged 39.99 to upgrade from free to one year coverage. My PC cannot download it. All phone numbers are out of service. Feeling screwed over by A vast. Any help out there

  9. i think that all avast users, that sooner or later are going to have the problem of this users, or worst, I can testify that it is like that, should sue the company

  10. I just ordered avast. Wish I had of found out about these complaints before now. Because they are definitely a RIP_OFF. They treat you like dirt. You get someone whom you can hardly understand. They do not walk you through the set-up. The numbers above are no longer in service.Glad I didn’t use my bank card.But I will keep trying if I get my money back. I will post it here. AVAST is bad NEWS.

  11. There is not one customer phone number that I can call ask a simple billing question. Have used avast for a number of years and now I can’t even talk to someone. I will be looking for another antivirus company.

  12. OMG I paid $179 in October , I just want to talk to a person. I was told that I had access to call 24/7 when I signed up. Every time I try to call the numbers given me, they just go to recordings. Right now its been 40 minutes and nothing is happening. I have a been trying for 4 days. What kind of service is this?

  13. I see and spoke to someone in accounting about how you added what was suppose to only a 60.00 charge and credit back to me 129. charge to my account for nearly 200. So far as near as I can tell you have not yet credit my account for the 129. Why not only took you a short time to get it out why does it take so long to give back what you over took from my account? Now please get this fixed soon! I note I’m not the only one with such a problem from you folks! Don’t you know there are better ways to handle accounting?

  14. I need you to quit charging my account as I don’t have avast . I have a charge on my account for 39.99 on Oct 22-2016. You did this to me last year and I was told I was taken off automatic renewal. No matter who I call they can’t help me. I would like to know what credit card you used.. I want some answers now!!

  15. avast took charges out 2 times from my checking account without my knowledge I have tried every number web sight they have on line and no answers or progress in getting my refund I work hard for my money and they are a rip-off company











  17. I was having a lot of problems with errors etc. and I had an updated version Avast So bought the Avast GrimeFighter but could not download so tried again and it still would not download so submitted a ticket for a refund and found out I had not only been charged twice I was also charged again for the original Avast Security that I had already a couple of months ago. I realize now that I have a lot of problems that need to be fixed but need to get my, almost $110.00 back before I can afford to do this. I have not been able to talk to anyone other than tech support and they have nothing to do with billing. I submitted 3 or 4 Support Tickets and have not had one response but the original request which they answered with a reply that customer service would get back to me as soon as possible. It has now been a least a week and I have sent several requests. Will try these # in the am.

  18. no support and can not get through to ipc helpdesk by phone. Was in the middle of conversation wth technician and was told the office was closed and avast support was available 8:30 to 6:00. As others have said ever since I purchased Avast protection I had nothing but problems! Very disappointed and I would like to get my money back But can’t get in touch with them.

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