Bill Me Later


Bill Me Later lets users pay without using a credit card. At checkout, simply provide your birthday and the last four digits of your social security number, accept the terms and your purchase is complete. It’s that easy! There are no codes to find or account numbers to remember.

Bill Me Later Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

PO Box 2394
Omaha, NE 68103-2394

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14 Replies to “Bill Me Later”

  1. I am having a time trying to log into my account, do not remember password, and the only way I can get help is to log on my account. How can I when I do not remember my password. can a real person please help. If not, I will cancel my account.

  2. I have not received my product I order from eBay and I’m trying to get my stuff I see the charge but I haven’t received anything can you tell me what’s going on if I don’t received anything then that charge need to come off I order this on the 18th of Dec 2013

  3. If you wait about 60 seconds after the request to enter your phone # or account #, a CR will come on the line. Josh was unhelpful and said they (BML) does not have any records for the fraudulent attempts to open accounts with them. Odd since they mailed me a letter with the reference # of the fraud attempt.

  4. Do not us this company. Nothing but problems and “we will call you back.” But they continue to do nothing. Do not do their promotions…………Customer service is a joke

  5. I failed to put my account number on the payment of $15.00 dollars I sent in around the 26th of June. I see the check has come through my checking account. Did you apply it to my bill? Please answer and let me know if you received my payment. Thank You, Doris Slawson

  6. I am the victim of identity theft. In the mail today – April 12, 2014 – I received a letter from Comenity Capital Bank c/oBill Me Later. They did deny a purchase at Apple.

    Please realize that this is one more effort to use my information.

    Please call if there is more problems.

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