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  1. Customer service is manned by an automated system. No human contact and no way to reach a live rep. Worst customer service ever.DO NOT USE BILL ME LATER!!!!!

  2. 0.

    I am trying to get an address where to send my payment in full. I cannot find my account

    number. I wish to pay my bill in full within the first 30 days and cannot find the correct address to send it to. Can you please send me my account number and password?

  3. Hi, Atention Customer Service in May 26 /12 I did a payment of $300.00 in my new statement show me the quanity $1573.25 I would like why no reflect my last payment? should be $ 1273.25 DLLS. in total thank you.

  4. My name is Cindy Manley. I just tried to open an account. It was denied. Could you please check into this for me. My phone number is or email me at

    Thank you,

  5. Called the number for BillMeLater – voiced my dispute. Was told that this was NOT BillMeLater and the person transferred me to that CustomerService.

    The original error was mine —I received eMail about billing.

    Was waiting for the SnailMail billing.

    It finally came — past due.

    Promptly called and notified that payment would be made effective the next day.

    That was done.

    In late January was told that the next payment is due 2/21/2012.

    On 2/4/2012 a payment was made that was twice the amount stated.

    On 2/5/2012 purchased an item.

    On 2/6/2012 tried paying using BillMeLater.

    The response back was that was unable to use BillMeLater.

    When I called, BillMeLater acknowledged the payment but said it was an electronic check and would not really clear until 2/8/2012.

    I was also told that there had to be sixty days of waiting before using BillMeLater as I had been behind.

    I reminded the person that the payment for this month was not due until 2/21/2012 but was paid on 2/4/2012 — he said I would still have to wait for sixty days to ensure my being current… although the records indicate such is the case.

    I asked to speak to a Supervisor.

    Within minute the person was back, claiming the Supervisor jotted a note that the problem is the computer and, being Customer Service, they can not do anything…

    When I asked for the Central Office I was told that there is no telephone for that.

  6. I have tried talking to bill me later dozens of times and they are always closed. Somehow they do not have the correct email for me and I can’t talk or email them.

  7. How you got a 5 star overall is a mystery to me. Your service is nothing short of awful. Never dealt with a worse Customer Service Unit. I’ll bet this does not get through the webmaster review.

    Took me forever to get a phone number, your people can’t even give me correct phone numbers or information. Gave one star as it wouldn’t take the minus. I called 5 times, hung on phone each time over 30 minutes, and finally got to SPEAK to someone who could explain things to me.

  8. Just called the 866-528-3733 number, canned choices weren’t getting me what I needed so I hit 0 one time. It took a couple of minutes to connect [lovely soothing elevator music piped through while I waited] but did go through and I spoke with a gentlemen by the name of Alex. I provided him all the requested verification information for my account and he was very prompt in providing me a formal account number, mailing address for payment and helpful tip to ensure it processed correctly. Number was a little difficult to find but was quite impressed with the service once I got though.

  9. why is this so difficult just finding a phone number for ebay or pay pal did anyone ever think of just having it readily available on everyonesmy ebay page why not also why don’t you give the customer the option of giving you the new and correct phone number like when they are calling to help especially since the problem might be with her ebay address so you end up calling a dead number all you have to is add this line is this your correct phone number or has your phone number changed also my biggest beef of all people selling filthy things in the mail ive had problems with bedlinens I wish somebody monitoring paypal or ebay would see some of this stuff advertised as beautiful and brand new what I want help with today is the new get it now pay later I have to call the bak to get the right number and I cant get back to that page it said an error had occurred and I should try later geez help

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