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  1. WHAT IS GOING ON ” with my power going out ” ALL THE TIME “?

    Our neighbors on our road east of my house, never ever loose power. Everyone from my house west, have lost power so many times, I’ve lost count!!! This has been going on since I moved to this location 7 years ago! Last week, there was no wind, no storm, nothing. Yet the power went out while I was shaving for work. Instant darkness!!! We’ve lost power during thanksgiving dinner preperations. I just don’t understand how it could always be from my house on!!! I do know that their has been some new homes built east of me, 3 to be exact. But you would think that by code, sufficient energy should have been supplied to these new homes. My electric bill has been paid in full and on time since my power was turned on 7 years ago. NEVER HAVE “I” BEEN COMPENSATED FOR ALL THE INCONVENIANCE MY FAMILY HAS HAD TO DEAL WITH EVERYTIME THE POWER GOES OUT!!! This is the 21st century, GET IT RIGHT, could ya????????

  2. Terrible service, my mistake I paid to the wrong account, called them immediately and was told to wait 2 days for it to show up and they could move it over, no problem. It’s been 14 days and I keep getting different answers whenever I call, still not moved.

  3. Well, now BGE, once known for stellar customer service, has joined the ranks of all the other companies where you cannot reach a real live person: instead, you must go on the internet and leave comments. What if I did not have a computer? What would those poor people do???

    I have a concern about my electricity supplier. Last year, when I needed to talk with a real person, I thought I signed up for BGE as a supplier. That doesn’t appear to be the case.

    Since this is time sensitive, I really do need to speak with someone at BGE.

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