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  1. I am trying to return a calendar I received but did not order and do not want. The site your statement suggests does not have the info I need. Please advise.

    1. I received diabetic living book,holiday cooking vol 8 on Saturday, dec.1, 2018. I did not order this book. I want to return it. do not send any more books to me. Cancel my order.
      Sonja Robinson account#10026299163

  2. I rec’d Hometown Cooking Cookbook & free bonus gift & paid for it but this is the last time I’m paying for something I don’t remember ordering. Please take me off your mailing list as I am 82 yrs & don’t cook much anyway. Next time I will keep the book & return invoice marked “will not pay as did not order!” Thank you

  3. I want to return the American Patchwork & Quilting Calendar2019 and American Patchwork & Quilting Pattern Booklet 2019
    My account number is: 8888888241528.
    Give me further instructions.

  4. notice your book has a advertiment every other page. rename it better advertment and more. wife get your book . i sure will never get it it is so silly. u got to be a liberal.llove and kisses.

  5. Received a packet of bookazines that I did not request nor do I wish to keep them. I have returned invoice with cancel on it. As for the bookazine return, the company should send a call tag to come pick up. I should not have to go thru the task ( of which is hard to understand ) of returning items not orders. Thank you.

  6. I am trying to return the bh&g ‘Celebrate the Season’ book that I did not ask for. The bh&g site is only about purchasing, mag subscriptions, etc…no real customer service that I can contact about a return label. On the invoice it says to enter ‘’ for return instructions but it’s just a label that I print and I pay for returning the book!

  7. We are a local fire department and trying to buy 50 sets of the following:

    Better Homes & Gardens

    300 Thread Count Twin Sheet Set

    Light School Grey

    Walmart #557363048

    Can you confirm that these are in stock?

  8. My wife and I are considered, (locally, at least), “gourmet” cooks, loving to entertain; for groups up to 40 or so. However many issues, culminating with the December 2012 issue are a waste of paper. My wife and I went through over 100 pages before finding what appeared to be an article! Then another 40 pages to a recipe!

    Fiveteen pages later we found a (sort of) interesting recipe!

    Not only have we dropped our subscription, I have WORKED at sending their corporate office something like this email!

    (Have you looked at their masthead or website to finds a web address? They don’t WANT reader input!)

    Sure wonder why advertisers buy into this POS.

  9. My mom bought me a set of 700 count sheets for my bed. The sheet are 50% cotton and 50% polyester and are not comfortable at all. 700 count should not be scratchy to the skin at, tried washing them a few times but that did not help.not I do not want another pair of sheet from BHG.

  10. Ihave been trying for two weeks to cancel my gift subscription to BHG magazine!I get the

    runaround at each web site. My daughter gave me this as a gift, I am no longer interested in this magazine, to much junk and not a lot of substance.

  11. For several years, Better Homes and Gardens has been my favorite subscription! Lately, I’ve noticed that the content is becoming more and more like other magazines (ie: health, diet, food recipes, gift body care products,etc.) I receive enough of these articles in the other magazines I subscribe to. I have always enjoyed the garden pictorials and home furnishing remodels, suggestions, etc. which have made BHG unique from other periodicals. I hope that you would consider returning to your previously highlighted topics in order to retain your long-term, loyal customers. Thank you for your consideration. LQBQle

  12. I have called customer service for 2days concerning a Christmas tree I bought . This probably is not the right place to comment on this,but where is the right place and /or the right telephone number. Customer service means helping(serving) the customers at this rate you may not have any customers to serve I do subscribe to BHG magazine, but i am rethinking my decision on that!

  13. You sent me an invitation for a friend to receive a subscription for $5.00. I sent you a check and the persons name that was to receive the magazine. Now I have received a bill for $5.43. What happened to the check I sent you??? It still hasn’t cleared the bank and I am closing that account out. I can’t do it till that check clears because I don’t want to get an NSF fee.

  14. I received an offer to give a free subcription to someone and I did. With the offer came a free offer (I thought!) of All-Time Favorites Cookbook for 2013. Since then I have rec’d two mailings urging me to pay $19.95 for a cookbook I ordered. I cannot believe you are requesting that much money for this 32 page soft sided cookbook. There must be some mistake?

  15. i would really like to speak to some one about cancelling the subscription that i have to this magazine of which i cannot recall submitting to in the first place. I have been receiving these magazines for the longest which i have been ignoring since i didn’t order any,but now i have come to realize that these magazines requires a payment. I do not even Know how i ended up with these magazines because they are of no use to me. please contact me by email so i can get this of my back , thank you.

  16. I have been buying your annual Christmas Cookie Magazine since 1992 and have always looked forward to adding a new recipe to my cookie baking. I always eagerly await the magazine to hit the stands in October. This morning I bought my magazine and I have to tell you – I am very disappointed. I haven’t even looked inside it yet. I was amazed at how much it cost!! 9.99??? At Wal-Mart??? I’m sorry but I won’t be buying it next year. That is just too much money for a magazine. Had I realized the price before I added it to my purchases – I wouldn’t have bought it. Very Disappointed.

  17. On June 26,2013, I renewed my subscription for an additional 2 years with a “promise” of a “Free All-Time Favorites 2013 Cookbook”.

    I paid for my subscription, which was processed, on 7/26/13.

    As of today, October 4, 2013, I have not received my free cookbook. Please advise to status. Thanks JR Benson

  18. I ordered your magazine (a two year subscription) and the two free cookbooks. My check cleared my bank on 7/26/13 but I have never received a single issue. It is now September 27th. I can’t find a phone number anywhere to be able to talk to someone! I have tried finding info on my account through your website, but keep getting switched to all the different departments to order from. I want my subscription, but if it impossible for you to do, then please send me a check for $11.98.

  19. I paid a good amount of money for what I thought would be a good garlic press. It has been used less than 5 times and is completely broken. I will not buy anything that says BHG on it ever again. I can’t find any way to contact BHG to let them know how inferior their product is.

  20. Did not receive Sept issue of magazine. Sent in three Email requests for assistance, with no replies. Oh wait, I received one reply inviting me to subscribe!?! WHAT?

    why dont they have an actual phone number?

    This is pretty pitiful.

  21. My complaint is about the paint! We bought a five gallon bucket of this brand and painted out whole house and it keeps peeling off the wall. And we used primer!!!!

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