Blockbuster By Mail, Blockbuster On Demand, or Online Purchases: 1-866-692-2789.
Blockbuster Stores Phone Number: 1-800-406-6843

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11 Replies to “Blockbuster”

  1. Blockbuster is a stupid joke. Now that dish network runs the show things are really bad it was bad before dish took over but now it’s crap.

    The service sucks. Hell I can get better service from a redboxs netfilxs is good as well. You don’t have to pay 2.99 and the. 1.08 in late fee. For a movie no only 1.00. The last time I was in a blockbuster this dude name Chriss helped me I take it he is the new store manager. If you ask me I think he look like Oz and has a touch of Richard Simmons but he was rude and was trying to push crap on me like candy and some pass that sounds like crap. Everybody at the Renton store seems like they have a stick up the there xxx I won’t be going to any clockbusters every again. Just close your doors already the world would be a best place without clockbusters around.

  2. Blockbuster. Suck and the new people who are running the Renton blockbuster in Washington are rude as hell. The main Manager Chriss is ride as rude as he can be. Also the service is crap. Some manager name Joy is rude as well. She needs to get the stick out of her ass. I will not be going to blockbuster. Ever again.

  3. i’ve been with them 3 months, got 5 blue ray movies that would not play all the way through… now i’m through!

  4. i’ve been with them 3 months, got 5 blue ray movies that would not play all the way through… now i’m through!

  5. i have been using blockbuster online for two months and paid my 8 bucks and haven’t received a movie n two weeks, wtf…. Ugggg

  6. i got my bank statment was charged for a movie i never rented then charged late charge i will contact them come hell or high water the bank will or my lawyer

  7. I would have rented 3-5 mocies for our 3-5 day trip, but because of the stupid “one day” rental policy, I no longer can rent from them for my short trips….too bad block buster doesn’t know how to get more rentals, hence more prophet….that is why they won’t last. Ther sure are a lot of movies unrented on the shelves in the store!

  8. Very poor customer service. Long waits. Often phone is busy. Quality of rep ranges from good to dumb. Courtesy mostly good. They are very limited in giving credits even in major screwups.

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