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  1. Ordered subscription three months ago. Received (1) one magazine. Sent payment for subscription as requested. Yet to receive any magazine or information from your company. What gives ??

  2. Please discontinue sending me Magazines. These magazines are the result of another promotional offer that I cancelled and was told that the magazines will be cancelled.

    I never received the promotional offer and I don’t intend to pay 1 cent for this magazine

  3. I have a old cook book that has the index missing , how can I get a new index and new tabs that separate the sections

  4. I have nitified you several times that I do not want to renew the subxcription to Better Homes and Gardens, but I keep getting magazines. Please stop sending them. I do not know when the subxcription runs out and cannot understand the mailing codes.

  5. After receiving numerous requests to renew my subscription that doesn’t expire until November of this year, I decided to go ahead and renew just to get the mail to stop. I even was going to go ahead and pay for it on line. Something happened when the credit card info was entered and the payment was not made…..for a renewal that will not start until November 2013. Now I have been getting dunning emails and letters saying that my account needs to be paid. I have tried to send an email to customer service, but each time I try to send, I get an error message that it was not sent. If anyone from BHG reads this, then please just cancel that renewal. My account is paid through November and I expect to receive the magazines til then. If I want to continue, I will renew later.

  6. I have called customer service regarding a subscription that was offered as part of a promotion through Walmart when purchasing a tv stand. I mailed the subscription in october,and did not receive an issue. I called customer service in december, and the csr told me I would receive my first issue in march of 2013, and my last issue in february of 2014. It IS MARCH of 2013,and Iam STILL WAITING! Very poor customer service!

  7. I have a credit with you all because a few years ago I subscribed and then I had an offer to receive my issue along with sharing for 2 friends. I chose to do the latter so I would like to take my credit and put it towards the same subscription I’ve had for the past couple of years. How do I go about doing that?

  8. i purchased 12 piece set of your tuscan design dinnerware. the pieces say dishwasher safe and microwave safe and that pieces may get hot. however i have had 3 dinner plates crack in micro and one fell apart so maybe they are not micro safe can you send me new plates to replace them thank you for your time

  9. We are looking for replacement chair cushions for patio table and chair set. The chair back is rounded at the top and we cannot find any that would match online looking at BHG website. Does such a cushion exist?

  10. No problems with Customer Service. Without responding to Accnt# request, it directed me to a live representative. Pretty quick response time. Thank you.

  11. I just contacted their customer service. In order to get thru the automated service and talk to a real person you need to speak in a way the machine won’t understand you. Having an accent helped me in similar situations.:) Anyway, the customer service rep. was very nice and helpful. She changed my address and I hope I will get that magazine soon.

  12. nearly impossible to get customer service numbers and to registar after buying a gift subscription and being sent two and charged for two . finally go some one to cancel one and was told they would call back but did not still being charged for two and can not cancel

  13. Why is it so difficult to change my mailing address. I’ve been all over the place

    just trying to give my new address. Such a simple thing made so difficult. I give up!

  14. well i order the magazine in june and to receive 2 free cook books and called the is there no. and they said it would be after sept8 of this year before it arrives. 🙁 NOT HAPPY!

  15. I wanted to change my address and have called for two days to 800-374-4244 and the phone rings and rings and NO ONE ANSWERS. It is very frustrating for me to use my lunch time to get a voice on the phone. What is happening to Better Homes and Gardens magazine staff? Are you still in business? Loosing Lunch in Lakewood

  16. Poor service. I was the winner in a BHG wreath contest in 2011. I sent several emails asking why no one followed up with me. I was supposed to get something in the mail which qualified me for the $250. NO response. Terrible!

    Notice that your subscription renewals/invoices come with NO phone number to ask questions.

  17. I have had this magazine subscription forever!! Now I need your help please :0)

    We believe in the early spring 2010 issues of BHG one of your articles was a home this parents had, and their architecture son changed the appearanceof the entire front of the home. I need to find that 2010 magazine very badly. We purchased a home several months before this BHG issue came out, and we wanted to make some of the changes to our new home that their son the architect, had made to their home. I drug this magazine every day for months, until it came time to move in~~and the magazine issue has dissappeared.

    can you all look up the month and article for us. I purchased one BHG from ebay,hoping that issue was what we needed, but it was the wrong copy. Please help~~please.



  18. Dear Sir/madam,

    As I mension below the transaction number while doing the payment is .please see the attachment where I have subscripted on line while doing the payment and please revert back to me as soon as possible and want to know when are you going to dispatched the magazine

    Name of subscriber: Rupali kevin shah

    Product Name: better homes and gardens magazine

    subscription amount: Rs 800 (1 year)

    contact no :

  19. Called BHG and they gave me 877-877-1235 M-F 9-5 EST as a customer rep for the englewood Heights outdoor patio line. If anyone is having majpor issues with their material / fabric rotting away after mere weeks please call them!

  20. I have purchased a better homes and gardens silver 10 cup food processor and did not get an owners manual i was wondering how i could obtain one

  21. Will NEVER NEVER buy BHG furniture again!! Bought the Autumn Lane farmhouse table in black less than a year ago and 2 of the chairs are already cracked!! We can’t even sit in them! Thank goodness someone posted the phone number (just recently) that I could contact. They gave me another number to call which only dealt with patio furniture (this guy was really rude). I tried another number I randomly found online and they couldn’t help but were super nice. WHO CAN I CONTACT AT BHG TO GET THIS FIXED???!! SOOOOO frustrating!! :/

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