1-800-444-8124, Inc. is an online auctioneer of jewelry, art and collectibles. Bidz offers outstanding value for its products through a highly entertaining interactive auction format. The Company requires only a $1 minimum opening bid. Its auctions continue until all bids are received.

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  1. Some time ago, I do not know when, I purchased on auction a men’s Seiko Quartz watch with day and date window with it looks lIke S2 just above the line for 6. On the back are the numbers 652839. Also it says WATER RESISTANT BASE METAL ST. STEEL BACK 5H23 8029 [M]. It stopped working so I took it to a local watch repair for a new battery and the owner told me the battery was old and had leaked. The leaking battery damaged the watch and does not run. Is there anything that can be done? I have purchased many items from Bidz in the past.

    Please help me if you can.

  2. I missed out on a 1 by Invvicta number 256670425 watch for $69.00 dollars. Can I purchase this watch on my own for $69.00 dollars? How do I go about buying it?

  3. i purchased a ring as well almost 2 months ago i want my ring too… why do i have to complain to get my paid in full purchase JULIE

  4. Dear Sir,

    What’s going on with my Order you block me to login in the website.

    I am Suspecting Fool Play, I have to contacting Pay Pal for this if I don’t

    hear from you soon, I don’t know why you should block me for login.

    thanks yours,

    Churchill Ogbudike.

  5. I purchased a ring on 2-17-14 it is now 3-6-14 and i still don’t have the ring.What is going on? This is the 2nd time this has happen.

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