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Founded in 1984, Beckett Media is the leading publisher of sports and specialty market collectible platforms in the U.S.

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9 Replies to “Beckett Media LP”

  1. Can anyone tell me where Beckett Customer Service is located? I really do not think they are in the USA. You call to ask a simple question and they can never answer it. All you get is a sale pitch asking you buy more…

  2. Trying to tell them I missed a month. I dont care about the issue I missed, I just want to make sure they add a month to my year long subscription. I dont have my account number because I had to pull the label off my magazine to verify the date. They cant find my account! Not by ny name, my address, or anything else. How can they not have my account info when I’ve been getting a magazine every month for year?? (just renewed..second guessing that now!) Guy just kept saying sorry and the 3 second lag on their phones drives me NUTS!! Sorry is all I get. Ask for supervisor…they dont have one!! I said to the guy, “Yes or no…do you find it odd that you guys dlvr a magazine to my address every month, but yet you cant find my account info?” His reply was no. I lost it!! Said only way they could find it was if I gave them my credit card info. Really??? Not for nothing, but the Phillipines is NOTORIUS for fraudelent credit card activity….NO THANKS!

  3. Beckett has the stupidest customer service people anywhere, they cant find your order, they cant spell, or listen, or understand perfect English…There service says for example 45 days and it really closer to 80 days to get cards back….

  4. Beckett sucks I sent 2 cards in 5 weeks ago to be graded and still have not received them yet.I called customer service and got some stupid lady who was rude to me,her phone kept breaking up,and who had no fnnn clue what was going on basically with my cards. this will be the last time I ever send cards to them> PSA here I come.

  5. Done with Beckett. The customer service is non-existent and you need them all the time to find out why you haven’t received things you ordered months ago!

  6. Call this morning to get my order sent to the right address since they had it going to the wrong place. And the woman who answered the phone didn’t speak clear English. After telling her they had sent it to the wrong address all she could say is sorry. And told them the Beckett’s web site was junk because it kicks out every time you try to log in. And of course all she said was sorry and gave me no info on how to fix them problem. After telling her they don’t run their customer service very well and said I would take my business some where else. All I got was sorry. Nothing to bring you back to Beckett which I won’t be!

  7. Their web site is awful. Every time I try to sign it kicks me out and saying I need to reset my password. Just sent to cards out for 2 day grading service and it’s going to take over a week and a half to get them back. And sent them to my address from a year and a half ago! Beckett you really need to work on your web site and customer service!

  8. I received, unsolicited, 5 DVDs from Beckett Media. The package included no contact information for the company. About a month later, I received a billing invoice for the DVDs. When I tried to call the company to figure out what happened, the main line has a “press one for” menu but no matter what option you press you get disconnected.

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