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Birchbox Corporate
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13 Replies to “Birchbox”

  1. Ordered a ONE year subscription as a gift. They automatically decided to renew my subscription. So I tried to contact customer service just like I would with a legitimate business. You cannot talk to a person when you dial the customer service number. You must go to their website and SCHEDULE an appointment to talk to a person. What is this? “FLY-BY-NIGHT INDUSTRIES” After reading reviews, fat chance I will actually every get talk to a person! And I can already see they will make it as difficult as possible to get my money back. I am going to contact the Better Business Bureau and the local news station to see if they can provide an investigative report to let future customers know what they are up against.

  2. I have been a subscriber for over four years and in the past they were excellent . In the last few months they have really dropped the ball, orders are half filled, the promo coupon codes that you order products with are not filled. There has been a lot of bait and switch and deceptive billing practices. I am not a happy customer.

  3. every time I try to checkout it says that the order and my credit card has a problem with the bank and I know that my credit card has no problems at all it works just fine! omg please help me!!!!!!!!

  4. I have tried 2 numbers….first you talk to someone in India…Knows nothing! The second number was BirchBox and you are disconnected and can’t leave a message. Have not received my first box a gift from my daughter.

    Scary. Can not rate them.


  5. Can someone please let me know what the status of my order is? It says the address was undeliverable, but it is not at the post office. Tracking number-9261292700464685409789

    Thanks! 🙂

  6. Website takes orders without confirmation, can’t cancel orders, can’t talk to a person to fix it, phone number a waste of time, emailing company a waste of time, they ship erroneous orders before responding to correspondence.

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