Belk Inc.


The mission of Belk is to be the leader in its markets in selling merchandise that meets customers’ needs for fashion, quality, value and selection; to offer superior customer service; and to make a reasonable profit.
Reflecting the beliefs of its founders, Belk wants its customers to have a feeling of confidence that they will receive honest and fair treatment, get full value for every dollar, and will be satisfied in every respect so that they will return to shop at Belk.

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18 Replies to “Belk Inc.”

  1. I felt that I was lucky to receive a gift card for Belks for my birthday. But maybe NOT! I was told that I could NOT use the GIFT card for certain lingerie. WHY? It is a GIFT card. Also was told that I could not use the percentage off sent to me for my birthday by Belk. Good heavens! Why send a discount card when it isn’t good? Then I decided to purchase the lingerie item anyway and they said they would ship it to my house – for a highly inflated cost. Well, folks, I am no longer going to be a Belks customer. True I am only one but this will become many when they are treated to this form of customer service. Kohl’s here I come!

  2. I love Belks. I wish we had one here in Columbus Ga. Everytime when I go to Destin Fl. Which is frequet. I always make a point to go shopping at Belks..

    I have tried several days now, to pay my bill to no avail by phone.. I have been calling the numbers tt is on the bill.. First of all, I can hardly understand what they are saying, for they are foreigners. The other thing that is very annoying, is that the recording is promoting a cruses, gift cards and ect. or you are closed.. ALL I WANT TO DO IS, TO SPEAK TO “CUSTOMER SERVICE” No where did I see a proper number as to wher to call as such.

    I just recently got my computer working again, as to where I can go and get the Customer Sevice number hopefully, I have the right number to call which I just did. However you are now closed. I will try again tomorrow. UGH

  3. We received a new Belk home sale catalog (brochure?) on 7-6-12. It has a lady reclining on a bed shooting a bird. This was in very poor taste and I don’t understand why that wasn’t edited out. Or maybe then MEANT to leave it like that.

  4. I shopped at Belks in Anderson,S.C. on 5-25-12 and the temperature in the store was so hot that my experience was miserable. I was told the temperature was controled in Charlotte and they could not change it. Many others were complaining; I do not have a medical condition that would cause hot flushes. I would appreciate attention to this matter, so that I could shop in comfort.


  5. I bought 2 tops at belk in Morristown,TN yesterday and got the wrong size in one of so I took it back today and the woman who assisted me was rude,disrespectful,and I told her I wanted to get a smaller one and she in a rude tone told me to go get what I needed,when I got back to the counter she did not know I was there she called for the other lady working with her to come here and she was touching the shirt I returned under the arm area and telling her it was wet and she wouldn’t wear it,so when she turned around I asked her what was wrong and she said it was wet under the arm,I only tried the shirt on yesterday and when I brought it back today it was raining so if infact it did get wet it was due to the rain,I have never been treated like that in there before,she acted like I was some dirty person so why would I want to spend my money somewhere where they treat you like crap

  6. ‘Market leader’!! I don’t think so. Their online service to international customers is useless. I have tried to order a wedding present from the UK and because I have a UK address the site refuses to process the order. I can only find 1-800 numbers to call which it is not possible to do from the UK. When I tried to send an e-mail via their website, because I had a UK telephone number, that was not accepted and I was unable to do that either – very frustrated and annoyed.

  7. I placed an order online. I pressed CONTINUE CHECKOUT and the order disappeared. No number, no confirmation via email forthcoming. BUT my credit card number was on that order and it was a wedding gift. I am FULLY annoyed.

    Furthermore, went to CONTACT US site and you can’t leave a message on their phone if you call before they open, nor can you email them. Going to email gets you info on cookies (of course, they ARE enabled. . .what is wrong with their server/recipient info anyway?) but no way to email them. So much fun. If this order doesn’t go through, I’m sending the couple a check. Too bad for Belk.


  9. What happened to Made In The USA? Try to find socks, underware or a belt at Belks that is made in the USA. I looked until I was tired and went to Walmart where I bought American products. Belks should give me the opportunity to buy American without sorting through their products. I would be willing to pay more for American and I am sure you would be surprised at others that would as well. I spend quite a lot at Belks however, I would spend much more if I could rely on finding products made in America. Belks is known for quality, you do not get quality from China. Please give us the option to support America. I believe you would be surprised if you move away from the cheaper inferior products.

  10. hello, This is my thrid attend to find what hours your stores are open in Florida near Sun city center, very hard to find. Also your ad in the papers do not have any information about other stores in the area or a telephone number. very Poor Business I would say.


  11. I ordered several blouses online through Belk. I received an EMPTY non sealed bag in my mailbox. My “blouse “was stolen, and. Now I can’t get anyone from customer service to answer the telephone. If my identity is stolen, I am suing Belk. Thank you.

  12. My wallet was stolen today. After filing police report, I called the number I found on line and was told by robot to go online. Online I was told to call. I did this 3 times. There is no place either with the stupid robot on line or by phone to report it after hours – “call back at regular business hours”. There dozens of sites, non of which address lost/stolen cards. I will cancel card permanently and never purchase anything there again.

  13. I bought 4 pairs of jeans at Belks’ website. It took 9 days to receive my order, which was the wrong color. I checked on the packing slip and sure enough I had ordered the color I thought I had, so it was a packing error. I had to pay to return the 6 pound package (no exchanges btw…..rotten policy) a whopping $19.50! Returns should be free (prepaid stick-on return label) …..esp. when it is a $100 order. So in effect the ‘free shipping’ I received when I ordered was cancelled out. Plus having to wait for a credit (only option on returns…..rotten policy also) to my credit card, which will likely take at least a month, probably two. I was planning to be a regular Belks’ customer for these particular jeans alone (which are not easy to find….so I was thrilled to find a source online at a good price). So now I am out nearly $20 sending a package back for a credit and if I want the jeans in the right color I will have to re-order (rather than Belks just having a box to check on the return slip that says exchange — and wait another week — and even then may or may not get the color I want even then. Yep, another potential customer lost to crappy customer service. I will never shop at Belks again. My first try was my last. We do not have a Belks nearby so I can’t say I’ll never shop there, but if we did, and if we ever get one……I will never shop there.

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