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  1. Not happy at all – they are claiming that a David Byrne concert has been cancelled 8 days before the very large event in Birmingham and it is a feeble reason “last minute scheduling difficulties”and it’s rubbish a complete lie. I have paid for 5 tickets and have invited friends who are big fans of David Byrne and we are all very disappointed to be conned. Jo James

  2. i am very unhappy with your ticket customer service on the telephone. they were not helpful with what i was asking for. in a hurry, quick to answer, and get off the phone. ive been waiting to purchase tickets for the pitbull concert in san diego. lost my air ticket, because they changed concert date, reschedule my hotel. what a mess. so i went online, not much better. your choices are limited. i finally picked a ticket, then i tried to put my sign in and there was an error. then you give people so many minutes to purchase. i had to redo 3 times. remember all customers dont have fast computers! finally after 2 trys i made it. doesnt sound like your company is very customer oriented, and i didnt feel it at all. if i wanted any tickets what a trip to go through. ticketmaster better get it right?

  3. Busy Signal every time I time to reach an agent………YOUR CUSTOMER CERVICE LINE IS HORRIBLE !! Why is buying tickets from AXS so complicated?

  4. received no ticket purchase confirmation email. ‘Customer Service’ is on fast busy for 3 days.

    Purchased them at box office instead. Having trouble cancelling axs ‘purchase’. No one answers.

  5. I am an extremely happy customer. The Moody Blues were to play a show at Red Rocks tonight ,but they changed the venue because of a spring snow storm. I contacted AXS by phone and they happily refunded our tickets.No problems at all.

  6. It is unfortunite you cannot have opportunity to pick the section or ticket you want, but it is rather picked for you. I purchased tickets for my partents to Garth Brooks for thier anniversary present. However, after purchase of the 2 tickets, the purchase info print out stated the section I purchased them in was ticketless purchase and I would have to be present with ID and credit card I used to get into the concert. After the fact it states it is non-tranferable. Why someone could not purchase 2 tickets for parents is beyond me. And to not offer an alternative method for (2) tickets is ridiculous. To make matter even worse I had lost the card I used to purchase the tickets, thus now have a replacement card, which has totally different numbers on it and am told without the old card I couldn’t attend…. This company is horrible customer service and the process as to purchasing tickets is not user friendly and unfair. Not happy with this company at all and I will not used it in the future, which is sad because it will limit me from seeing many future concerts.

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