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  1. Purchased a BHG Didn’t even use a year They sent a new part but it quit working again They don’t sell this grill anymore Now after spending $250 on that one, we need to buy another Wasted money Thought their products were good

  2. I can not enter your sweepstakes. I do all that I have always done and then it shows a loading sign and it stays that way. Be nice to be able to get into this again.

  3. I did order Country Gardens Magazine and have not received it yet. I paid my bill in December and I received another invoice. I was to get a book also which I have not received. I paid for this also. Please CANCEL my subscription and return my Check’s! I am very disappointed with your magazine as I was looking forward to the magazine.

  4. I was online looking at your vertical replacement slats, I have a picture of mine front and back and was looking for an email a dress I could send it to

  5. I just started receiving the magazine Better Homes and Garden. I DID NOT order this magazine. I DO NOT want to be charged for this magazine in which I did not purchase. This company does not have any pertinent information concerning me, credit card etc.

  6. I renewed my subscription, my daughter in laws, started a new subscription for my daughter and other daughter in law. Sent you the check on 9-21-2015 and it cleared my bank on 10-02-2015. None of us have got our magazine. WHY!!!!!! When I call customer service I was told they had been sent that someone in my house hold must be getting the mail. Not happening. I’m the only one who has a key to my PO Box. My Daughter Lives alone. Point is you have not sent the magazine.

  7. On July 11th, 2015, I sent by mail my check # 3133 (which you have already cashed) for $11.98 as per your promotion of 2 years and 3 free gifts. 

    As of today, September 20th, 2015, I have not received a magazine or a gift.

    Thank you for your prompt attention.

  8. I sent by mail my check on 8-22-2015 # 965 wichich you have already cashed for $15 per your promotion of 2 years,.Igot Renewal Request again on 9-7-2015 .Why B.H.G.sent me second notice of course iside is bill on $15.

  9. I love your magazine. I was excited to get the deal for $11.98 with gifts. My check was also cashed 7.17.15 and I still have not received anything as of today’s date.

    Can someone help???

  10. Trying to contact BHG is such a hassle, why do you not have a customer service phone number in your magazine?

    I recently received your magazine of which I DID NOT ORDER. It was extremely difficult to find your Customer Service mailing address in the BHG magazine as it is printed next to the binding of the magazine in very small print (font size 0) and is very difficult to read, not a good way to help the customer.

  11. Apparently….I am NOT the ONLY customer that is having “issues” regarding NOT receiving “issues” / “offers” that have been paid for. I, too, fell victim to the “great offer”…which becomes NOT SO GREAT if you don’t receive what you’ve paid for / was advertised. On 7-18-2015…..I placed an order (Online) for this SPECIAL DEAL….which included a FULL YEAR of BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS —- and —— A full year of FAMILY CIRCLE. . In addition….the ‘flyer’ indicated that I would also receive “3 FREE GIFTS” (1) ALL-TIME FAVORITES Cookbook (2) SLOW COOKER FAVORITES COOKBOOK …..and (3) BEST-EVER STORGE SOLUTIONS Book.

    Well… of today, 9-23-2015,,,,,, the only items I have received are 2 issues of FAMILY CIRCLE (September and October). What is the problem with these orders not be filled properly and on a timely basis? THANK YOU – in advance – for “taking care of business” and sending everyone what they ordered / paid for!

  12. I was online looking at your vertical replacement slats, I have a picture of mine front and back and was looking for an email a dress I could send it to

  13. On July 10th, I sent your a check for a 2 yr. subscription plus 2 free gifts, check cleared my bank and I still have not received an issue of BHG or the free gift? What gives. I also sent to e-mails in regards to this issue and have not received a response to them. I would appreciate some type of feed-back. Wondering whats going on.

  14. On July 16 ordered 2 year and receive 1 free year for a total of 3 years , check cleared July 20 it’s now sept 19 and still no magazine is this a ripoff or what. If you can’t send me the magazine send me my money back !!!!!!!!!!!!

    I guess i’ll contact The Better Business Bureau

  15. I tried to pay for a book at your sure but was unable to do so. It would not recognize my account number. Therefore I sent a check to pay. I am still getting notices to pay $9.08, which I assume must be a late fee, which I would have incurred beacause of being unable to pay online. Still can’t login, so guess you will have to wait til I can get to post office to purchase stamps, then wait for delivery to your address. Poor customer service and no phone numbers available. Very poor. I won’t be ordering again.

  16. Well, I’ve been looking for a phone number, and alas, there seems to be none; I really like your magazine, but due to the fact that I was receiving so many renewal notices in the past few months, I apparently ordered it twice, both in my name, and now I erroneously get two each month, which perhaps you should send to some of these folks missing their issues (listed above).

    I sent a letter by mail (3) months ago, and since then have continued getting the two magazines; there is only me; so I really would like to get just the one. I simply give the other away. Doesn’t your renewal dept know how to check, before they simply send more? It seems like it should be a really SIMPLE activity, and one that should occur every time a renewal is sent it….what say you? (Can you afford an extra phone line, so I can talk to a live person?

  17. WOW! A lot of complaints about customer service! I simply want to congratulate BHG on their wonderful cookbooks.. (and a useable website that doesn’t waste time ‘loading’ with ads)……but did have a somewhat difficult time locating a way to contact the company. After having recently tried 4 recipes from another well-known cookbook company ….all had major problems with the recipes (wrong flour, way too much of an ingredient called for (sugar or an entire box of lasagne noodles rather than the 12 needed), wrong pan size, and recipe(s) which simply did not work when ingredients were combined – I’d swear one was developed by a preschooler – add lots of sugar and candy and bake it!! )….and after scouring dozens of other cookbooks, I have again turned to BHG for recipes I can count on. I recall my mother’s well worn ‘red and white checkered’ cookbook from the 50’s/60’s. I still use some of those recipes. Recently obtained a used copy of the 2001 Easy Everyday Recipes – and found the recipes ‘doable’ (readily available ingredients – and that ‘made sense’ when perused – the combo of ingredients ‘matches’ one’s expectations; great tips, few pre-packaged/processed foods called for; and recipes that don’t ‘break the budget’). Also found a very old (1963 ?) book ‘Cooking for Two” (?) that someone had given a couple as a wedding present – it was a trip down memory lane, with a glimpse into the expectations of a homemaker during that era. It not only ‘taught’ the beginner cook but also included recipes for anticipated leftovers! Thanks for the great customer service put into your books!

  18. Stars would be 0 I am recieving a book I do not want. I am not going to pay to return it I need a return label I called a customer service number someone said I am sorry I can’t help you. I want off this list you should be ashamed. This was a good company at one time but now the customer service is somewhere off shore and the help is rude and not helpful. I spent the better part of the morning trying to communicate either online or on the phone this is frustrating.

  19. Hello – I have been receiving invoices month after month for some kind of a CELEBRATE THE SEASON. I did not receive such a thing and am not paying for it. I returned yet another invoice just yesterday stating again that I am not paying for something I did not receive. NOW, JUST today, fed ex arrived and delivered a package to my husband and the INVOICE states, “CELEBRATE THE SEASON” Again,. I am not paying for it. I did NOT order it. DO NOT sell my e mail address or send me promos. I DO NOT WANT ANYTHING.

  20. I am very unhappy that a magazine that I have enjoyed so much in past years (as has my mother and my daughter via gift subscriptions in the past from me) is lacking in respectable customer service today! I see I am not alone concerning the issue of sending a check for a two year subscription, with extra benefits to be included, and I have yet to receive ANYTHING! I am just thankful that I did not renew any of the gift subscriptions at the same time, that I have given in the past!

    We sent our personal check # 1727, in the amount of $11.98, on July 17, 2015, for a 2 year subscription. The check was cashed by BH&G, quickly. In addition, I sent a notification prior to moving to a new city last spring (2015) but that change was never adjusted to my then current subscription. The US Post Office forwarded my May magazine (two months later) to my new address! That was the last issue I received.

    When the “come back now” statement came, I decided to take advantage of the offer to see if maybe I should start fresh with my new address, but I am now concerned that I may never receive another BH&G magazine again!

    Please advise ASAP how BH&G plans to resolve this issue. I await your response. I would have liked to have a phone number so I could speak to someone directly, but I was never able to locate a direct phone number.

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