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  1. I sent a check for $5.99 check #4238 for a one year subscription on 7-11-2015. It was to include a all-time favorites cookbook, slow cooker cookbook and a best ever storage solution book. I have never received any mailings, and you have cashed my check. Please advise as it appears other people are having the same problem. Beth

  2. was charged for my ANNUAL subscription twice within the same year.6 months apart.impossible to speak to live representative. scam.

  3. Not at all happy. Customer service is nonexistent. Tried to cancel subscription on line but they use a service for that, that says they charge a flat fee. Once they get their hooks in you, you can’t get out. Will let the subscription run out and have nothing to do with BHG ever again. Trying to cancel my ailing mother’s account and it is proving to be impossible. Beware, they seem to like to deceive and scam older folks out of their money. If you receive a book in the mail, DO NOT unwrap it but send it back if you didn’t specifically order it.

  4. Purchased the Layered Medallion Quilt king size from Walmart but seems it doesn’t have King size matching shams, even tried on line. Are they available,if so ,where? If not, Why? PS, I love the quilt

  5. There some tattoo,about your Sweepstakes.Fake or fraudulence,adverting for you watch the requited Ad.I still sit and goes around & around saying enter sweepstakes.This just not good at all.

  6. So far not so good. Waiting on hold for a representative 8 minuets so far. Calling to ask question so I can bill. Guess I just will not pay. Well 13 minutes long enough. Bye.

  7. Yesterday, I sent a e-mail the fact that I have not received a magazine since the check cleared September 5. I did not receive the October issue. called the 800 number. After the 5th time I was asked for my name and the spelling, I then asked for a representative.I am now on hold..About 4 minutes now…about 6 minutes now.. (I pay 5 center per minutes for my calls.) Finally got someone. Said subscription would begin with November issue. Don’t want to have to do this again…

  8. I used the postcard that came with a gift I received. I would like to receive the magazine online and not the magazine itself. How would I change the order?

  9. On July 17th, 2015, I sent by mail my check # 523 (which you have already cashed) for $11.98 as per your promotion of 2 years and 3 free gifts.

    As of today, September 7th, 2015, I have not received a magazine or a gift.

    Thank you for your prompt attention.

  10. I did not order Better Homes and Gardens magazine and all of a sudden I am receiving it every month. I do not want the magazine and would appreciate it if you would stop sending it. My last issue is December 2015 and I hope that will be the last.

  11. How do I cancel my subscription as it has increased $10 and I have been charged to my iTunes account without prior notice of the price increase? I cannot find a contact email to send the cancelation to.

  12. I have to agree with many of these people!! Where the hell is a contact number, or subscription contact number, to change my address. I went to various websites and it says that it could not be found ?? I have written a letter to this address: Inc.

    401 Franklin Ave

    Suite 102A

    Garden City, N.Y. 11530

    and I hope this does the trick! Maybe some of you can contact by mail as it is although this magazine discount center takes care of Family Circle, Good Housekeeping, Better Homes and Gardens. However, I did not keep the address label with the number they are looking for. I have already moved, therefore, will probably never get another magazine as the post office will not forward 3rd class mail. Really!! I paid for this, haven’t I??

  13. My comments will echo those written above. We have been subscribers since 1989. The renewal process has been challenging the last 4 years since I’ve written checks versus using a credit card. This time, the check was mailed in August and cashed and still in October, no magazines. I appreciate an immediate response so I may get my continuous home delivery as promised or a refund.

  14. Why doesn’t BHG do something to imporve customer relations! All the negative feedback I don’t know how they stay in business. I, too, am trying to get a contact phone number to get in touch with someone. I paid for a year subscription not knowing a friend bought me a subscription too. Plus the subscription I paid for PROMISED a cookbook that I NEVER rec’d. Wouldn’t you think I should be getting two subscriptions since that what was paid for? I could give a friend the extra magazine. This is the worst company EVER! Is anyone from Better Homes and Gardens reading any of this feedback! What is wrong with you people!?!?!?! I resent being taken advantage of! You need to do SOMETHING!

  15. I think it is ridiculous that you mail me an offer and the same offer isn’t available on-line. So I will use snail mail to do it, since the offer is better. The one referred to is $11.98 and a 3rd year free 3 bonus gifts.

  16. Two years in a row I have accepted your special offer of $5.99 new customer subscription. The last check sent 8-6-2015. I have yet to receive a single copy! You certainly have my name and address from the many ads I receive for this same offer!

  17. I sent a check to you August 13, 2015, and it has been cashed and I have not seen the first of my 1-year subscription. Could you please get my subscriptions started today! I have enjoyed your magazine for many years, but someone has dropped the ball in getting my subscriptions started. From the looks of reading the comments from other customers, looks like I am not the only one having a problem getting my magazines. What has happened to your COMPANY?

  18. On 7/27/15 we sent a check, paid for magazines and “free gifts” and have not received them. Today I get another advertisement to send them a check for $5.99 for 2 magazines. What is up with these people???? This magazine USED to be a respected magazine! Our check has already been cashed by the way.

  19. I would love to add a comment about Better Homes & Gardens magazine! I ordered a subscription and have had numerous issues missing! I have notified customer service on numerous occasions regarding this, only to be told that they will “extend” my subscription! That is fine, but it is a shame that a reputable magazine such as this has nothing but negative comments from it’s thousands of customers and shows NO concern to its customers! The customer service rep I last spoke with on the phone (Sara), after holding for 15 minutes, showed NO concern about my issue and basically just wanted me off the phone. I explained how twice now I was missing issues, both July & September 2015 and had just received the October issue that day. I had had enough of this and was going to cancel. She told me my refund would only be a few dollars because the subscription was only $5.99. I accepted the fact that the subscription would be extended from March/2016 to now May/2016. The reason people order subscriptions is to be able to get a magazine EVERY month and not have to have it extended because they cannot send them out on time to be received! I will NEVER order this magazine again, once it ends, I’m done! I also will NEVER buy it in the stores to support this company either! One can only take so much of having to call customer service and get no respect from it’s representatives!!!!!

  20. I placed an order and you guys cashed the check it cleared my bank on 10/22/15. why have I not received a magazine yet or any of the free gifts? I wrote a check for a special $5.99 for better homes and family circle which included a cookbook-slow cooker cookbook and storage solutions but Have not received anything yet.

  21. I need a new piston (08RI) for my semi-oval trash can (VA41021A) (45 Liter). Purchased at Wal Mart.

    I have called and E-mailed the #s listed on the can and have had no response.

    I don’t mind paying for a new piston.

    This is very disappointing, I purchased this item because the Better Homes & Garden name was on it and you have always been known for quality.

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