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  1. Badoo has asked me to verify my account by asking me to add my cell phone number… a reasonable request. I’ve been trying to do exactly that, but Badoo comes back with a message that the number is not valid… and there’s no way to back out of that page or to click on a link to allow me to communicate with Badoo’s customer support to fix this technical problem.

  2. I really wish you would stop blocking or deleting my account based on false information that my account is fake just because the other people are angry that I choose to not be interested in them and they choose to retaliate doesn’t mean you should listen to hearsay first you should take it upon yourself to contact the other party to find out if they really are real my phone number is my name is Rachel isn’t there a customer policy about heresay.

  3. l have internet explorer l put my email and l forget my password everytime you ask me to put a character letter in the empty space and l press log in it doesn’t work please help me l try many time but no result

  4. this messages its for badoo customer services lm try to be a member but l forget my password and every time l follow the procedure it doesn’t work please help me

  5. why when I login they tell me wrong email or password and I know I put right email and the password please let me know ,,,,,,,,,,,,, and that’s no good for ladoo company with the costumers ??????

  6. The website in the way it read up is great however I have met so many scammers that setup fake military profile and try to get you to send money for phones or to pay for their leaves and I’ve reported several of them to Badoo and they have not removed their profiles!!!!!!! I would think that they would want to protect their regular user they have that on the site to report um and then they do nothing about it!!!!!!!! I just had another one another one by the name of Ricketts his just went up today I reported him there was another one by the name of crap that was up for almost a month and a half after I reported his profile there’s still another one up by the name of Scott Rogers that I reported all of these have been either military man or men claiming to be an engineers. I told this company that I had all the proof everything that they needed to prove it these men were liars and a cami people and all they said was will look into it and the sites are still all up except for the one Chris and it just went down today. please everyone I RGTU caution are you on the site it is a good site to meet people but never ever seen anyone money under any cirstuffstances it is all a lie they are not who they say they are there men working out of Africa!!!!!!! they will tell you they need money for phone they need money to pay for their leave yet kids are sick they will tell you anything to get money do not send any money ever!!! the military provides free phone service for all servicemen to call home they do not use the satellite phone any longer that you have to pay four and the company that they use to you if you look at it only takes out of business account they do not deal with Western Union or anything like that they do not use credit card or debit card or bank account nothing it is only business account. even though we look to this company to help protect us we need to be proactive in protecting ourselves when they tell you oh you have to trust me don’t trust them a big red flag!!!!! Badoo please work quickly on getting these mens profiles removed they are fake they are not real please help protect your honest users and take the profiles down immediately thank you!!???????

  7. You took $3.99 from my account and I did not authorize it I keep checking the checkbox not to take it out but you keep taking it out I want it refunded back into my account immediately this is why I deleted my account I don’t know what kind of business you people run but you do not follow instructions I will be checking my account within the next few hours to see if it is returned I will be calling my bank to let them know about your dealings

  8. My name is Kumar Punjabi

    I received credit card charges of $47.99 without prior authorize please let me know how long is this charges for after that date I do not authorize further any charges please cancel my membership if there is any more charges from Badoo will be denied Please note that after my membership expires I do not want to continue

    please confirm


  9. impossible to contact with queries – more than happy to take my money but I am unable to rply to messages – will have to contact my bank to block the payments

  10. site keeps charging me monthly, I didn’t authorize. Have contacted the cc company, but they say I have to contact the company. I have tried for an hour, it is impossible to contact them.

    want the auto payments to stop !!!

    the email address on this account I have zero access to

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