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  1. Still waiting for my BeterHomes and GArden Magazine, which I ordered plus free gift. What is the issue. To bad i am still waiting. I will comment as many times as I want

  2. On Jan 1st/2018 I paid $12.00 for subscription to Better Homes & Gardens, where I was promised the sub three free gifts. My check #2414(Cu.#)005471416015 cleared my account on Jan 19/2018 yet I am still waiting for the magazine or the free gifts. I have put 2 names myself and my daughter, not sure which name was used for the subscription. Thanks P V-F

    1. I am still waiting to hear from Better Homes and Gardens, please let me know what is going on. Will I be receiving the magazine and the free gifts?

  3. I like to request to stop sending those magazines that i never request,, please,,

    i dont like to have any of those,, pleaseeeeeeeeeeee……..

  4. I Ordered A Magazine OnCreditCard Amd Then My Name Was Turned IntoN.S.A.This Was A Threating Letter. I Paid ThisAnd Do Not Appreciate These Letter. If THIS Contitues PLEASE NOT Send Anything Else TO This Address

  5. My son bought the tall square table and four stools from Walmart for his kitchen. The table is only used a couple times a week. The screws keep falling out of the seats on the chairs. Also the seat covering showed wear on the edges after a very short time. I need to recover them already and he has only used them about 4 months.

  6. I bought a King size sheet set @ Wal-Mart, washed the bedding before placing on the bed. Only to discover that I received a Queen size fitted sheet packaged with a king size flat sheet and pillowslips. Have called every 800 number that I can find for BH&G, with no luck @ all. Have not had a response from emails sent either. Needless to say I will never buy another product that they market in the stores, or from the magazines. This company does not stand behind their products @ all!

  7. Just bought one of your “floating” picture frames. A great idea that works really well. Now the snarky sarcastic part. Thank you for reminding me how much I love cleaning tape and sticker glue off display glass before I can use it. I am content in the thought that the hour I spent cussing your marketing and packaging people was like a dagger to their hearts.

  8. No phone or payment address anywhere on the invoice (I always throw out the envelopes that come with it because I use online payment options). I’m very frustrated that it has been so hard to send in a payment. I think I will get a money order instead of giving them my account information….and I’ll just have to wait until they bill me again.

  9. I did not find the 2013 Christmas Cookbook to my liking so I sent it back. Paid postage to the return address. After getting repeated bills for the cookbook , I sent both Meredith and the Better Homes another request to cancel the cookbook offer. I recorded the mailing shipment information and the request to be canceled. I stopped getting the billings, however, on my front porch was another package for the 2014 Christmas cookbook. ?????? I did not order it or accept the shipment. Since it has a USPS tacking number I will reject the package. I will not be responsible for any more packages sent to me by Meredith. No is No. Cancel account #10018196708.

  10. I recently bought a bathroom tumbler at Walmart in Menomonee Falls, Wi. Your sticker with the bar code was stuck to the bottom of the tumbler which is rubber coated. In peeling off the sticker edges of the rubber coating got gouged. The bar code is 040 $8.68. It is Walmart’s error nor is the product defective. It comes from stupidity. Could you please mail me a replacement tumbler without the sticker or refund my money plus 5.6% tax (additional 49 cents).

    Thanking you in advance.


  11. My mother, who is 81 years old, just received a recipe book that she THOUGHT was a free gift due to your blatantly deceptive advertising aimed at taking advantage of the elderly. If I hadn’t gone by her house and noticed it she would have eventually been billed over $38 at some point in the future. I find your predatory practices intended to confuse and abuse the elderly reprehensible. I will take the time out of my busy day to return this book and I demand that Better Homes and Gardens cease and desist this predatory practice of abusing the elderly with their fraudulent marketing schemes.

  12. Called to change my address. No problem, did it over the phone. Had the hardest time trying to find a phone number. Sometimes you want to talk to sonmeone.

  13. The most annoying part of calling BHG is the WAITING on line to get a live person to talk to. I waited 12 minutes and it felt like FOREVER! However, once I got the person…….

    he handled my problem very quickly. I was very pleased with that.

  14. I purchased a laundry cart at Walmart by BHG. Nice style, just completely incapable of supporting any laundry. Within the first week, the scews were completely stripped and the cart is falling apart. Shame on BHG for releasing a piece of crap like this into the market. You’ve lost credibility and will continue to lose market share if you continue to produce product that lacks quality.

  15. I could not find a telephone # to call Better Homes and Gardens anywhere in the magazine, bill or your website. I finally located it on the Internet and called. I was finally connected to a real person and she very nicely helped me with my problem. I wish that the telephone number were on your bill and/or your website.


  16. I sent my renewal by check on 9/3/2013. It has not come through my bank and I keep getting renewal offers. I need to know if this has been received.

  17. You sent me two Celebrate the Season books. One was billed at $35.27 and one at $21.77. I mailed you a check for $21.77 and have returned the $35.27 book. It cost me $7.00 in postage to return. I am not happy. Both books showed the same account number 10003241238. This is very aggravating and next year I plan to refuse the book at the post office. I currently have a subscription plus three gift subscriptions.

  18. Very Nice spoke to Ashley,

    just Hope I start getting the magazine,I haven’t gotten one since

    ordering it 6 months ago,said she would take care of it,I’m giving

    a good rating for her being so nice and all,but I hope I get the

    magazines now.


  19. Phone Number 1-800-374-4244 for Better Homes and Gardens via @share this It’s about time . all you can find and still haven’t received,my 2 cookbooks for free gifts with paid order You can’t get a hold of anyone unless you want a phone number, nothing. I;m very diss pointed for such a reputable acct. number is112xxx9039. It said while supplies last, but than they mailed me a 2nd offer with the same 2 cookbooks.They were suppose to be birthday gifts for may, not Sept. what;s going on? The whole reason I i ordered the magazine was to get those phone numbers 85xxx73x87. if I don’t receive them i think I deserve a refund, it say’s satisfaction 100% guaranteed. My email is Frustrating , Hutchinson

  20. Better Homes & Gardens took care of my issue in just a few minutes.

    Just needed to change my address. Was on hold for about 5 mins wating for customer service rep. Rep was very helpful and took less than a minute to make the changes to my account. 🙂

  21. Am on hold for the second time, ( 6 minutes and holding)the first time I got a man that told me that he was not who I needed = he gave me another phone number – I called the number four different times and kelp getting a beeping sound. Am calling back to see if I can get another number. Also complained to him about number not being published on the bill and not being able to find it on the internet. He told me not his problem, to write a letter to the editor. NOT IMPRESSED. Have reached second person. She was nice. Gave me the second number told me she would pass on to editor. Have called the book division. had sent back book and had not received credit. She told me that she would credit bill. We will see. Not a happy customer.

  22. You know, I suscribed to BHG for recipes and decorating ideas. The August 2013 issue has a picture on the cover with title “great style for less” subtitle “87 budget decorating ideas”. Good luck trying to locate the print coverlet and shams. You noted that they were “Peajerk Alley” but I can’t find any retailer online that currently offers them for sale and in my opinion, they were never “budget” or “great style for less”. I was excited about a new decorating project but am now so irritated tha I’m not renewing my subscription.

  23. I believe I have the same patio table and chair set. My cushions are fine, but the brackets that attach the table top to the base have broken. I would like to get replacements, but it doesn’t sound like is possible after reading the other reviews. I don’t think I will purchase anymore BHG products.

  24. I have tried and tried to reach someone at Better Homes and Gardens to replace parts for our outdoor swing, so I wrote a letter with part numbers and all the information they needed to contact me or bill me and nothing not a call or a letter, nothing. one more try and I will buy from another manufacturer. these notes from others is not a good thing for the company, they had better look at what they are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to their name. good product but terrible service and communications.

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