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  1. I received the 50.00 redeemable coupon at for joining B.J’s. After redeeming my restaurant coupons for 15.00 dollars, I went to the restaurant that I had choosen. This was 27th Grill in Pine Mountain. Very disappointed in the restaurant. It was very unclean, run down and empty. I was also disappointed when I was told that I could not use my coupon on the specials he was offering because they were specials which me and my husband had choosen at the time. So needless to say I had to pay for the dinner that me and my husband did not enjoy at all. To make a long story short I wish that B’J.s would put some upstanding restaurants on the list for us to redeem for our coupom. I have two 15 dollar coupons for the 27th Grill in Pine Mountain that I will not use, so I am out of this money that I received for joining B’J.s. I would rather have a coupon we could use at B’J’s and not at a restaurant. I do hope they could reinburse me my money for which I lost on their coupon offer for joining.

  2. I wish people could understand that a store can not carry every single item you like. Sometimes an item becomes unavailable or the price increases to much to carry it. If you don’t like the items a store carries don’t renew your membership. It’s not called Kiss the member’s ass club,it’s called BJ’s wholesale club. Get over yourself, not everything in the world revolves around you. Stores have to carry items that sell well and that a small profit can be made on.

  3. I am a little upset with some of BJ’s policies. I recently moved from No.

    Virginia to N.C. It seems the BJ’s in NC (Raleigh area) does not order everything that is on a particular coupon. This is ridiculous. After all, if it is advertised on the coupon it should be available at all BJ’s. Instead they tell you not everything on the coupon has been ordered. What am I paying my dues for, if not what I want to purchase.

    The store is in Garner. NC. I guess I have to wait until I go to Virginia for a visit to get what I wanted. Unhappy customer. Judy Kubik

  4. Me han cobrado TRES veces una transaccion

    El dia 6/20/13

    Por 176.52

    Por favor me regresan mi dinero ya!!

    Giovana obrien

  5. Just recently I diligently searched for a product I had been introduced to that had been purchased at a BJ’s in Washington DC.

    Later, I found that it was temporarily at that location. I then went on line and discovered that it could be purchased at the Bowie Md store.

    It was there that I was finally able to make the purchase, with the help of a wonderful store Manager. There were a couple of glitches finding the product which was, Brazil Gourmet Mango Juice.

    I did not get her full name, but the manager’s first name is Kathy.

    I was very imnpressed with the attention I received.

  6. On April 24,2013 while I was shopping in B J’s (2300 Oregon Ave. Phila.Pa 19145). I was accused of changing the label on one of your products. I was threatened with “calling the police” because a video surveillance existed of this event. I challenged the accuser to “make the phone call” since I did not change the tag, as accused. Your resolution of my being called a thief is to give me back my membership dues. That is not sufficient.

    I am very dissatisfied with the troubling conclusion of this issue. Your down right belittling and embarrassing actions are an insult. I was mistreated. I am not a common criminal and I don’t deserve to be treated as one.

    I wish to speak to a manager of SUBSTANCE.

  7. Once your locations had Café Milano- CAPPUCINO instant mix -French vanilla on the self, not too long ago. It is item number 27312. What happened to this “Cappucino” drink mix? Was it too good to be sold in BJ’s? I have found that when an item becomes very popular, it disappears off the self in all the warehouse stores. I have been a member of BJ’s for many years and it is annoying to see something good to be gone forever.

  8. My husband and I were shopping in BJ’s in Toms River NJ on Thursday evening. We were approched by a young man asking us about home renovations. My husband told him we had everythong done and were not interested. He started to follow us around and began to badgar my husband about our windows. My husband told him we have Andersens and he questioned him about what is good about Andersens. He said it’s like buying a BMW and not knowing what is under the hood. He continued to follow us, and we were not pleased. Why is this allowed, I don’t go to BJ’s to be harrassed.

  9. I would like to know why in the Jersey City bj store they have stop carrying the soft cover African American books ? Cause that is where I always go to get something to read.

  10. Every sunday morning my daughter and I shop at BJ on Merritt ave in merritt Island and also get our gasoline after shoping and when I finish my shopping I stop for one or 2 of your hotdog and ask for the sourcrout and they told me they nolonger have it I ask why not they don’t know.then I stop and get the gas for my car and there are some stupid people thatget in the middle of the drive so no one can pass and just stay to see which line moves faster and the attende does nothing about they have a sign stating to pull up and don’t block the drive way they should not block the drive

  11. BJ’s change the reward program with no notification. You no longer get your reward monies back in one lump sum but only in $20 increments——think we’ll sign up with Costco instead

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