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Birch was the first in its class to deploy its own private IP network utilizing soft switch technology to deliver innovative, high quality, affordable communications services to small & medium business customers.

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  1. Never have i EVER encountered such a rude person calling and soliciting his services such as this remark. Please note:

    He stated and I quote: SHUT UP AND LISTEN…………


  2. My land line has been disconnected because I did not pay the bill on time. And that is my fault, of course. But since you bill in advance, and you disconnected my landline. I did not get the telephone service you have charged for.

    However, I am not able to get into the USPS to purchase stamps, so mailing the payment is not possible.

    I am obviously online, I have been trying to do to pay my bill.

    But all I can do online is sign up to let you debit my account for the bill amount each month. There is not option to pay just the current month’s bill.

    The last time I allowed automatic debits, my account was erroneously debited for ten times as much as I owed. Upon notice, I was told that yes, there was an error; an extra zero was added to the amount debited. But the major problem was that my account was credited, so in essence, my next ten months of service was prepaid!

    Actually, those ten months of free service cost me several hundred dollars in over draft charges, late payments, and many days of inadequate food.

    So if you think that I will ever allow any one to automatically debit my checking account you cannot be more wrong!

    Since I cannot telephone your customer service to pay my bill as I have been doing for years how can I pay?

    Unless I can go online and pay with my debit card, I cannot or will not pay you.

    So this is your fault.; fix this or go without being paid. I can get landline service elsewhere.

  3. Our phone went dead this AM, called Birch waited 30min for someone to pick up. I told them my line was down(as in holding the broken line in my hand) she said I’m going to ping your (tell me if you get a dial tone)!!!!! My wife is on life watch ,it doesn’t work??????? She said it could be today or after 9:00 tomorrow. AM or PM ??????. Not happy at all!!

  4. I have been without phone service for several days. Birch WILL NOT answer the phone when I call to report the outage. I am so sick of hearing the recording! I have been trying for two days, that’s their way of not having to listen to disgruntled customers. ATT I want you back.

  5. My father has been without service for 2 weeks. He is 82 and a shut in, He says he don’t remember signing up with them. They still haven’t fixed his phone. We as his children are doing everything we can via long distance to switch to AT&T , he supposedly has a credit for 6 months. I pray that he doesn’t have a 3 year contract. We just might have a fight on our hands.

  6. If you don’t answer my call soon, I will cry. I’ve been trying to reach you all day. I want to transfer my phone service Please call me at 918

  7. I’ve on been with birth sense 9/20 and as of 9/20 worse mistake ever. Everyone is right don’t F with these people the do not give a damn !!!!!!!!!

  8. Stop calling my damn number When I tell you I don’t want your service don’t hang up in my face you pos. you can shove your service way up yours and carry along. If you’re gonna call my number 20 times a week it shows I don’t need your service So F off

  9. I switched from AT&T and seriously regret it. We are a small non-profit, so every dime saved helps, but honestly, whatever savings we did get are not worth the hassle. And then they tell you, you’re locked into a 3 year contract with them (which I don’t remember them telling me when they “sold” me this service!) and it would be over $1,000 to break the contract! So, it looks like we are stuck with them. We can’t be without phone service, but we have been down all day. Customer service SAID they would be out any time between “now” and 4:00 pm tomorrow (which is a Saturday). And then they quote a “no problem fee” of well over $100 IF they “can’t find a problem.” I am HOPEFUL that they will find a problem, as the customer service rep. said it LOOKED LIKE it was with their equipment, but to be honest, considering the dealings I have had with them so far, I’m not going to hold my breath that a) they come in a timely fashion, or b) that they find the problem.


  11. I wish I could give them a negative 5 stars, horrible customer service, you go online to make changes to your account and enter a service request, and guess what they never get it, you have to call them and are on hold for 30 plus minutes only to be told it will take 7-10 days to make a simple change…..Cbeyond was way better at getting things done. Very dissatisfied with their services and customer support. I have 6 accounts with them and all 6 are looking to switch to another carrier.

  12. we are a small company have been waiting 8 week for 2 lines t o be added we are a birch customer for 2 years they are worst company i have ever seen 8 weeks calling 2 to 3 times daily still no lines one knows whats going on we will have you on buy closing today weve heard that 15 times still no lines will send out a tech or have one call you bingo no calls hows does a company like this stay in bussines i wish they had a office in dallas i would go get some answers or some ass. i rate you—–5stars you suck i would love to call you about this but your service is out most of the time.

  13. Their service sucks. THEY DONT GET THEIR PAYMENTS SO THEY SAY AND THE PAYMENT WAS WIRED TO THEM.The reps are very unpleasant and did care if or when the issue could be resolved.The hold time is too long. As of today switiching companies and will not refer anyone to them.


  14. I would not recommend this company to anyone. For the last 6 months I have had nothing but trouble. These are the rudest people ever. I seriously ask the guy if this was a joke because they would not help me at all. Would not give me the name of their supervisors, told me they were out for the day, in a meeting and that i could not speak to anyone but them. I logged in over an hour trying to talk to someone. Over 562 complaints with BBB. Looking for another service. DUNN.

  15. Birch Communications is slow to resolve problems with our business phone service. They will tell you whatever they can to get you off the line with customer service, but do not follow through with anything. It appears that they are understaffed and undermotivated.

  16. Customer Service leaves a lot to be desired. We have been without our phones 5 days and this is costing us money. All they can tell me is they are busy and are unable to come out and fix our problem. If we had known we would have all these problems we would have and should have stayed with AT & T. We are a business need our phones to work. They should be able to gives us a more definite time as to when the service will be restored even if the problem is the phones itself. The customer service ladies I have talked to have been nice but they can only do so much.

  17. I was a Birch customer for several years until one day they disconnected my phone and then said it was Verizon’s fault. They said Verizon had taken my phone number. Eight days (of phone calls and being on hold with no phone service on my business line ) later, I was able to get my number (that Birch said they didn’t have) to Verizon, and phone service was connected within minutes to Verizon. Now they are billing me for all the time I was disconnected and won’t stop billing me, saying my phone number is theirs even though I am with Verizon, who is rightfully billing me. I am still spending days on hold with this company with no one taking responsibility. When I ask to speak to someone in a higher level position, they put me back on hold and never pick up.

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