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  1. I have been trying to play Dialo III for three days now. I keep crashing it says that I was kicked from the server what can I do I have reset my internet restarted my computer deleted and reinstalled the game I’m at a loss

  2. I need help in uninstalling diablo 3 completely in order to install a working game. I am getting tired of the game when all I can play is about a quarter (1/4) of the game. and getting zero (0) help in determining where the problem is, or my computer. I suspect the I have deleted and reinstalled both and the game several times. this time I’m going uninstall and shut the computer off, power up and reinstall the whole thing, which is a time consuming process one more time. my future with seems a little unsure. PLEASE HELP

  3. been trying for two days to activate my Dialbo III won’t accept password went to the website to get help with no success called to get help and got the run away sad very very sad

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