BBVA Compass


BBVA Compass Bank is a banking franchise located in the Southern USA. BBVA Compass is the 15th largest U.S. commercial bank based on deposit market share in the US.

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4 Replies to “BBVA Compass”

  1. from charles alexander, houston, texas, Bunker Hill Branch

    Saturday night, 10:20

    Your web site is suspect. I was asked to sign in and my security picture was not shown. I entered my password and was denied access. I tried to call you- as your dialog box indicated, but of course, no one works security on weekends.

    I hope my password has not been compromised. Please advise if there was a breach.

    C. Alexander

  2. I can not access my online account. It has been three days now and I need to pay my bills. Please let me know the problem asap.

  3. Your approved check printing company, sent my checks to the WRONG address.

    Someone could be writing checks on my account right now.

    I just discovered this problem, but I can’t reach your customer service representative because it is after 4:00 pm on Saturday.

    The fact that I can’t stop payment on the checks delivered to the wrong address is UNACCEPTABLE.

    The words customer service should stand for something, but if customers have an emergency like mine, then we have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE and no recourse, but to sweat it out, while someone could be defrauding our accounts!!!

    BBVA should have something in place to handle problems like this.

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