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Babies R US is a store and online website dedicated to baby products, furniture and baby & toddler toys.

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  1. Ive been calling week after week still. Have Not Got MY 10Âșck from baby reg..Also i had To wait a month for a gift someone ordered Me for MY baby Shower online ordering sucks

  2. I resisted at babies r us… and I was soooo disappointed in their customer service. their stock was low, and no one had any idea where anything was. I was asking about the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller and the girl told me ” I think your A little to high end for this location and you should go to Totawa. I looked at her being 8 months pregnant and just said thank you and walked on. I caught myself wondering, thinking about what she had said to me. Drive myself over to Buy Buy Baby…. Much better service and knowledge about the store and their product. The employees asked me multiple times if I needed assistants and walked me through other strollers that would fit my needs. Bottom line… Babies r us is horrible on so many levels! Buy Buy Baby is the way to go!!

    ITC Center In Flanders NJ

  3. Every time I go to the Babies R Us in pembroke pines I regret it. The employees there are rude and unhelpful and the lines are horrible to wait in. I was there today and stood in line for about 20 minutes, while who appeared to be a manager was taking care of an other guest. She was very talkative and while I can appreciate a good conversation it shouldn’t be done while others are waiting in a long line. After waiting the lady informed me that she only had that line open to help the guest in front of me. I stood there in shock and replied “Why couldn’t you tell me that 20 minutes ago?” She had an other line open up but of course all the people behind me ran over to that line and once again I had to wait an other 15 minutes while who I am assuming is the manager carried on with her conversation. THIS IS NOT THE 1ST TIME! Who ever runs that store is incapable of doing a good job. No more than two registers are open at a time.. I guess thats fine for a Monday morning…but a Saturday afternoon??? Come on. I will not be shopping there ever again. I actually had done a baby registry there, but decided to go to Buy Buy Baby instead. Much better costumer service.

  4. Everyone was willing to help me. I didn’t have a clue as to what some of these things were. But I had help from everyone at the Hobart, IN store.

  5. My experience at Fairfield CA baby’s r us …. my experience did not start off well to say the least, the lady in the department we were in had zero customer service skills and just as much if not less knowlage about store products or procedures. After two hours of attempting to pick out a gliding rocking chair(mind you this is the last thing my best friend who is 8months pregnant needs and wants) and then finding out the info in the computer was wrong and they infact did NOT have the item, MY 8MONTH PREGNANT BEST FRIEND WAS IN TEARS. Thankfully we asked for the manager who completely turned the situation around, she had excellent customer service and we ended up walking out of the store happy and very much so satisfied. … she got her 299.99 dollar chair for 80 dollars. The managers name was Lynn and she most defiantly deserves a promotion and/or a raise. I unfortunately find myself complaining more than complementing so coming from me Lynn obviously went above and beyond. THANK YOU LYNN!!

  6. Are you listening Mr. Storch?!?! Do you hear what the consumers, your customers are saying? Do you care? I am stunned and appalled by the customer service I have just received from your company. After reading the complaints from other customers, I can see that extremely poor service is just the Toy r Us/Babies R Us way of doing business. Do you find this acceptable Mr. Storch? Do you think that based on the pure volume of unsuspecting first time customers that you can sustain a profitable business? Have you read your own corporate vales and vision statement? Do you or your employees feel any pride or obligation to honor that vision? Just asking.

  7. Are you listening Mr. Storch?!?! Do you hear what the consumers, your customers are saying? Do you care? I am stunned and appalled by the customer service I have just received from your company. After reading the complaints from other customers, I can see that extremely poor service is just the Toy r Us/Babies R Us way of doing business. Do you find this acceptable Mr. Storch? Do you think that based on the pure volume of unsuspecting first time customers that you can sustain a profitable business? Have you read your own corporate vales and vision statement? Do you or your employees feel any pride or obligation to honor that vision? Just asking.

  8. there is a manager @ local store babiesrus in pearl city hawaii,,hes very rude,hes not a friendly customer service,hes also racism,,he is suppouse to help the customer but not,hes a the type of person who gonna put you down..i hope he’s going to hell that fing ahole..

  9. My experience with Customer Service was very pleasant today. I explained that when trying to order an item from my daughter-in-laws online registry yesterday and a first time user of Babies R US the cart would not calculate my 20% off. Joe was very kind and happy to look into the problem and retrived all the information he needed, looked up everything and asked if I wanted him to help me with my order. I figured since he had it all in front of him, let him do so. He gave me the confirmation # and Incident # and I am looking forward to the phone call from her when it arrives. Thanks for the good customer service and the very short waiting time to speak to someone. E. Lowthorp, Devine TX.

  10. i ordered 3 gift cards on 8/8 12.. none of the 3 parties ever recieved it. said my credit card was validated each time why didnt it go through i will not send gift cartd through this co again

  11. 8/22/12 I cannot believe the customer service representatives to be so rude. My nephew’s baby shower was two weeks ago first I tried pulling up the baby registry and for three weeks it was under construction. When I called customer service to report this they were the most rude people that I ever spoke to in my life. Then two months ago my sister ordered a complete nursery set not to mention that this is the third time they had to re-order. The first one the crib and dresser were damaged, the second one was a wrong color, and now has to be delivered for a third time. The sad part about all of this was that was her gift and she never received it in time for the shower. I feel that babies r us should compensate its customers for all of these problems. Hopefully she gets it before the baby is born. A sister in-law placed an order on line and was told five business days when she did not here she went to the store to find out they were out of stock. Worse store I ever went to in my life not one person wants to take the blame it is always someone eles’e fault. If I were my sister I would cancel the entire order and go somewhere else. You could buy better furniture with great customer service from the Flea Market. I called again this morning and spoke to a Delores whom kept trying to blame someone else. Babies R Us better get it together or the will lose every bit of their business. I shopped here in the past for cribs and never have I been treated so poorly.

  12. It is a nightmare to places an order online. Instead of yelling at these poor minimum wage customer service people, let the CEO, CFO , TRY AND PLACE AN ORDER ON THEIR SYSTEM. OR BETTER YET, LET THEIR WIVES PLACE AN ORDER.. IT IS A FLAWED SYSTEM AND IS THE WORST ONLINE SYSTEM I HAVE EVER USED.


  13. After Babies R us cancelled a huge order I placed because of a malfunction in their system I called their customer service to get help reordering the items and figuring out why the gift card I used was not credited back. After being on hold for over an hour and then being transferred back and fourth between 2 departments who are equally dumb (one kept sending me back to the other) I have gotten no where, I am screwed out of my order, the last of my baby registry items, the 10% discount I was supposed to receive for ordering the last of the items and MY gift card… HORRIBLE COMPANY, I will never order or register from them again!

  14. 3/18/2012 I would bet money that you lost a lot of customers after today. I attended

    a baby shower and it was unbelievable how many duplicate gifts the mother to be

    received from her registry including the swing and seat that I purchased. Guess your clerks have to be told to take items off the registry even after being told that I was shopping from a registry.

    After my shopping experience to purchase the swing/seat and discovered that

    the particular one that my friend registered for was not available in the store, I ordered it. Naturally, it couldn’t be sent to the store for pick-up (how hard would

    that be??) so I had to pay $20.00 for shipping. What a rip off!

    Most everyone at the shower was disappointed and I for one was livid!!!

    shipping fee. What a rip off! You should be ashamed!!

  15. Really disappointed!!!! I was at your baby’s r us store in N. Attleboro on 2/29/2012 and I left thinking ” wow” not sure I’ve ever encountered anything so rude.

    As I approach the baby registry counter the associate named Alex asked for the name which not knowing how to say it I decided to spell only to hear it right back in a very arrogant tone, as in I should have known this name. I quickly thought maybe I’m just being sensitive. I took my papers and looking for isle 28 I go, another young woman nicely appoached me to help and I was greatful she did. when I told her what I was looking to buy she say they were out of stock on the kit but I could buy the 2 items that make the kit. my next question was if they were able to adjust the regitry since the items were different numbers on the paper. she nicely said yes, they would do it at the customer service not at the registry. As I approached Alex again and eplained what needed to be done, she immediatly said no she couldnt do such. I took a step back and decided to try again by saying someone on the floor had just told me they could. Without telling me anything else and me being left to guess what’s going on she leaves the counter to, again I’m guessing at this point, talk to the other associate.

    I waited and finally she passes me down the isle not saying anything to me, she does the adjustment still not telling me what she’s doing, no eye contact at all leaving me just hanging. Finally I had to ask her. Were you able to find out? she reply in a very short manner “YUP i will have to do it since she told you yes”.

    I was so disappointd with the service this person provided. Not so much the rule she was following but the tone and the lack of customer service skills. My friend and I left there saying she shouldnt be in a job like that with that lack of personal skill.

    Very rude and short with people.

  16. i spent so much money how come i dont get my rewards in one coupon instead of a bunchof little ones. I was looking for at least a forty dollar coupon.

  17. Don’t waste your time today or tomarrow to go to the Babies r us in Highlands Ranch for the $5. Christmas diapers. They sent me and E-mail that they would sell them at that price today 12/9/2011 and 12/10/2011. I went this afternoon and management told me they did’t have anymore. I asked this is a 2 day sale? She replied we don’t have any. I had in my hand the same diapper but with winnie the poo. I asked if they would substitute the ones I had she said no. I think they just want to get you in the store. They e-mail me to tell me they have this sale, but they don’t let you know that they don’t have it. I felt the manager wasn’t pleasant about it, nor did she even say I am sorry we don’t have what you drove over here for. Besides being expensive, they aren’t great on customer service. NO more Babies r us for me.

  18. We have tried several times to get on your website to place an order, but we can’t bring it up. We wanted to go through the registry and order something for my nieces shower this weekend. Help!

  19. I bought 4 items on line. The process went well. The packages came on the 5th day (4/16/14). 4 of the 5 packages were fine. The Graco 2 in 1 Glider-Elite Swing ($179.00) came with a large hole in the box (about 8″x8″) so the FedEx man kindly noted that the package could be rejected. I agreed because I wasn’t sure if the exposed swing inside the box was damaged. This may have been damaged during the FedEx delivery process and not the fault of the store but I called Babies R Us customer service on 4/16/14 and spoke to Shiban/Chivon (so very sorry if this was spelled incorrectly) and she was quite nice and helpful. She opened a customer case #. We hope that a replacement swing (the same product type: item# 17197676) will be promptly sent to resolve this in time for the baby shower. Considering the previous customer comments, it appears that a good outcome here would be good for both sides. Thank you.

  20. I have called 8 times over 2 months as well as emailed & always told issue will be resolved in 1-3 days with no return follow up. They won’t give you full name of managers or contact either. I accidentally deleted email gift card for 10percent of value of registry purchases and just wanted it resent so I could use it.

  21. I have never experience such horrible costumer service got transfer from department to department took an hour and a half of my time for them to tell me someone will call me within 3 days witch it took literary the 3 days for them to tell me that they couldn’t do anything about my situation i ask for a supervisor and he was just so rude i spend over $2000 with them i will NEVER go back to a BABY R US in my life and will surely tell everyone about this experience so that no one that I know goes back I’ll tell them to try BUY BUY BABY.

  22. I will never again do business with Babies R Us. It took me two months to get a gift card sent to my niece and nephew. My original order was sent to the wrong address. My second order was never sent at all. Finally the 3rd time I tried to get it sent,a very nice lady, Heidi, got it done. While all the customer service people were very nice, Babies policy was not at all satisfactory. I just wanted to get the initial order cancelled and get a credit back so I could just go to a physical location and purchase the gift card, and mail it myself. So for two months I was embarrassed that my gift was not timely.

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