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Blogger is the premier blogging website owned by Google. is the largest worldwide blogging platform and they continue to grow and grow. Blogger is a 100% free blogging service.

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  1. Can someone please help me, my blog on is listed as open to the public, yet when people try to search it they tell me my blog is listed as only being open to people who are invited to view it. That is not an option I selected, can someone help me how to switch it so that when my viewing settings are set to “public” the “public” will be able to read it. Thanks a lot.

  2. i have a blog and want it deleted. i thought i had the right email for the blog but when i type in the email to log in and the pass word the dash board does not have a blog listed. I need to delete this blog asap. please help me

  3. We had to change the email and password for our blog because of a staffing change. Now it seems that anything I post either does not show up or shows up with a lot of white space instead of what I typed. It’s almost as if we created a brand new blog but it is still accessed from our website and all the old posts are still there. HELP!

  4. I too am having the same problems. I need to speak to a real live person. There is NO forum for the problem that I’m having because only Bloggspot can help me. Would be nice if they read these two posts to offer some sort of help. I don’t want to create a whole new blog but i guess I’m going to have to.

  5. Do not do business with Blogger. There is no customer support except a forum and that is worthless. I need real help with real people and I am taking my blogs and leaving. They have many problems, just read the comments online. Take your business elsewhere.

  6. I have a blog that I am trying to update. It has been almost a year since I have posted and now it is not showing my dashboard to edit and post…ugggggh…Where is your 1-800 number?

  7. When I add the “Followers” gadget it states ‘ gadget configured incorrectly, please ensure “friend Connect setting home URL”

    matches the you are out of the site.’ how do I fix this?

  8. I’ve got a message from blogger saying that i’m currently at my max for space. I can purchase more space for 2.50 a mth. I recently made a book from and then went and deleted my posts that I made my book out of. If I deleted all those posts shouldn’t I have more space available? Please HELP!!

  9. PLEEEEASE HELP ME. Blogger asked if I wanted to update to the new template (can’t remember what it’s called….) and i said yes and now i can’t access my blog. Please help. I want it switched back to the old format.

  10. Okay, Whats really going on ? I start a blog that I open to the public, Invite all my former US Navy Brothers & Sisters TO VIEW & SUBSCRIBE TO,& they rell me that when they subscribe to my BLOG, they have to go through a series of aggravating pop-ups before they can access my BLOG.. Un-F’n-Exceptable !!… Want nothing to do with pop ups, advertising , or any other little college boy nonsense, just want to BLOG… IF I NEED TO UPGRADE, FINE, SEND ME SOME SORT OF CONTACT INFO SO I CAN … If it’s part of that agreement that no one with any sort of life skills reads but has to check off anyway to gain access, then delete the account with a big Foxtrot Uniform & followed by a big black a exclamation point…..


    The Bone

  11. We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.

    Unable to review your site: While reviewing, we found that your site was down or unavailable.i made a mistake i didn’t applied through an AdSense host partner, i applied through my gmail account this is what i get when i try To update and resubmit your application, please visit and sign in using the email address and password you submitted with your application this is what i get Please register for AdSense directly from and noting i am not even getting in to

    my blog URL is

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