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BFGoodrich? tires have a limited warranty,* which covers defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original usable tread, or for 6 years from the date of purchase, whichever occurs first.

BF GOODRICH Corporate Customer Service Address

P.O. Box 19001
Greenville, SC 29602-9001

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12 Replies to “BF Goodrich”

  1. I bought a 2019 Chevy Silverado
    High Country truck!
    I only have 1200 my on it an the back drivers side tired blew on the freeway! BF Goodrich does not stand by there product! Why do these car manufactures like GM does not stand behind what they put on there vehicles! Something needs to be done about this!!

  2. very difficult getting any satisfaction

    disrespected just now by an agent at the #


    I express my self with clarity and got no response from your rep.

    He in fact hung up on me!

  3. Not happy at all I have a set of your mud terrain tires and I was going up north and the tires lost all its tread and smashed the whole bed of my truck and exhaust

  4. Dear Sir/Madam:

    I have a question regarding tire wear. I have been suing BF Goodrich tires for years and swear by them. They are great. The ones I have in question are no exception. The tires I have are Traction T/A P215/60R16 and this is my question. The sipe in the center is showing about 1/32″ while the sides are about 1/8 “. I follow the tire pressure requirements closely and regularly. My question is whether the sipe in the center is expected to diappear sooner than the sides or is it the same depth as the sides? I appreciate your attention and response. Thanks,

    Jack Henry

  5. I am totally disappointed in your product and your lack of standing behind the product that is now useless to me and believe I will advertise this dissatisfaction with my own money and time. Just like the money you eagerly received less than a year ago on a set of new LT mud series tires that have worn down to less than half their thread height. I am a hard working military veteran who asked a company that in the past I have strictly used your product. I hoped you would at least stand behind your product…but at 35% of the value is not getting my semi-new tires replaced…so thank you for the past service I have received. Plus, this is not the only forum I plan to promote your continued service…

  6. We purchased 6 BF Goodrich tires for our motorhome in September 2011 from Big O Tires in Colorado Springs CO. purchased the protection plan. Long story short with 4,000 miles had a double blowout on the right side tires Saturday in Albuquerque, NM Had to purchase 2 new ones from Discount Tire. Discount took the rubbish for us. We had no idea we would need them to get the plan to help us. We had our original receipt anjd the new one from Discount to show the purchase. Went to Big o,they said we are sorry but we need to have the tires to give back to BF. We had no way to carry all that rubbish the rest of our trip here to Colorado Springs. A reply to this messaGE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. Hoping some help from you the manufacturer. Sincerely Robert & Lorraine Dodd.

  7. I bought a 2007 Shelby the BF goodrich tires that I need are a slow prduction tire they arent even making them for 4 weeks this is the best tire for this car if you have a shelby you may have to waite 3 months to buy tires this is a crock of crap customer service is the same


  9. Purchased a new 2010 toyota tacoma 4 wh dr. Truck came with (265-70 R 16 bfg tires rugged trail). Tires rotated by dealer every 5000 miles. At 23000 miles the tire tread is almost gone plus all 4 tires are splitting between the two outside treads the full cirstufffrence of each of the tires & all four tires are showing deep cracks between the sidewalls & the tread. I am a retired police officer. This is a very unsafe tire. Toyota dealer refuses to stand behind the tire problem, referring me to bfg. Now have to replace all tires at my expense, (NO BFG TIRE EVER AGAIN ) . Will notify all friends of this danger to their life & familys lives due to defective tires. Unable to contact a BFG company rep. Intend to retain tires and will contact consumer affairs with the state of VA.

  10. I bought a 2008 ford f-350 lariat dually with b.f. goodrich t.a. Tires on it. The truck currently has 16,000

    miles on it. The tires have so many cracks or the sidewalls they look like fish scales with long deep cracks around the truck rim. I have never seen anything this sorry in my life. Have older trucks in barn that are no longer used on road with tires 15 to 20 years old that don’t look anywhere close to these crappie things. The biggest thing that surprises me is Michelin Tire company owns b.f. goodrich. If you want to put your life in severe danger, buy goodrich t.a. tires.

  11. I just bought 6 new BF Goodrich tires (245 75 R17) for my husbands F350 4×4…on Oct.5,2014, the tires were mounted on Oct.9,2014 …..on Oct.13,2014 on his way back from Yorktown, Tx…near Three Rivers his front right tire blew out from the side wall….just a big gaping hole….damaged the rim (est. cost $800) and lost the hub cap (est. cost $100)….I bought these tires at Discount Tire in Corpus Christi, TX….Discount Tire has no problem replacing the tire BUT WHO’S GONNA PAY FOR THE RIM AND CAP???…The whole point of buying new tires is so you don’t have to worry about something like this….Not much confidence in these BF Goodrich anymore!! Please contact me to discuss my extra expenses due to your defective tire….!!!

  12. We own a 2013 Tundra – it came with BF Goodrich rugged terrain T/A RFT type- we have owned it for 14 months and it has only 18,066 miles- we driving on interstate 10.- our back passenger tire started smoking – we pulled over- the wall of tire looked like it had a huge elongated hole like the tire blew out on the side- we were n shock / this is ridiculous- as soon as we get back home we getting ur other 3 tires taken off our truck and we will NEVER EVER buy your tires again! I would really like a representative from ur company to contact me!

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